Drama/Film News [7th Oct – 1st Nov 2012]

04 Nov

This is going to be hard..I didn’t realise it had been this long. ehehe. Do note, though, that I’m picking based on whether I like what I’m reading about the shows.

If anyone wants a point of view on recent shows, DB has podcasts every now and then. Ep 14 part 2 link is here. Seoulbeats occasionally have such posts too.

New Films

1. Jackal is Coming stars Song Ji Hyo and JYJ’s JaeJoong and it looks like it’s going to be cracktastic. Something tells me Jaejoong will be rocking it out in his asking-for-a-punch idol character. It may be his 4d personality that is giving me this positive outlook. Lol. Song Ji Hyo’s character reminds me of her role in RM. Han Sang Jin, Oh Dal Soo and Kim Sung Ryung co-stars as a former FBI agent, detective and the top star’s sponsor respectively. Why can’t this be a drama?!

2. My P.S Partner looks like it’s going to be lots of fun! No worries I’m above the age limit. 😛 LOL. Ji Sung will be someone who just can’t get over his ex. As if his life needed another blow, he learns that she has a new, good-looking boyfriend. Kim Ah Joong will be the new girl in his life, whose been in a relationship for 5 years, waiting for her man to go down on his knees. But dude’s not doing anything, so she musters up that courage to try phone sex. Assuming she’s calling the right number and without any introduction, she dives straight in and…you know what happens next. I can already picture Ji Sung bewildered by this weird girl who’s talking naughty! HA, that’s going to be hilarious! But while I’m anticipating the hijinks, I’m also curious about how things will go for Ah Joong’s character’s relationship.

3. The Road Home will be about a husband-and-wife pair, in which wifey gets accused of smuggling drugs on the way home from France and hubby will have to save her from such accusations by finding the real guys. I wasn’t very much interested in the plot actually. It’s just that when I think of all the suspense that this thriller action film can give, I’m suddenly very invested in the film. Ha Jung Woo is confirmed, Jeon Ji Hyun still considering.

4. Jung Kyung Ho, who has just returned from the army, is offered a role for Ha Jung Woo‘s first movie Man and Typhoon, as a director. The film’s about a plane carrying a hallyu star and all sorts of passengers. Thing is, a typhoon is on the rise. So, Jung will play the mentioned hallyu star who ‘leads the crowd in a comic commotion’. LOL. Will he be calling his eomma or will he be a wreck trying to control his fear and be like some one man show trying to calm himself down? The movie sounds good to go~

5. If there’s any film that I’m dying to watch, it’s Park Shi Hoo and Jung Jae Young’s I’m a Killer. It’s a sick film about a murderer who kills 10 women, wait for the statute of limitation to pass for every crime and tells it all in a book, titled I’m a Killer. His book becomes one of the top best-sellers and gets fame and fortune. Jung Jae Young is then the detective bent on doing anything to put this life-taker behind bars. Somehow, I find this quite absurd. Firstly, why would anyone buy such a book? Secondly, why would a book like this become best-seller? Shouldn’t people be like scared of him? Thirdly, if it’s a tell-all recount, isn’t that book evidence on its own? These questions might be addressed in the movie. But on another hand, I can’t say the plot isn’t interesting because it really is. It was a splendid decision to cast Jung Jae Young as detective and smiley Park Shi Hoo as murderer. He’s so scary!!:D I’m a little afraid to watch. But I really love thrillers…gahh..

New Dramas

1. High school 90’s drama School will have a remake. Stars like Jang Nara, Daniel Choi, Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin, Park Se Young and Ryu Hyoyoung are confirmed for the show. The first two stars will play the teachers, one who is rich and liked by everyone, the other is a normal teacher. I don’t have to specify who’s who right? 😛 The rest are cast as students. Lee Jong Seok is the high-school-er who just wants to nothing but to live quietly and get that paper. Kim Woo Bin♥ is the high school rebel who has gone through a hard time because he had to give up his dream. Bromance expected?? Park Se Young’s character has everything, but an ultimate dream or goal. Ryu Hyoyoung sounds like Adachi Hana of Yankee Kun and Megane Chan (Jap Manga). All characters sound promising but hyoyoung seems to be the problem for me. Hope she’s really quick on her feet. Only Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Seok are familiar. But I only watched one of their shows (White Xmas, PP) and the roles they played weren’t that significant. I think I would like someone who’s similar to Akita-sempai. LOL. The kind of person you really shouldn’t be too quick to judge. Yankee Kun and Megane Chan opened me up to new ideas about high school-ers and problems they face:D

2. Yoon Sang Hyun will lead in I Love You, Ajusshi as an ex-idol who was hot during his younger days but got into an accident, landing him in a coma for almost 2 decades (17 years). That’s really sad. The lead actress would be playing a character who’s an idol and ZE:A’s Dong Jun will play another idol, Sirius, who’s also going to fight for her. If the script is similar to what JB and Girlfriday are joking about, I’m sure on this ride. But the age gap…and an actual idol acting as lead actress.. Somehow, I can stand noona romances and not ajusshi ones. Maybe it’s because noona-dongsaeng relationships are on the rise and I have gotten used to them. But ajusshi and a little creepy, honestly. Just look at reality. Oh Man Seok (left, below) and Jeong Jun Ha( right, below) stars too, as Yoon Sang Hyun’s 90’s group X-generation.

3. TvN‘s third flower boy series Flower Boy Next Door has Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon as leads. ‘It’s based on an existing webtoon called I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day.’ For some reasons, I think this should be a good drama to watch without any expectations. Park Shin Hye will play Go Dok Mi who sneaks a peek at her neighbour across the street’ and gets busted by Yoon Shi Yoon’s Enrique Geum. Enrique is described as a very good-looking creative director.

Drama News

So more news about Jeon Woo Chi are out. In addition to being this revenge-seeking-turned-iljimae-kinda-hero Jeon Woo Chi, Cha Tae Hyun‘s character will have a tendency to mess up, which sounds hilarious on paper already. And that’s a brilliant idea to incorporate because, I love it when our heroes have the last laugh (pun unintended). It’s just so satisfying. UEE, as mentioned, will play Cha’s leading lady and mentor’s bewitched grand-daughter. The scene below shows her against Hong Gil Dong and Jeon Woo Chi. Wait what?! * confused* As for Baek Jin Hee, I’m not sure who she is. It’s either the reports are confusing, or I’m confusing myself…err..

Meanwhile, Kim Roi Ha, Lee Byung Jun and Jang Won Young are also in the drama.

Eye Candy…

with Ji Jin Hee! The guy’s just so charismatic. :Q

and the 49th Grand Bell Awards🙂 Pictures galore as these stars walk down the red carpet. Awards mostly went to Lee Byun Heon’s Masquerade/ Man who became King. 

Others (read: not interested now, may be later if promising.heh)

1. I Miss You, melo drama starring Yoon Eun Hye and Micky Yoo Chun, will be out this Wed and Thurs. DB Link. An issue seems to be with the decision to cast Jang Mi-in Ae. Oh and I thought Do Ji Won was a cast too..

2. There’s also a 24-ep drama called the Incarnation of Money that may have Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ji Hwan as leads. DB link.

3. Joo Won’s new drama with Choi Gang Hee, Secret Agent War will begin next year. Well, I thought this was a good premise to work with. The movie (Level 7 Civil Servant/ My girlfriend is an agent) was awesome. Both Joo Won and Choi Gang Hee seem fine on their own. But together, the pairing… and I don’t fancy poor girl stories that much. DB Link.

4. Not much is given about Lee Seung gi’s new sageuk drama Gu Family Book. Suzy’s considering the role she’s offered. DB Link


1. Army news to be exact. Lee Je Hoon is off for army. What?! He’s already 28?!

2. Variety news

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Drama/films post will continue as usual in the original format.


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