K-Pop News So Far [24th Sept – 13th Oct 2012] part 4: yay news!

15 Oct

Sorry for the wait. The internet was down and I couldn’t do anything. Then..the computer kept crashing. O.O In case I don’t put any material up next Sat/Sun, the com’s gone for servicing. So I’m seriously considering setting up twitter for this blog in case I need to update you guys on anything.

This will be the last part for this round’s KNSF, but for a little longer time frame than the songs counterpart. Don’t worry, the songs for 10th-13th Oct will be up in another post. After that, the next update would be drama news. The next review (high chance a 2012 show) will be up asap just..not so soon. heh:P

Eye Candies – CF

1. Samsung must have studied Infinite before they shot this CF. They even know how to pair Infinite up! That’s a great message to tell since they are releasing a Samsung Galaxy Player and their CF here is meant for students. What a cute commercial:)

2. The Nikon camera ad for new product Nikon 1 J2 has Dara/Sandara Park in all 3 versions: the weird stalker-like sensual guy, the omg-it’s-sufbb’s-yoo-min-kyu! candy guy and the ooh!-hot-guy-stripping-version no-no-Pervy-Dara-version handsome guy.I find it weird that Dara likes being stalked.. I mean, shouldn’t you be freaked out from his creepiness? This CF was cuter. Yoo Min Kyu and Dara work as an adorable pair:D Creds to akp.  NOW, I know when to use the sequence option. *naughty smile*

3. Also in an ad (for Cass Light) is Dara’s band mate 2ne1 with Lee Dong Wook. There are two versions – space and original.  Ha! I can, unapologetically, empathise with Lee Dong Wook. Dancing is for fun mann. 😛 The original is in the akp link provided:D

4. Suzy has a new CF for Canon Camera! She makes the cf attractive… looks fake too..many short awkward moments..

5. Even though I have 1(or is it 2) picture of this couple, I couldn’t resist putting it here.

Damn, this was smoking hot! Doo Joon♥

6. This time, Doo Joon takes part in a commercial with the other 5 B2ST members for sports brand Head’s jackets. I preferred the pictures to the video on the post. So…pictures!!

Bonus(from Gikwang’s twitter, the group’s in Japan): It’s a lovely image 🙂 Autumn fashion rocks!

7. VIXX is one of those groups that catches my attention with their effervescent, quirky, bright members. I enjoyed the video very much – it was fun, cute, colourful and funny:) Hongbin though…needs to stay cool and indifferent. lol. Leo handling his two members was hilarious. He’s so awkwardly cute! …oh yeah I almost forgot…they were modeling for 1st Look’s Mag. 😛 *Likes the vid* hahaha

Army News

October enlistment: Lee Hyun(8th Oct), Sangchu (30th Oct) (Leeteuk too. Sorry, don’t like the guy.)  Actor Ryu Sang Wook( Queen Seondeok Dae Nam Bo♥ ;P) too. Trax’s Jungmo who was seen rocking it out in J-Min’s Stand Up MV,  will be in late Oct.


1. Although I am a fan of Block B, I’ve never watched their variety shows. But I’ve seen Zico…’s hair in action! I’m just happy that the group is back (entertainment wise and musically) without much resistance from the public and the internet 😀 I miss the hair too. lol.

2. B.A.P’s Sweet(?) Healing(?) Camp has a preview, that doesn’t quite give you a pleasant feeling….Btw, Youngjae’s looking gooood~ 😛 The show’s title is actually B.A.P’s Killing Camp, which explains why there’s eerie music and scared voices.

3. What would you do if B.A.P’s Daehyun ‘noona~’-ed you? Me? I died. There was no need for Lee Seung Gi’s song. 😛Shinyoung (she’s too funny!) died too. I mean..HOW can you not?! For Zelo’s part, I couldn’t understand the entire conversation but it had roughly to do with Seonhwa indirectly(?) asking him for a kiss because it was cold(given situation). Bang Yong Guk, was too cool omg. and then he died when Lizzy aegyo-ed attack him. I loved Lizzy’s sassy counter to the audience 😀 Oh and btw, did any of you spot Andamiro!


1. If you ask me what I think about Tiger JK’s Twitter outburst, I’m with Seoulbeats’s writer. Tiger JK’s rant was clearly done out of spite. I doubt anyone would like their own concert to turn into someone else’s. It’s like an outright bash in your face. Plus, I can understand where Tiger JK is coming from.

But then again, he was honestly a hypocrite for calling those people out on twitter. Telling it to those guys there and then and saying it on twitter are the same thing. Shinji’s and Tiger JK’s issue are actually the same in that as celebrities, they have to take in whatever crap the public gives. So now that I think about it,  I may have been too harsh on Shinji. If these stars do anything, the public would support the ‘victim’. Worse, the ‘victim’ may then exaggerate the matter and everyone would be attacking the real victim instead. Both celebrities are no doubt hypocrites. But when you think about what may happen if they did what I wanted them to do, I rather them be two-faced than let the public bash them for nothing they have done. Another seoulbeats article on the matter is here.

2. YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Seok has recently been interviewed about k-pop idols and their shell-life. His thoughts, as translated by akp, were, “The idol fad is over. Now, the market has moved on from idols onto singers with artistic qualities such as Busker Busker and Psy. It’ll take about five years for the idol phase to come back. At then end of the 90′s, there were a myriad of idols such as H.O.T,S.E.S, and Fin.K.L. Then you saw a shift in the beginning of the 2000′s where vocalists such as Big Mama and Wheesung gained popularity. You have to read the flow rapidly and follow the market. Even a producer like me doesn’t really like watching music programs. Eighteen out of 20 teams on the program are usually idols and they’re all the same. When one composer makes a hit and gets popular, everyone immediately runs to him to get a song. The public will become bored as well. It’s frustrating because the music program producers prepare and work really hard. If you want to come out alive, you have to be different from the competition.

Although I agree with him on the whole, I don’t think idol fad is over yet.

Yes, the ones we normally see performing on music programmes are mostly idols. They sound the same, they look the same. And honestly, I am getting bored at the indifference to change. But on the other hand, the idol strategy is also catering to the fans.

Also, if the concept of idol is getting overly familiar, then why are the companies still doing what they are doing? Maybe it should be, ‘ why then is nobody (fans) complaining?” Nobody is bothering to push a different idea because the idol level is sufficient for the fans, particularly the loyal ones. If the lowest level can satisfy the fans and the companies’ profit margin, why go further?

I appreciate Yang for acknowledging the need to be different (he is a true artist) but change for the other companies, isn’t an easy thing. Everyone is scared to lose and so does the same thing as everyone else.

2. It’s about time Korea Communications Standards Commission KOCSC did something. But then when I read what Seoulbeats thought of the matter, it seems nothing much will change in the near future.

3. Loyalty is a very attractive trait. The varieties( RM and IC) that had Leessang, had the week’s episode cancelled! This kind of everyone-or-none news is aww-inducing:D I love everyone on the RM and IC show! Loyalty ftw because Leessang ends their variety leave! Yay! * Happy dance* And instead of going backwards( leaving their programmes), they are going to pay back by returning! Oh mann that’s the spirit! And somehow, the statement they released is so satisfying-ly (and to me, subtly) rebellious! Stressle~ss lol.. Other news of the 2 big families coming together have been posted, but I’m just happy with the duo’s return.

4. kang Ho Dong finally ends his time away from the public and will return as Star King’s host on the Oct 10 broadcast and Knee Drop Guru in November.

5. Want to know how Byul and Haha got together?? The sweet revelation was on Strong Heart (9th Oct episode). But for those who don’t watch the variety and want to know how it all began, it’s all in the akp post. But to save all that trouble, I shall share with you here:D This may sound boring, so I apologise in advance. lol.

Haha was the one who confessed first 7-8 years ago when their friendship started. But as he did it in his drunken state, Byul didn’t believe him. She also didn’t have mutual feelings for him at that time so the relationship didn’t work out. Worse, things became uncomfortable between them and they didn’t contact for 4-5 years. (This was what I was scared for 9 End 2 Outs!!..sorry..I digress easily.) However I guess things changed for the better after Byul realised that Haha had been singing(no pun intended) her praises to those around him. At the start of this year, Haha finally confessed to Byul through text. (Directly from akp:)Their relationship then became unclear and a lengthy conversation in the car took place. Byul confessed that she had been touched by his words that day, revealing, “He said, ‘I’ll show you what kind of man I am. If you say okay, I’m going to throw away all of myself that you don’t like. You don’t know me very well. I’ll throw it away.’ I stayed still after that, and he tried to leave. But then I said, as if I was in a movie scene, ‘Then show me’, and we started dating ever since that day. At the end of the day, he thanked me, grabbed my face and kissed me.

…I…feel bad. Please watch the show…(Btw, Yoo Jae Seok was the first to know but it was by accident.) Anyhow, the couple has been preparing for their wedding as well as their honeymoon. Guess what Haha bought? LOL.

6. Any M.I.B fans here?  AKP recently interviewed the quartet and I must say that the boys, I mean men, were refreshingly honest about their ideal types. Most idols (fine, maybe cos they aren’t ‘idols’. But it still is surprising.), when asked such questions, usually give very generic, safe answers to satisfy the fans.

7. Lee Soo Man has been gathering many celebrities (mostly popular hosts and comedians) into his company. But one entertainer had the guts to reject his offer because, he’s Yoo. Jae. Seok. Ha, this guy, needs no one. He’s awesome on his own and I admire him even more seeing that SM is a huge company that can also offer better benefits for his career. I never really liked SME actually too. After all that slave contract thing with TVXQ…

8. Tablo’s high-profile ordeal scandal finally ends. The court’s decision to reject appeals (ha! serves them right) was a good judgement. The hurt that Tablo received was uncalled for and did irreparable damage to him. It was literally inhumane. For the ones who gave him those dark years, have they ever once thought about what they were doing to him? Appeals? Ridiculous. I truly wished *naughty alert* that Tablo could exact revenge on them. heh.

Tablo is a respectable man. To be able to stand up again from such an ordeal, Tablo, you are an inspiration.

8. Infinity Challenge (perhaps now a variety known to many for the super 7 ‘scandal’) released emoticons for smartphone app Kakao Talk! I have two words for this: So cute >.< It’s going to be so much fun using these emoticons. Do they have sounds too??

Small mentions

1. Congratulations to Ulala Session’s Im Yoon Taek! I almost cried reading the akp article! Just so happy for him!  

2. Did anyone know that ‘Narsha’ was actually a Korean name? I didn’t. Narsha’s cool and unique name. There are more interesting ones in the comments section of the akp post. One of them is below:D Credits to VSolit and akp. Haha.

3. Concerts: Mighty Mouth’s before-Sangchu-officially-enlists-on-the-30th 2012 Mighty Mouth First&Last concert (26th Oct,@ Ilchi Art Hall located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.), U-Kiss‘s South American tour (Nov 1: Peru, Nov 3: Chile. Is AJ joining them? haha), B1A4‘s first solo concert BABA B1A4 (dec 8th and 9th @SK Olympic Handball Stadium)

4. Nicholas Tse’s ex-wife HK actress Cecilia Cheung’s going to appear on Gag Concert with TVXQ! whoa…Just..whoa….I.. *speechless* Can she bring Jang Dong Gun and her two kids on too? heh.

5. And MOGEF does the funniest thing – lifting the ban off Psy’s Right Now and 2PM’s Hands Up. OMG the stomach, it hurts. For 2PM’s Hands Up, the MV has a whopping 20 million views. Ahh…it ALL makes sense now..=.= As if nobody knew that it’s because Psy’s gaining his fame and 2pm for their MV viewer count? How double standard are they?! MOGEF, you are literally telling us to ban you because your existence has already been ‘explained’ by you yourself.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Stay tune for songs and dramas~


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