K-Pop News So Far [14th – 21st Oct 2012] part 2: songs

29 Oct

part 3 then, would be KNSF [22 – 25 Oct 2012] songs. Gosh the amount of music that’s out is crazy. The page  might take some time to load. heh


1. Rapper LK may be a rookie, but he is one talented rookie. That low husky voice of his is a nice contrast from that fun-loving boyish appearance. But…I could only find 2 tracks from his first mixtape (the memos) on youtube. Cry (or Me, myself and I) is a very addictive track. Having Maskerade’s vocals in this song was a perfect decision. The vocals gave an appropriately smooth R&B feel to the depressing song and LK’s rapping. I love how and where the MV was shot. It just made LK stand out as a down-to-earth kind of guy and had this appreciated low-key simple atmosphere.

Dam Bae is cigarette in Korean, which explains the state of mind LK is going through. The song is depressing but it’s oddly addictive and draws you in. Both songs are awesome, the viewer count though, isn’t.

2. I wouldn’t say Wonder Boyz is bad. I mean, at least they are trying something different while still keeping to the general catchy scheme of things. I also appreciate the number of members they have in the group. Their title track ‘Open the Door‘ has a quirky (Indian) circus concept that I find, has an interesting melody. The MV though, was bad. What was the link? It’s exciting, is really exciting. lol. This is a much bolder song than their title track that I recommend. The other recommendation is Sorrow Part 2( where’s part 1?) feat Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri. It’s an uptempo, intense hip-hop-y ballad. Love it:)The links for their 2 other songs clap and all about you have very bad quality. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that originally because I do like such edgy songs.

3. Female duo D-Day‘s ballad, Even the sound of my Breath, is a great song to listen to:) Ahh..there goes my mood, changing by itself again~ Heh 😛

4. Excite..Wait. This group name sounds familiar. Wait. One of the guys looks familiar. Well? If you have watched Ma Boy, you might know that the actor for dorky Taejun comes from this group. His stage name(?..what? it could be his real name..) is Minhoo:) Try Again is a really catchy song, that’s fierce and isn’t afraid to be. The harmonisation is of course, my attention drawer. But the ‘Hey.No.More, Try Again’ is really addicting. Overall a song that puts the boys on my favourite debut list. Honestly and for some reason, I wasn’t paying attention to the MV for one bit. Debut MVs should focus on the group so it was a good thing they have a dance version🙂


1. Miss A is back with a smashin’ album that doesn’t disappoint one bit. I love all of the songs, and it’s not just their title track. I don’t need a Man is a simple, catchy, addictive song (an obvious work by song-whisperer JYP) that I can listen to non-stop. (At one point, the beats sound like JYP’s hammer-dance bg music…)The lyrics are wonderfully confident and meaningful. (No ‘molla molla’!! SHOCK, not :D) Everyone looks awesome, except that their short bottoms…are really too short. I do like what Min (her short hair was fitting too) and Fei were wearing though. I especially love Fei’s voice here and is the first time I really take notice of her vocals. Actually, this was the first title track I really took notice of Fei and Jia (she was cute here and that limbo-dance break was amazing.). The MV was colourfully shot without frills but I liked it this way.  Is this the first time I’m listening to Min rap?? 

Ma Style is mostly sung in the higher register with some harmonisation (that was a surprise). The positive upbeat track is likeable from start to the end. 🙂 If I were a Boy is a mid-tempo ballad that doesn’t dip its toes a single bit into those traditional ballads. The harmonisation and heavy beats were a joy to listen to. Madness (feat Taec) sounds like a more intense version of If I were a Boy but still stands out with a distinct flavour of its own. The vocals here are outstanding. Thank you Miss A. Time’s up is a funky song! This is just great for clubs! The dub-step was very well used here. * Off to buy the album~ * Oh yeah before I go, Miss A has bts and greetings videos which you guys can watch in this link 🙂 Their interview🙂

2. Ailee’s long-awaited comeback :l . As compared to Miss A’s title track, I feel that Ailee’s pales a little by comparison. I mean the song’s great – that explosive chorus shocked me for a moment but Ailee’s stunning vocals can afford that. The title track’s about a girl getting over a guy by showing him that she’s not going to go all heart-broken over him any more and live a life that’s better. Well, that’s what the song lyrics mean. But what about the MV? What’s Ailee trying to say? Isn’t she for girl power? What’s with the wrist grab that totally screams male domination?! sigh..The MV was also too flashy for me. As for the other songs in the album (that’s if all the songs are in that akp post), all I can say is that Ailee’s pipes make the songs better than they are. That’s not to say the songs aren’t good. But if they were to be sung by any other artist, it would be very ordinary. To listen, the link has been provided 😀 Enjoy and don’t be so critical like me. lol.

3. Block B has returned with a versatile album that truly doesn’t disappoint. Their title track Nilili Mambo is reminiscent of Nanlina in that there’s this similar fierceness and gangster/punk/pirate theme to both MV and song. The song is very catchy and has retained Block B’s edgy attitude in full force. Usually, rappers stick to their own bullet-talk part of the song. So I thought that it was nice to hear the rappers in block b singing. A good idea too, to do that in the title track:)Watch the MV till the end!The MV was cute and funny – Zico being so adorably proud he got the briefcase, Kyung is busy with his chicken (who has the time and leisure to cook when his buddies are getting chased?!btw kyung without glasses? yumm :P), Jaehyo romancing(Simon style) the ladeh but it looked like the girl was more aggressive (lol. did you see the actress smile? an almost-NG haha) and Zico doesn’t forget to congratulate (lmao.), U-kwon has a gun so bravely sends his friends away but realises too late that the gun was unloaded (oops. Ha! Ukwonnie’s face). Hmm..why are they dancing in a huge bath tub??

For those interested in the teaser for the song and zico’s. Mental Breakdown‘s a really fun song. Movie’s Over allows U-kwon’s vocals to shine. It’s a very laidback song that’s hard to put down. 😀 It’s that good, to me that I don’t feel like stopping because the flow of the music and vocals to rap is very smooth. Romantically is a delicate song that suits a café-like atmosphere. No Joke is one of the songs that reminds me of Halo and Wanna Be. Very bold and aggressive:) I believe there are more songs on the album so go ahead and explore them! Note: Superstar K4’s Gye Bum Joo participated in Block B’s album as a composer.

Zico‘s next two songs for his mixtape is out:) Both songs needed more than 1 listens for me to get into the groove. The melody in both songs are really unique.

4. Is this the week of comebacks or what? I mean last week we had Ga In and K.Will but this week, it’s like a epic-battle. Epik High‘s long-awaited return falls in this series of comebacks that doesn’t give me a chance to do my work breathe. Title track #1 Up has me on my feet the instant Epik High starts their chants. The song starts off with a good depressing melody which then becomes freaking catchy and nice to head-bob to:) I was a little scared for Park Bom though..Her voice sounded like it was strained too much and was going to crack. I would think someone with stronger vocals would be a better alternative. Don’t Hate Me if you disagree. Haha. Yes, the next title track is Don’t Hate Me and I love how it starts out so simple. Very fun to listen to and watch to. haha. i can’t stop listening to this song!The children were adorable, especially Joker girl. Haha. Love rebellious Tablo!!

Wrong is a song mostly sung in falsetto♥:) heehee. You don’t Deserve Her is one of my favourites in the album. I love the quirky beats and melody. The male vocalist (gaeko?? or tablo?) did a great job. It’s Cold is a beautiful song and it reminds me of Umbrella( Epik High ft younha). Tablo’s gentle voice goes well with lee Ha Yi’s vocals.Bad Guy and Kill This Love are both unique songs:) Do give it a listen:)New Beautiful is the last song on the album. Very catchy. Club music material!

EH reveals more information on the tracks of the album.

5. Hyuna’s solo comeback is shocking, in a good way. Did any of us, who are so used to Hyuna’s annoying supposedly cutesy high-pitched singing, expect her to sing better when she’s not using that irritating voice? I actually thought someone was singing for Hyuna. Ice Cream is a hip hop song that is similar to Change. I really liked this solo effort better. The MV…was a disappointment. I’m so angry! Which is why, the audio is used.Now this is better~Bwahahaha!

Don’t Fall Apart falls mostly on the ok side for me. The chorus..sounds bad.. Unripe Apple ft Ilhoon is a very enjoyable track and Hyuna’s vocals are nicely lower (lol). Recommended track:)To My Boyfriend is a ballad that actually suits Hyuna’s vocals. I would normally cringe thinking of Hyuna and ballads. But this surprised me. Of course, there are times when the ballad sounds a little awkward but overall, it was alright for me. Is Very Hot a collaboration? I distinctly heard a different rapper…Anyway, I like this better than Don’t Fall Apart. It’s not a song that seriously wants attention and I like it that way for Hyuna, for once. Seoulbeats have two articles on Hyuna’s solo comeback: here, here, that you might want to read:)

6. Kim Greem‘s Love Song is a relaxing number and I forgot how matured her voice sounded. This is a really sweet song:)I like where the MV was shot, especially the scenes shot in the forest path 😀 Nature is so soothing to look at~

7. Former Gavy NJ member Jung Hye Min has a new release ‘Don’t Call me Noona‘ featuring Geeks(hip hop pair). The YouTube link is not very good but the song is ok I guess. It’s quite generic pop, just a leeetle bit different.

8. Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes) has a new song out ‘October Rain‘ from his Far East 2 Bricklane album. A beautiful song! I really love such songs (for now..)! It’s got this moody thing going on, but the electric guitar and drums doesn’t allow the song to go so low and depressing. His low husky vocals♥ The MV actually suits the song.

debut and comeback news

1. In addition to returning to the industry as The Show‘s host, Alex reunites with Clazziquai for a November comeback.

2. D-Unit’s comeback date is confirmed: 7th Nov, ‘Luv Me

Others (Links will be provided. Sorry. I’m just afraid that the page might be on overload.)

1. Superstar K4’s Roy Kim and Jung Jun Young pairs up for a duet Becoming Dust. Their strong vocals with that electric guitar deserved the all-kill achievement. *goosebumps* Seriously, if they pair up and do rock, it would be crazy good. *wishes* Link

2. K.Will sang for Arang and Magi‘s OST and the MV is finally out! I will only give the link because it might spoil the show for those who haven’t watched it. Yeah, and that’s me. 😛 K.Will’s voice is as usual, gorgeous as ever.

3. There’s a pre-debut dance video of Big Star’s Feeldog and his moves are pretty awesome. Link

4. Nu’est has a MV for Sandy🙂 The song’s..well..okay I guess?

5. Hello Venus‘s rapper Lime has a pre-debut rap clip that is impressive. How can she not get tongue-tied?! Link.

6. Another singer has an MV (My Love, be my last) for you and he is Superstar K3’s Gil Sung Hoon. Link. This should be Haha’s RM theme like how Sparta Kooks has his. But somehow, this song is too smooth and relaxing. haha:D

7. Is Christmas here already? Well, why not? Time’s passing like the speed of those F1 racers these days…>.< Anyhow, Wonder Girls has a new christmas song out on itunes and on youtube.

8. Cheon Myung Hun who has actually performed the song on Oh My School/ 100 out of 100, has finally released the MV for ‘Jungle‘. Very catchy club-music:) Not bad at all!

9. ZE:A‘s leader Jun Young recently remixed their title track Aftermath into a ballad. Not that bad actually because I can hear more of my bias 😛 His voice is on par with Dong Jun’s but somehow the distribution of lines…sucks. Link. So much harmonisation goodness 😛

10. Jessica and Dok2 sings for Hyundai’s pyl younique album. Groovy and easy to listen to:) The link is provided.

11. G-D performs Missing You, One of a Kind, Crayon, Heartbreaker, This Love on Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook! Yay~ I have been wishing for him to do live performances for his new songs. What about That XX?! D:

12. Andup has an MV for you after releasing the song last week. Here it is🙂 Enjoy~ He sounds like Dok2… Brother Su‘s voice is awesome:) Cute, ‘I’m just a normal guy’ down-to-earth, simple MV

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Part 3 up next (but not too soon..heh)

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