K-Pop New So Far [10th – 13th Oct 2012] :songs.

15 Oct

Beware, love confessions abound..hahaha


1. Winner of MBC’s Top Band, Toxic, has their debut mini album out!  Toxic, I…I have something to say. I LOVE YOU. I FREAKIN’ DO. That drawn-out starting verse? God (RM Siwon style). The melody was also very refreshing. Rock, is just awesome in any way. Official fan here!

Rock-version instrumentals are seriously amazing. Example: 12 Men in a Year’s opening, Led Apple had one such track in their Boy Meets Girl single. No More: Okay, this song wasn’t as rock-tastic as Lonely but that electric guitar(s)? I would rape that replay button.

2.Bebe Mignon’s Ben has her first solo debut 🙂 Ben’s voice is exceptional. But..I’m really not in the mood for ballads. I’ve been listening to so many ballads lately in the past few days that I’ve become impatient with them. It’s Autumn…but I live in a tropical country..I hope you get what I mean? haha. Today, Don’t Leave had been posted in one of my previous entries. As for the other two, I think they are great songs but I just can’t seem to appreciate them now..

Debut news:

1. Winner of Mnet’s VOICE KOREA Son Seung Yeon will be debuting this month and the production company stated that the album will cover a range of genres. ooh~ I like that the company’s experimenting and trying out different paths. It’s easier to appreciate Son’s voice that way and a versatile album says a lot of the production and the singer. 23rd’s the date everyone!


1. K.Will’s back! This album has been doing well for me and on the music charts, despite it only being the first part. I’m so happy for him 😀

K.Will’s voice is undeniably good, though my full attention was on catching the ‘twist’ mentioned by akp. LOL. Curiosity, you funny little thing. ohhh that was an awesome-sauce MV. It deviates from normal expectations and with Answer Me 97 fresh in our minds, we totally didn’t expect such a turn in the MV. So in that sense, it was also a very good casting decision. (I have not watched the show but after all those posts on DB and AKP, it’s hard not to know.) Seo In Guk’s crying surprised me. I felt like crying too! BTW, whose attention is stuck on that OTHER GUY? Ahn Jae Hyun’s the name and modelling is his profession. Come to My Crib ft Beenzino leans more towards hip hop and I think K.Will should do more of such songs. Ballads may be his strong suit but he sounds fantastic in songs like Come to My Crib. His voice is actually very versatile if he dares to explore. Ooh~ intense! Nicely done. This is one of the newer ballads I’m liking. Plus, his falsetto’s delicious!  Jazzy~ This song is perfect! The beat, the rap, the music, the singing is all~ good. But wait, did I just hear Kim Jin Pyo…? This ballad was just nice. It was neither in-your-face nor trying too hard. And, the ballad doesn’t seem forced. Bluffing: It may not be very much but I loved it. The guitar makes it a little latin-ish. A good choice to end the album with.

As expected from an artiste like K.Will, part 1 was a joy to listen to, from start to finish.

2. Jewelry’s back! Their title song Look At Me is here. 🙂 It’s an okay song. The interlude reminds me of a 2ne1 song (Ah! I Love You!) for some reason. The song has very heavy beats, accompanied by a nice catchy harmonised ‘Look At Me’ in the chorus. The vocals are great. The MV though…too much for my eyes. The MV suited the old matured-sexy Jewelry more. And I was expecting something funkier. But then it might sound like 2ne1’s I Love You…zzz..

comeback news:

1. Lee Hyori’s comeback is slated for a release early next year, explaining the reason for the end of the eight-month-old show You and I(last episode was on the 14th of Oct). Creds to akp: here and here.

2. Entertainer Park Myung Soo’s going to release a ballad this fall! Haha. His voice is not bad actually. 😀 The part about him putting out a slow song was a surprise though. Will be anticipating the song! haha.


Kim Jong Kook’s making a comeback this month after what seemed like ages (almost 3 years)! His 7th full-length album will be released at the end of October. Stay tune for a pre-release of his which will be on the 23rd. The comments on the akp post are too funny!

3. Epik High’s comeback date for their 7th album is on the 19th. In addition to Lee Ha Yi’s participation, Park Bom will be featuring in another of the trio’s song. AKP: On the same day, Epik High’s comeback music video for their double title track album will also be out.

The teasers

1. Block B’s teasers continue with Kyung, Taeil and P.O 😀 Kyung’s teaser totally took out ALL fierceness from u-kwon’s and B-bomb’s teaser. Haha! I liked that all of them did a teaser that’s giving us a preview of the whole album rather than just the title track. Taeil’s voice deserves a solo rightfully so.  wow, I loved the melancholic MV and melody (piano and electric guitar)!! Then when the singing came? Wow. Just, wow.


1. The Thousandth Man (starring Lee Chun Hee) OST has a song by Exid! The track Hey Boy is actually a female version of B1A4’s Hey Girl, which is why some might find it familiar. Harmonisation♥

2. Kan Jong Wook (sorry, who’s this?) sings 39.5 for May Queen’s OST. His voice makes the ballad sound very good. That strong husky hongki-reminding voice can go for rock!  The mv version can be found on utube. No spoilers! >.< hehe. I wonder why the title is 39.5…reminds me of fever..the human case..nothing..nevermind.


1. Rookie group 100%, who has just debuted with bad boy, has released a video of them dancing and singing to their title track! I’m impressed. Really. It’s very difficult singing and dancing at the same time, not to mention how complicated and rigorous their choreography is. The live vocals(love them for that) were not hindered by the dancing and that’s saying a lot.

2. 15&, together with Hanbit Bitsori Ensemble, sing I Dream. One word: Goosebumps!! What a touching collaboration. The song also speaks to the girls from the ensemble. 😀

Not too long after, 15& did a cover of Alicia Keys and Beyonce‘s ‘Put It In A Love Song. Their vocals are very strong and their English here is good. The harmonisation was perfectly done too.

3. Lee Jun Ki recently sang for Arang and Magi’s OST right? Anyone who has been waiting for the MV can go watch it because it’s finally out! 

4. Ra.D sings a duet with BEG’s Ga in on a Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook episode! Oh? Isn’t he the one who featured in eluphant’s let’s go back to the future? I like his voice (reminds me of wheesung). Doing a duet with Ga In’s husky voice was a great decision.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Drama news next!

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