K-Pop News So Far [22nd – 25th Oct 2012] part 3: songs

03 Nov

This edition officially starts the new version of KNSF. The news will depend on how I feel. LOL. I’m still contemplating on what to do for Drama/Film News because it will seriously be quite..empty without the comments… Not to worry, the newer KNSF is next.

It’s already Novemberrr! OMG



1. B.A.P returns with a soft image in ‘Stop It‘. So nothing fierce to look forward to..though ‘stop it’ are harsh words. The MV (or Bang Yong Guk rather) is adorable.

If you are more of a fan of Mercy and Warrior, then Yes Sir is the song for you. However, such an awesome song lasts only for a minute and 15 seconds. *cries*  Happy Birthday is the single’s ballad. The harmonised chorus is really soothing 🙂 I like Zelo’s rap here too. Overall a good album, just that…BAP, can we please have a longer version of Yes Sir?? Any time’s fine for the release:)

2. Hot potato has their 5th album out. If you know who’s Kim C, yupp, this is his band. Don’t be fooled by his ajusshi exterior. His vocals are awesome and the instrumentals are really unique. The album has a total of 8 songs. Alarm has nice instrumentals and Kim C’s rocker vocals that prevent this relaxing song from going into mediocre, boring territory. Pillow reminds me of Yoon Gun’s October Rain. Melancholic but oddly addicting. The MV was appropriately bluish and gray. I loved the part when the drummer and guitarist played as he walked on the travelator. Leming has a very funky, interesting electric guitar. Not a bad song. Self Portrait is another melancholic offering. The song picks up on the pace around the middle part. It’s ok but still higher in quality than most idol songs, if a comparison was needed. ’The Butterfly comes because there is a Flower’ is just what We Think is a slightly more upbeat, happier song than Self Portrait and Pillow. Bless Me starts off with an amazing electric guitar solo. A refreshing song on the whole. It’s like a putting rock music and laid-back vocals together. Error is also slightly on the depressing side. The chorus is catchy:) The Flowers of Yeoido must be Happy is like mixing retro and rock. This is one of the few catchy tracks in the album. Thank goodness not every song was emo.

Overall, I liked what I heard from the band.   I’ve got to say, the guitarist really knows how to work his instrument. The electric guitars in every song was a joy to listen to. Good album:)

3. There were pre-releases by One-Man-kills-all Kim Jong Kook last week. It does sound weird that a hulk like him has such a sweet voice. Words I want to say to you is a collaboration with his running man buddies, Haha and Gary. Easy to like, especially the bonds implied. Men also feel sad ft Mighty Mouth sounds like a song that KJK did during his turbo days. Haha. The chorus is catchy, but I prefer Words I want to say to you.

4. As mentioned, Son Seung Yeon of VOICE Korea has finally released her album of 6 songs, ‘The Wings of an Ugly Duck’. Title track heart, heart is a ballad that really shows off how good her voice is. The MV is…nothing much for me…zzz..

4. Kim Bo Kyung (city hunter ending song singer) has her first album, Rockin, out. Title track Rockin isn’t really a full rock song. It’s like cowboy rock. lol. Hands are so pretty is a nice ballad. It’s not the typical ballad, thankfully. Even if I close my eyes is then the typical ballad. 😦 Though I have to say, Kim’s voice is awesome. Leaving you is my favourite of the album! I would love an MV for this.There are more songs on the album. I’m just

5. Hip Hop artist and Producer Primary is back on the scene with a song featuring E-sens. He sounds a little like Tablo. The lyrics are really good. It speaks of E-sen’s internal turmoil in a poetic way that’s dark and yet, beautiful. (Haha! Reminds me of Gary in RM ep 99.) Rap isn’t just a filler, you know. Do listen to the whole song:) ‘ I saw my twisted self but I couldn’t kill myself’. 😦 Love the MV:)

6. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like Urban Zakapa‘s new song. All along their tracks have always been very clean and light. It’s the same with River. Very relaxing. But not much change. However being a producer and composer of one’s own song is a big plus.

7. Miss $, yes, I missed you. What an awesome start to the album really. Good Night is an amazing RnB song. CAT!! and is that Han Hae?! (On a side note, Han hae, I need another mix-tape of yours.) Take My Phone Away is also recommended:) He’s Not Your Man and Physical or Emotional are only ok. But PorE‘s rap and beats are worth listening:) Both songs are available on the akp link provided:)

8. Not a bad song really, from Monday Kiz. Very enjoyable:) Cute MV.

9. Park Myung Soo and Jung Yeob‘s ballad isn’t that bad!

10. Kim Jang Hoon‘s new song is nice. But the MV was atrocious. It was so so bad. It’s just so weird to use foreign stars. I don’t know..Korean song plus hollywood…is…just..not a good idea. Link. Kim Jang Hoon, give me 1.3 million and I can think of a better MV for you.

11. Standing Egg♥ Their newest release, A Perfect Day, is a gentle, soothing listen. Windy’s vocals are beautifully light and relaxing~’s a Saturday for me too..

12. Younha‘s vocals is really versatile. Together with Hip Hop group Soul Dive, Tears Have Dried, is out:)


Glam’s vocals are good. But sorry. I’m not in the ballad mood any more by the time I heard this song. Too many ballads for my ears!


1. Beast will be returning to the music scene with another comeback, which explains their withdrawal from all of their other activities. Hmm..makes me wonder why didn’t they just include those songs in their recent release ‘beautiful night‘..

2. New boy group Prince will debut this month..*groans..unless they release good quality music…then yay! otherwise…*They has a pre-release before, so you can go check that out.

3. Seeya is going to be called the Seeya, with 4 members. Member revelation on 5th Nov, digital single out on 12th Nov.

4. Shinhwa‘s Minwoo, or M, is holding a solo concert on the 23rd and 24th of this month. His solo album will not be out this year. So watch out for his solo return in at least 2 months time:)


1. SME has previously released BoA’s and Jessica(with Dok2)’s contributions to the Hyundai’s pyl younique album. Now it’s SM‘s dancers‘ (Hyoyeon, Jonghyun, Eunhyuk, Kai, Lu Han, Henry) turn. Lu Han singing his first korean song? This is an electronic dub-step song that sounds like a TVXQ song..wait a minute..isn’t Yunho a good dancer too?? 

2. Btob has released an MV for I don’t know anything but love/ Lover Boy. Link

3. Dance cover by Skarf’s Ferlyn of Ciara’s Turn It Up. Not a bad cover, actually. Link.

4. Epik High has a commentary vid for their new album. There’s also some bts footage. But there’s no English subtitles. Nonetheless, link.

5. Aww! A real couple’s love story told in a song and MV 😀 I cried:P So happy for them, the vid is below!The male singer is Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm.

6. Life performances by Lunafly here! They have done a cover of Bruno Mar‘s Lazy song and Nothing On You🙂 *sings along* haha

7. You have GOT to watch this dance practice for Crazyno‘s Musiche. He’s so energetic! He has a crazy concept that’s very similar to Norazo. 

8. 100%‘s Still Again has an MV. Did they take the idea from Ma Boy?? Link. 

9. Epik High and Lee Hi‘s ‘It’s Coldhas a karaoke version. Yes, you heard me right. Something new and obviously needed for those who frequent the noraebangs:) The version is so cute and funny. omg. The northern lights♥ Link The poor penguins though!! >.<

And that’s all..for now. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:) …In the’s not much difference from what I usually do..LOL.


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