K-Pop Songs So Far [26th Oct – 8th Nov 2012]

11 Nov

Point to note: a lot, and I mean, a lot of ballads have been released lately. So, forgive me if I didn’t add them into the post. My mood seems to have changed once again.

So in case I forget to mention them, Monday Kiz (that husky rapping is awesome in Probability! The chorus is just boring. That Kid is much better.) and Noel (Without a doubt, veterans. I rec woman and like a star. ) have released their albums. I must say, all the songs are actually quite good. But gradually, such good songs become hard to listen to. Which may explain why some ballads (that I heard in the start) are in the rec list.    Oh yeah and no news this week..heh. Nothing was really


Without importance placed on the ranking, top ones on the list is:

1. Soo Min & Rex. D Project‘s I’m Sorry is a pretty good song at just 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Soo Min is the female singer, Rex.D is the rapper in the song. 

2. Lee Hi‘s debut totally. Hit. The. Right. Spot. Damn, her debut was just plain amazing – sassy and badass. I have GOT to hand it to YG CEO Yang. He really knows what he is doing. Her debut overshadowed Ji Min’s and Ah Yeon’s. 

Admittedly, you could tell Ha Yi was quite awkward in the MV. haha, so cute >.< YG was considerate to put mostly female dancers around her. Ha Yi has the ability to go solo with that versatile vocal range 🙂 BTS video for her MV and album cover is up. Unsurprisingly, the soloist has gotten first place on music charts and achieved an all-kill. If any of you are dying for more of Lee Hi, don’t worry because a new album of hers will be hitting the release button in late Dec or early Jan 🙂 YG, YG. You certainly know how to spoil me.

3.‘s breathy voice is very attractive. Accompanied by the saxophone and her soothing falsetto, it’s just perfect. It makes me feel cool and relaxed~ Her 7th mini album Good Day also has English remakes of her past songs.

4. Another female singer, Heenain has released a new song You are a Jerk. The melody♥ Link.

5. Jay Park and NS(New Style) Yoon Ji have collaborated for If You Love me. A nice upbeat song:) The MV…=.=… Dance practice here. Recording version here. A more MV-like video. lol. Here is Simon‘s and NS Yunji‘s performance🙂

6. Kim Jong Kook previously released 2 songs (one feat RM buddies, another feat Mighty Mouth). This time, he has officially released his 7th album. Men are all like that is an OK song. But the MV sends a nice message. I like the decision of using Song Joong Ki. It’s like saying even good-looking men can be the worse boyfriends. I recommend: thinking of you, thousand footprints, nostalgia( ft Mikey). There may be more, but this is it for now.

7. Ailee‘s Evening Sky has been used for an American flim Now’s Good, starring Dakota Fanning. (That’s all of whom I know…lol.The movie looks really clichéd. Dakota fanning is all grown up! she looks so much like Ellen DeGeneres to me.)

8. Geeks and Soyu sings the remake of Geek’s debut song, named and similar to Officially Missing You(, too). I love everything about this – nice relaxing song accompanied by a cool MV. Did anyone spot block b, haha and the Siberian husky(brownie hehe)? what a unique way of telling everybody you missed someone. And it’s so heartwarming seeing everybody helping the guy. 😀

9. Another debut from Baek Seong Heon is out. He looks like a cross between Myungsoo/L and Lee Jang Woo. But when he smiles, he looks like Myungsoo + U-Kiss’s SuHyun. I recommend Until the Sun comes upWait..’Let’s have a baby’?! omg..what lyrics is that!

10. Rascal Sons OST Spark Spark is by Taru. A very cute song that makes me feel happy the minute I listen to it:D Link.

11. Next is Hip Hop Producer Primary and his messengers. Playlist is here for all 19 songs. My recs are: Happy Ending(Jinshil, Gary), Too Far Away(Beenzino), Love(Bumkey, Paloalto), See Through(Zion T, Gaeko), Mine Tonight(Jinbo, Dok2), the Entrance of Stance(Choiza, Simon D), High End Girl (Deez), Two Weeks(Rhythm Power), ?(Q mark, title song)( Zion T, Choiza,), Congratulations (Dynamic Duo, Jay’s voice suits such songs), I’m Back( Yankie, Double K, G.O), Playboy’s diary(Junggigo, Dead’P), Interlude, Poison( E-sens), Line 3, Maebong Station(Paloalto, Beenzino), Outro. What a cool MV:)

12. Did 24K released this song before? Their vocals make this song nice to listen too:) From AKP.

13. This may be Siaena‘s first mini album, but she’s definitely not an amateur, having composed songs for artistes before:) Winter is Coming is such a beautifully sweet listen. 

14. Next is an unexpected thing for me. Not the song, but the fact that it’s the first time I am posting a Japanese song, and a teaser at that. Kim Yeo Hee‘s Raindrop is a christmas-y cheerful track that I enjoyed.

15. Byul‘s Nostalgia album (wow, it’s been 10 years since her debut) is worth a try. I enjoyed her title track Bad and Phone Number

Okay, but not spectacular:

1. John Park sings Childlike for Wolf Boy’s OST. Link.

2. Soul Star‘s baby you sounds like a ballad that came from BOF’s OST. Nonetheless, not a bad listen. Link 

3. Okay, this song and MV of 5tion aren’t very much. But the vocals are amazing. Link.

4. I love Kim Bo Kyung. Ballads aren’t really my cup of tea at the moment but, out of love for her and well, ’cause the song’s not soulful ballad-y kind, Link. I’m biased like that 😀

5. Song Joong Ki sings for Nice Guy‘s OST! Now this is surprising. Good effort. Link.

6. E2RE is a new female group out on the k-pop landscape. They have released their debut song in three different versions. I like the guitar version the best. Vocals are good 🙂 18-minute-long MV is here.

7. Noh/Roh Ji Hoon has debuted. I wouldn’t say it was a lacklustre debut because at least I know he’s not just another pretty face. He can sing alright, just that the songs were too generic. His falsetto says hi to you, Cube. But that mockumentary about him being a player, was entertaining:) Link. For translation, it’s just girls saying he’s someone who’s easy to fall for and that he seems to be someone who knows girls well. The guys on the other hand, are saying that he’s a jerk and a player. He has managed to sneak out and the manager is trying to find him.

8. SM☆SH is back. All the songs are okay. I recommend Ice Lover. Why Just Me is on the ok side, just like title track I Will Protect/Keep It. Teaser Link

9. I may not be over the moon with Brick‘s Blue You. But I will be keeping an eye on this group:)

10. Infinite’s Sungyu‘s solo song Shine is here🙂 He has worked with Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan for the song. Sungyu’s too soft!

Others (dance practices, covers, live performances, MVs for other songs released, news)

1. Epik High follows up with Live performances and video of their bts for their 99 album. Tablo’s wife kang Hye Jung actually participated in a short portion of ‘Don’t Hate Me‘, saying ‘love me’ in the second half of the track! Making-of vids for Up and Don’t Hate Me is up.

2. Videos of Lunafly performing their own songs in Hongdae are out! Sweet Cafe perf.

3. Want to learn Orange Caramel‘s Lipstick choreography? Link.

4. Miss A‘s dance practice for I Don’t need a Man:) youtube link.

5. Crazyno was born in Korea, raised in Australia. This dude has a loud, colourful personality that is easily likeable. He’s sure to be loads of fun! His accent♥ Here’s his interview.

6. Lionel Ritchie and Brown Eyed Soul‘s young Jun will be featuring in the former’s ‘Korean release of his new album’. Read more in this akp link.

7. K.Will performs live versions of his songs(left heart) on Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook. That voice of his is to die for.  OMG I have once again fallen for his voice him. The full interview and live perf is here. The video isn’t subbed. But akp has some translations:) Adding to the list of winners is K.Will, who won first on Music Triangle and billboard K-pop charts with his Title song Please Don’t. Oh congrats! K.will, you deserve it. You really do.

8. Block B has achieved results with their blockbuster album!! Yay *happy dances* Their album has done well on local charts and is also on the tenth position of Billboard world Albums Chart. And so has Miss A, who was on the 12th position.

9. Big Bang‘s encore performance for the Malaysia concert can be seen in the vid, in the akp link.

10. SM‘s Younique has an MV for Max Step. Link. The song sounds like Next Step. Haha. Henry’s voice:)

11. Miss A‘s I Don’t Need a Man has a Mandarin version! I’m pleasantly surprised with Min’s and Suzy’s fluency. I could totally understand them:) Link.

12. Urban Zakapa‘s Same Love Same Farewell has an MV! From afar, the mv’s lead girl looks like the girl from Gd’s That XX..

13. B.A.P‘s Stop It has BTS videos:) AKP link.

14. B1A4 will be coming back with their 3rd mini album Wind. The tracklist is out!

15. Shin Seung Hoon will return with a new mini album next year🙂 Concert details are in the akp link as well.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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