K-Pop Songs So Far [8th – 14th Dec 2012]

15 Dec

There will be no KSSF and drama/film news next week as I will be going for a holiday. But I’ll be sure to give an update when I’m back.

By the way, there have been some serious car accidents this week, involving both Secret and Crispi Crunchy. Hope both groups recover quickly and that nobody else gets hurt!


1. Hwayobi just released her mini album in the later part of Nov, which can actually be found on this blog. But that’s not the point. In addition, she has participated in weekend drama, My Love, Madame Butterfly‘s OST. 

2. The film, Bandage (not Bondage), has an OST track is sung by Noel

3. Anyone knows who singer Joo Young is? I don’t but I’m now a fan of his. Check out his full album of 6 songs in the playlist below!

4. When I said I wanted different topics explored for song lyrics instead of love..Electroboyz and BigStar gives me a song about their love for KOREAN FOOD. lol. 

5. This may be an extremely old song by Park Hyo Shin but it’s still an incredible song by today’s standards

6. Jung Joon Young, I don’t care what means you use – Debut! With Roy Kim! That voice of yours is so suitable for the rock genre. Please read the top comments for the video!!

7. Hello Venus‘s newest and recent album is an alright listen, though they may be a little cutesy for some. But it’s more of the chipper-catchy kind, like their title track – What are you doing today. I recommend Romantic Love and Same.

8. G.Na and (Phantom’s) Sanchez‘s collaboration is a great song and an unexpected pleasant surprise. I’m not talking about the collaboration. I’m talking about his rapping skills!

9. C-Real ‘returns’ with a pre-release, Danger(ous) Girl. What a bunch of young but talented group of girls.  Another song I liked that they released this year too: Sorry But I

10. Gavy-NJ’s-former-member-and-now-solo-artist Jang Hee Young sings for an OST track of Rascal Sons

11. D-Day‘s winter single features The Boss/ Dae Guk Nam Ah‘s In Jun and some kids (lol @ their laughter) 

OK/ Not Bad (akp links only)

Lee Seok Hun‘s ballad OST for tear-jerker I Miss You doesn’t sound bad at all!

Fx’s Luna sings for Alice OST.        Soul Dive and Rumble Fish‘s female singer Choi Jin Yi‘s collaboration.

Zia‘s ballad-ful album. I recommend I Need You with Huh Gak.      Jung Yeob‘s There’s No Us.

J-Min and her OST career in Korea extends to School 2013‘s OST.

Joosuc and Ailee‘s I forgot You collaboration. Seriously, if not for Ailee…

Orange Caramel and hardly used Nu’est‘s Dashing Through The Snow in High Heels is a very cute song that doesn’t go overboard.

Sunny Hill‘s comeback was alright (simple and easy for the ears). Just the thing that everyone’s practically doing christmassy songs and ballads that my consumption and tolerance levels for those genres are already full…but I recommend 3-Out and Goodbye to Romance(title track).


The Melon Awards have led me to two 2012 songs I missed: Dynamic Duo‘s Without You (8 mins MV) and Primary (Zion T and Gaeko)’s See Through.

The Melon Awards:

Who came: Primary and Dynamic Duo, Simon D and Rhythm Power, Child Actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, AIlee, Shin Bora and Star Golden Bell little girl (Soo Jung??), B.A.P, Infinite, Haha’s 19tv Mutiny group, Huh Gak, Seo In Gook and A Pink’ Eun Ji, K.Will, Julien Kang and Nam Bora, Sistar, Beast/B2ST, T-ara, 2ne1.

Who won: B2ST( 2012 Artiste Daesang), Big Bang( 2012 Album Daesang) etc. So check it out here.

My Red Carpet Entrance Favs: Beast/B2ST’s and Haha’s 19tv Mutiny (if I’m not mistaken). The akp link.

My favourite Melon performances: by Rhythm Power+Simon D+Dynamic Duo, Nell(New song White Night and Cliff Parade. Such wonderful performances!!), Ailee and Huh Gak’s joint performance. The akp link.


1. Sungkyu‘s 60 Seconds band version!! Now that I have listened to the song again, it’s a rather refreshing track. Creds to akp.

2. Lunafly has released an English version and a making-of version of Clear Day Cloudy Day.

3. Hwang Min Woo performs Gangnam Style on Strong Heart: akp link. OMG so cute! He pulled child actress Park Min Ha onto the stage with him!!!

4. This may be irrelevant but, heck.

This akp link provides a glimpse of Haha and Byul‘s extremely epic-looking wedding! (First video, first minute+).

Running Man’s popular VJ, Kwon Ryeol gets married! Yoo Hyuk and Sparta host and sing for him:)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Merry Christmas to y’all~

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