Blog updates/ K-Pop News So Far [14th – 25th Oct 2012] part 1

29 Oct

Everyone, I’m sorry.

This, will be my last edition of k-pop news so far. Thing is, it’s not really going to be my last because I will try to update you guys on news and songs, just shorter versions with occasional commentaries. So it will be an irregular thing depending on my schedule. It will be the same thing for Drama/Film news.

So to clarify, this will be the last full version of KNSF.

So to my loyal readers and new ones (I hope I have, I apologise for the inconvenience caused. School’s my top priority and I really want to do well this year. On the bright side, drama reviews would be a more common sight on the blog. (It’s high time that 2012 drama review came up right? Haha. 😛 )

— End of Updates —

Without further ado, Part 1: news chubaa~l!

LOLs of the…time frame(?)

1.Brownie, how is K.Will’s work coming along for you?

He didn’t do too well, huh. But I actually thought he was ok…

2. Seeing the clip below shocks me. It’s as if Simon and Martina said: the road conditions in Korea, are crazy. Just watch the clip below..Though I have to admit, adding in K.Will’s singing cracked me up. It’s a great parody nonetheless. A sensible way to use the song to alert people of the dangers and allow them to be prepared beforehand, especially tourists. 

3. I don’t know if this is funny to you guys. When I read that Choi Min Soo will be returning for another RM episode, I burst out laughing. Yoo Jae Seok, Choi Min Soo heard you. He heard that last part about the score being 1:1 and is coming back for a Halloween( or is it belated? I never know how long Halloween was. You know me..the coward..blahh) episode. Let the final battle begin! Park Bo Young will be joining her senior in the early November episode.

Eye Candies

1. It’s High Cut with Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy, having another round of photo shoots! I love the pictures because I thought the winter theme fitted their DH couple image. They look really compatible. One of my favourite high school couples. Hope they bring DH back into their actual lives. >.< + :P. Stupid window in the way…ᄀᄀᄀ

Bts video is here!! 

2. Ceci Mag’s November edition has A Pink, TVXQ and Seo Hyun, and Seo In Guk:) Picture time!   I don’t know why. I just like this photo. I adore Autumn fashion!!

Haha. Seo In Guk’s pictures are so quirky♥ Here’s the interview link.

3. The next High School couple that has everyone talking about and cheering on for a chance at dating has a shoot together:) The shots below are more eunji, who’s looking great! Interview link – Eunji trolls In Guk. lol. 

BTS footage is available and it has couple version and solo version! The two are adorable together and I haven’t even watched episode 1 of Answer Me. Suddenly, I’m scared to watch the show. Withdrawal symptoms are going to be scary. eep! >.<  gahh that smirk! BTW, in the beginning of his solo bts/ shoot, I think he was trying to say how his roles changed drastically, from the perfect one to a player character within 4 months or something. Apologies if that’s wrong.

4. Goodness is sure to be expected from a Kim Soo Hyun fashion spread. Kyaaa♥~

5. Lee Hyo Ri‘s confidence is admirable. And she’s amazing in anything! 

6. Remember I posted some pictures of Beast/B2ST in a CF for jackets by HEAD? The videos are here! Everyone’s looking great! See, there’s no need to bare skin! 

7. Won Bin and Kang Sora once again pair up for Basic House’s F/W wear models. There are pictures on the akp link provided. Is it me or does Won Bin resemble Verbal Jint with that hair. hmm..


It’s CN Blue’s 4th concert and it will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park Handball Stadium on December 15th and 16th.

Variety News

1. Kang Ho Dong will finally return to my favourite programme of his, Star King! The official episode he is returning to is on the Nov 10th broadcast. I have missed his presence there. Oh..and could they bring back Jay too?? 😛

2.AKP had previously reported that Kang Ho Dong would be returning to Knee Drop Guru. But the other variety casts Yoo Sae Yoon and Woo Seung Min would not.

3. Block B’s Zico and P.O will be MCs for The Show (AKP: new form of music show in which popular singers put on a stage with a different theme each week.) Both members have completed their filming for October 22nd. The episode should be available:)

4. Healing Camp will have Epik High’s Tablo on the Nov 5th episode. It will be a sad episode for it will mostly be about how Tablo got through those inhumane times, the difficulties he faced and his music.

5. Alex will be the host of Channel A‘s new program, ‘Live Open Studio‘. The programme will include entertainment news and interviews with the stars. His co-host will be announcer Choi Seo Young. Woo Seung Min of the band All Lies will act as a reporter. Act?! *Giggles* 25th was the broadcast…ehehe 😛


1. Yoo Jae Seok is a person that deserves respect. But the fact that he’s already thought of retirement saddens me so much. 😦 When the time comes, what will I do??

2. Have you ever thought how much those Running Man name tags cost? When I read the akp article, it wasn’t a surprise. I mean, Running Man is rich! Look at the number of times a helicopter was used in their programme! Plus, look at the kind of celebrities that get invited onto the show and how much they spent on travelling. Both are no laughing matter. Each name tag costs around USD$54. But this ain’t the only cost. The maintenance after each week of getting ripped and sprayed on, the different sizes of name tags (including those spy ones), the different designs, and colour-or-water-attacked name tags are all costs. 

3. I actually agree to a certain extent, with the chart. But the chart didn’t include everyone. I think GD should be on the same level as Zico. Also, I think Jun Hyung is a talent, so he should be in level 2 zone.I thought Zelo deserves to be at least on level 3.5. Minho is definitely as bad as Taecyeon (sorry. Taec has always been a weak rapper in my eyes and so is Chanseong but I think Channy is a little bit better.) Where’s Jay Park? Yu Bin’s not bad actually. She should have been in the 3.5 level zone. I like Mir’s rapping style too. So Level 3.5 would be my ranking. 24K’s rappers are not bad too. Exid’s L.E? U-Kiss’s Eli and AJ?? I don’t think Bora should be placed on a better level than Zelo…

For the rest on the charts, I haven’t really noticed them or I can’t remember if they are good or not. lol. I don’t know if this is a bad sign for idols because when I think rappers, I think Big Bang, Block B, and underground and non-idol rappers. Like Epik High, Lexy, Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Outsider, Han Hae…

You can disagree with me but here are my thoughts. The thing with this chart is that it’s not complete. Seoulbeat’s take on this here.

4. Haha’s star reveals the how her fiance proposed! Hint: he has used this phrase many times.

On Strong Heart, Byul admits that she suggested that they register their marriage and Haha happily agrees. Unbeknownst to Byul, Haha had pre-arranged with his friends such that when the two were done with completing the marriage papers, one of his friends (as one of the male workers there) would give her a flower bouquet and another friend (as a worker too), would be presenting Byul a ring case. Byul was surprised at all these, not even for once thinking that Haha was behind everything. Byul finally understood when Haha took the ring out and  the two friends congratulated them in banmal (I think). So what words did Haha use? ‘Become my last love.’

Aww, that was the sweetest thing to say because for once, Byul knew he meant it. What was even special was that the ring was designed by Haha. ♥~

In related news, Byul’s father has sadly passed away. Despite that, the couple will carry on with their wedding plans. I think Byul’s father would be so glad for his daughter that he wouldn’t want them to postpone it too.

Also, my condolences for the others who have passed on.

5. The hateful part of the Korean netizens, I want to ask all of you this question, ‘ do you really have nothing to do?’ or ‘can I please do something hurtful to you too?’ I ask this because you guys have caused a person’s life and made others’ lives difficult without them having done anything to you. Isn’t the internet a place for knowledge?

And that’s the end of part 1. Hope it wasn’t too long. Haha. Part 2 songs will be up next:) Sorry for the wait! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.


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