K-Pop News So Far [9th Nov – 29th Nov] songs

04 Dec

Haha I’m back! Sorry for MIA-ing. I had a test and assignments for the last two weeks. Hopefully, I can deliver my end-of-year project for you guys on time 🙂

It’s like overdose by songs. Seriously, the were so many songs that came out in the past three weeks that I might have passed wrong judgements on which songs to recommend.

It’s going to be a loooo~ooong post. Enjoy~


There have been quite a number of good songs but they only in showed up in the later part of the November news. Hopefully, I will satisfy you guys with my choices, though I know it’s gonna be like old news. (Fine, it is!)Hehe. In no order of liking, just maybe the top ones…hee

1. Beast/B2ST’s Yoseob has recently got his solo debut album, named Caffeine. Produced by JunhyungCaffeine may sound generic at first but it’s got a nice tweak to it that causes the entire track to sound diff. Slick MV, very cool heart scene. The other songs on the album were also ok:  Even Then, I (strongly recommend), Look at me nowYou don’t knowJust do as you always did. The BTS vid akp linky.

2. Hwayobi!! So yes, the songs do sound the same to a certain degree (to me that is..), but each song is definitely worth listening to. A release that won’t disappoint. Title song here:) I Like It(very sexy~ ooh you so nasty..not:P), I Live Like This, Things That Make Me Crazy

3. Rapper Crucial Star has pre-released ‘flat shows’ featuring Lovey and shortly after, his album release. So 4 songs in total. All good to go…into the ears..  A pretty short track at 2mins+. The beat and rhythm are very addictive. Well for me @ least. Real love, Depression and OK.

4. Ga In has a short comeback with Nostalgia and Eric. Wow. Eric?! In case, the MV is here. I know. Why is the MV in link-form right? Because there’s so little Eric. I kid. It’s because, I doubt anyone can stop listening at just 1:51. 

5. C-Clown, you don’t have to release so many MVs. Because You Might Grow Distant is good, I know. Well I preferred the dance version the best…so.. The first MV. The c-clown-boys-popping-out-of-nowhere second MVOgle, was the reason you clicked the link. Cold only attracted my attention at the chorus. I recommend Goodnight, other than Bec U Might Grow Distant. To learn the dance: akp link

6. Rude Paper‘s RealiseOMG this is so sick!

7. A-Jax‘s 2MYX is actually a reply to SNSD’s Run Devil Run. Epic sounding and better than their debut song. 

8. Son Dam Bi is back with a clean-sounding pop ballad Dripping TearsI couldn’t find the other songs. 😦 Beware of the thunder!The dance practise clip is here – short, but includes everybody. Oh and to dance this dance, make sure you have long hair or get extensions. BTS akp link.

9. Park Jung Min‘s Beautiful has two versions: exciting(my definition) and acoustic. You See It’s Like is a light kind of ballad. The MV is here.

10. It’s not that the songs below are not good. It’s just to avoid lagging the whole loading of the page.

Swing‘s Lonely featuring Yoon Jong Shin(Whoa I didn’t know YJS could sing!): utube Link 

Kim Bum Soo‘s Rockstar: Live MV.           2Bics‘s After 24 Hours MV is here.

2PM‘s upcoming concert will have solo tracks from Woo Young(sexy lady), Taec and Junho. Even though I’m biased against Taec, I have to say his sounded the best. Quite epic and daring too. Sorry Junho!! Something to share: 2pm before-debut pics 

Coming out with a new Jap song is Cross-Gene with This Love. Fast songs suit the Jap language. Link 

Spica‘s comeback…well…I can’t say it was bad. Just…not up to the standard I was expecting. I rec Since You Are Out of My Life.Juniel‘s Boy is my recommendation out of her 1+1 mini album. Cat Day and Happy Ending sounded

Dal Shabet‘s Have, Don’t Have is quite the fun retro song. MV#1 can be found hereI recommend Don’t Touch too. For Darling/Shyareureu is a song for fans. Not bad, quite soothing.

Akdong Musician/ Sibling duo group should consider going Indie, like 10cm. Want a taste of their hit? Link.

Lee Seung Gi‘s Words That Say I Love You is my recommendation out of his Forest/5.5 Mini Album

Full House 2‘s OST tracks by Tap( Baby Cry) and Atreez(Hello Miss) are recommended.


1. Sungkyu‘s solo debut was outshined by the other songs. That’s not to say he was bad. His solo debut was very different from Infinite’s style. Title track, 60s. Playlist for entire album is here. The other songs aren’t too bad either.

2. B1A4‘s comeback was a little generic. Okay, but not very good. They have definitely grown musically speaking. Just not there(=my standards) yet. I liked the Intro…hee. MV is here. Yes, I have high standards.

3. Jang Geun Seok‘s In My Dream: utube link.

Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo‘s White Christmas Remake: youtube link.

D-Day‘s two songs: Even the Sound of Your Breath and Miss You. AKP link for easier access.

Park Bo Young‘s contribution to Wolf Boy OST. Soothing 🙂 youtube link.

G.Na‘s collaboration with Shinsadong Tigers: Stop Doing That.

Jap song alert! If You Want by J-Min is a very likeable band song, though having tendencies of becoming a little generic.

Seeya‘s Be With You has 2 MVs: drama version (Joo Sang Wook!), dance version. Great vocals. Speed’s rapping is ♥

Still PM‘s Canada Girl featuring Tritops member ilgun: akp link


1. SuperStar K4‘s Jung Jun Young has a hit with a song that he didn’t want to do initially. LOOL Utube link to the wonderful song. I thought he sung it well..even though I haven’t heard the original..Hee. Bonus (Roy and him singing Creep): utube link. Led Apple and Jung Jun Young were…!

2. KPop Star has some serious talents as their contestant. Fan of two-thousand won here! Utube link. 

3. Big Bang performed/covers SES‘s song. LOL. Just LOL this video. Utube link.

4. Hot Potato has a making-of video for their Arm Pillow track. Utube link.

5. Skarf‘s Ferlyn and Sol covers 10cm’s song. AKP link.  I have a new impression of Sol. She’s quite cute and the cover sounds very sweet. The akp link has both the cover and the song.

6. 100% releases Orchestra-cum-dance-pract version of Bad Boy. Utube link. I like everything about the choreograph except the get out get out part. It’s awkward to watch…and to do?

7. Dynamic Duo, Primary and Zion T performs on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed:) See you Soon!


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