Drama/ Film News [Nov – 7th Dec 2012]

10 Dec

There are some interesting dramas and films that have captured my attention. School 2013 was here and there for me but I’ve heard good things about the show. And since the drama has already started (isn’t it 2012 still??), I won’t comment about it. Also, I’ll Tell You Something Shocking, which is like a skit set-up kinda rom-com, has already started. And BTW, the EOY reviews at Dramabeans have started:) Here’s the link for the review and the polls.

By the way, TvN is now called (Channel) M. Also, did you guys know that Lee Taesung’s brother is the singer of band BOB4?!

Most of the dramas and films are looking for a 2013 release.

Yeo Jin Gu to star in a new film.

New Films

1. Hwa Yi is an action thriller that depicts a young boy’s (Yeo Jin Gu is considering the role) revenge against his daddies who raised him, and along the way discovering a twisted conspiracy. This is a rather incomplete but curiosity-piquing plot. In DB’s post, Girlfriday had inserted inverted commas to the word father(I used daddy). This sounds like some City Hunter plot. Jo Jin Woong and Kim Yoon Seok are also possibly part of the cast.

2. 26 Years sounds like another revenge-themed movie. As it is a part of Korean history (and an extremely dark one), I think it best if you read what’s posted on Dramabeans. 26 Years stars Han Hye Jin, Jin Gu, Bae Su Bin (enough to lure me in..hee), Im Seul Ong, Lee Kyung Young and Jang Kwang.

3. Tower‘s fire disaster premise isn’t really the pull factor. Rather, it’s the heartfelt moments I see in the trailer. Every single time I watch the trailer, I become some crybaby. It’s so painful to even think of losing your loved ones, let alone see them die. Sol Kyung Gu plays the fire-fighter, Son Ye Jin‘s character manages a restaurant in the building, whilst Kim Sang Kyung‘s job is managing the whole building. Kim’s character’s daughter’s in the huge building too. So there’s this certainty that she’s not gonna be in a rather safe place when the disaster strikes. Lots of people are also in there, and having a good time…till all hell breaks loose. Such a film’s surely gonna put me on the edge of my seat! The movie starts on the 19th of December.

4. The Five is another upcoming dark revenge film. Like 26 Years, the story is based on a webtoon comic, just that the story is still continuing. That makes me wonder how they are going to do this film when there’s no ending or finale set up for them. The Five is about a team of 5 people who come together to take revenge on a bastard psycho murderer for personal reasons. He/She was the one who killed the leading female character’s husband and daughter, while at the same time half-paralysing her. I like the idea of a female leading a revenge team. But more so, the part about her being physically disabled. I just thought that it was a splendid idea to put someone who’s obviously not fit to take part in a revenge scheme, be the very leader of it all. That underdog element just makes me support her already. Kim Sun Ah is considering the role of the female leader at the moment. the five kim sun ah

5. It seems like it’s going to be a really really gloomy 2013, for Wandering Blade adds to the revenge count. The film is about a dad(Jung Jae Young) who accidentally kills off one of the murderers responsible for his daughter’s death  and continues finding the other murderers..and..becomes a murderer, too, in the process. Funny, that. Anyhoo, the show also has Lee Sung Min as the experienced detective who is bent on stopping this killing, whilst Seo Joon Young is a rookie cop who actually sides with Jung’s father character and even helps him find the culprits. Now that’s an interesting twist – which side of justice are you on – Black, White, or Grey?

jjy in wandering blade

6. Looks like all hope isn’t lost because Ryu Seung Ryong and Park Shin Hye’s newest film, The Gift of Room 7, is absolutely endearing. I don’t think I can do the synopsis justice. So here’s the link to the DB post and the trailer right below:)

Other related news: Ha Jung Woo and Jeon Ji Hyun have dropped The Road Home.

New Dramas

1. Cable’s (Channel M) ‘Oh Boy’ series adds Flower Boy Next Door, as their third project. Park Shin Hye stars as the closed-up female neighbour who steals peeks at her pretty boy mangaka neighbour(Kim Ji Hoon). Yoon Shi Yoon(Enrique) is the other flower boy neighbour who catches her doing that very act. But that’s not all the flower boys we will be seeing. I only recognise Go Kyung Pyo. Though all these are confused by the trailer – why is she about to kiss Enrique?! Anyhow, the show sounds awesome (both the ‘scenery’ and the plot). Just how bad is it to be surrounded by hotties?? If only there was such a reality…lol. I just hope Park Shin Hye doesn’t go overboard with the cutesies, otherwise this rom-com should be a blast! Also in the cast is Kim Yoon Hye and Park Su Jin.We are about a month away from the premiere(7th Jan) 🙂

Child actress Kim So Hyun recently had an interview done. Check it out in this link if you wish to read:)

Also, some Jackal is Coming pictures! Song Ji Hyo‘s so pretty! LOL @ Jaejoong’s facial expression.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!See You!!

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