K-Pop News So Far [31st Nov – 7th Dec 2012] songs

09 Dec

Updates: I won’t be doing K-pop news for the time being. So it will just be the songs for now..unless something big comes up (The I.U.- Eunhyuk scandal was big, but I was so late. By the time I had known about it, it had become old news.) Drama/film news will still go on.


1. Block B‘s Zico has a pre-release straight out of his mix tape, On The Block 1.5. The expletives and the speed rapping!! Yeah! 😛

Block B’s remaining 2 rappers, P.O and Kyung have also released a song I’m Embarrassed, Don’t laugh. I didn’t know kyung could sing!

Zico’s older brother/ hyung, Speed‘s Taewoon has a new song Saturday Night that he wrote. He sounds like Zico:)

2. Brave Guysfirst and last album doesn’t disappoint. I love every song (Growing Distant, Lies, 2012, Party People, I Say What’s on My Mind, Common Farewell) that was on the akp post. Their title track Growing Distant MV is below. Isn’t that a ChAOs member?! One of their songs, Lies, had a pretty funny conversation – Guy:Where are you? Girl (shin bora?): I’m at home. Guy: really? But I’m in front of your house now! Girl: I moved! LOL. …It’s sad that they have to stop their music career. They are one group that shows potential, especially Shin Bora. Despite that, their Gag Concert Skit still continues.

3. Clazziquai Project has finally returned with a new song, Can’t Go On My Own. The MV is right below!Such a pleasant song. Alex‘s voice is so smooth!

4. Yoon Do Hyun and Lessang‘s Mad Man is out! The lyrics are by Gaelly-swi and the song is sung by YDH and Gil. 

5. Nell‘s new single is out! The MV though..was just not very…err….fitting for my endurance of.. MV’s youtube linkOMG IM SOO JUNG?! The MV was beautifully shot despite…Holding Onto Gravity, Blue, Coin Seller (this song’s just an instrumental, but nonetheless breathtaking.) [btw, if you are wondering why I put up the individual links for Nell’s, it’s because it only had 3 other songs. ….I didn’t do this for Hwayobi…Fine I admit! I was lazy..hee]

6. Shinhwa‘s Hye Sung‘s It’d Be Nice If I Were You ballad is outFor some reasons, I like the ballad!

7.Secret‘s Talk Talk proved to be a surprisingly good listen. (Zinger can sing:))I’m not a fan of theirs so sometimes I’d just give them a shot and either grudgingly like the song or just dismiss them. 😛I didn’t like the MV..Hee.

8. Lunafly‘s Clear Day Cloudy Day MV is out, and the song is nice:) 

9. Brand New Music‘s artistes (Verbal Jint, Phantom, Swing, Miss $, As One, Bumkey etc) have released a track together! A very sweet song~ 

10. From here on, the recommendations will be in link form. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The Seeya‘s Poison MV is out. Youtube Link. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a drama MV.

Might Mouth‘s Goodbye was recorded before Sangchu’s enlistment. The female singer’s voice was awesome! But there was so much of that girl’s vocals that I thought that it was more of a song featuring the rapping duo than the other way round. haha. I wonder who the female singer is…Youtube Link.

ZE:A‘s Beautiful Lady is quite soothing and enjoyable:) Youtube Link.

Yang Dong Gun‘s Give It To Me, featuring Dokyi/Dok2 and The Quiett, is dope! Youtube Link.


1. Yoseob‘s solo debut title track Caffeine full dance is out for you to see: It was too awesome for me to post in link form. The dance was all sorts of 100/100. Love dance choreographed by Prepix Haw.

2. Covers

15& adorably covers their senior Wondergirl’s (congrats Sunye!) Be My Baby. Youtube Link. Ji Min made my day with her quirky-cuteness:) The Convo @ the end – Jimin: have u eaten? Ye rin: nope. Jimin: shall we eat together? Ye rin: you ate kimbab. Jimin: sorry. Haha!

Sistar’s Hyorin and Pianist Yiruma collaborate for a Beyonce’s Halo Cover. Her English isnt perfect. But her vocals sure are. Youtube Link.

3 members of 100% does Ailee’s I Will Show You. Surprising decision, considering Ailee’s songs are extremely difficult to sing, unless you have vocals strong like hers. Youtube Link.

4. Speaking about Ailee, she and Shin Bo Ra sung When You Believe at Healing Concert L. Youtube Link. That was powerful!

5. K Pop Star 2 has another contestant that catches the judges’ eyes and she is Nicole Curry with her Jesse J’s Price Tag and GD’s Leader sing and dance performance. I’ve got to say, she’s really got this infectious energy that makes you happy seeing her perform. It’s her first and she’s already so natural?! I know I will be crumbling. >.< Youtube Link.

6. C-Clown‘s acoustic version of Because You Might Grow Distant has been released:) Youtube Link.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading (and listening) and hope you enjoyed!

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