K-Pop Songs So Far [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

29 Dec

Hey everyone:) How was Christmas? Hope all had a wonderful one. A new year will be starting very quickly:) So before I end this year’s KSSF, Happy New Year everyone:) And I would like to say: To my loyal readers, thank you for being with me. To my new readers, welcome:) Thanks for putting up with my laziness. See you next year:)…

… holidays, when will I ever meet you again?


1. Sunny Hill’s Joobi and K Pop Star’s Yoon Hyun Sang releases a duet song Cold Day. A song you would definitely like for a cold wintry Christmas:) Weeeell, I would…

2. OSTs: Baek Ah Yeon‘s Daddy Long Legs for Cheong Dam Dong Alice (ballad with a chorus that’s easy to like) Youtube Link , Kim Bo Kyung‘s Don’t Think You’re Alone for School 2013( but it started in 2012…) Youtube Link. Intense!

3. Lizzy and Andup collaborates for a clean-catchy pop song that is going to be a repeated track in my playlist for some time:) (..The word’s ear-worm right?) It gives me a comic-like MV imagination. 

4. Wanted band’s Ha Dong QN has released a mini album. I recommend From Mark, Unbelievable Ending and After The Love. Some of the songs sound like Boohwal’s tracks, like Go Forward and Inside Me. I didn’t really like every song but I can say that the album’s a high quality one.

5. Sunggyu‘s album has another good song I recommend: I Need You. I just loved everything about the song – so different from Infinite yet very suitable for the soloist. His cute interview: akp link

6. Ailee‘s Christmas track/English song offering: My Grown-up Christmas list.I love such MVs. Because I like to admire other people’s drawings, this MV was as if it was made just for me:) Somehow, it’s because I expected good things from Ailee that my attention was on the MV more so than her singing. The song is also sung in Korean: utube Link. What about a live version?

7. Indie Band Afrodino collaborates with YG for a Chameleon release. Not a bad song at all. That harmony<3 So relaxing~

8. Another Christmas-sy song is out and it’s a pre-release track by rookie singer d.ear. Youtube Link. Another very soothing song. His English is fluent:) At some point of the song, he sounds like Jo Seong Mo…

9. Block B‘s mature rapper, Zico also pre-releases another of his mix-tape tracks, No Limits. Gosh, he’s just awesome. The lyrics translation are here.

10. Kim Jong Kook returns with Reminiscence and White love. Both songs are worth a try:)

11. Rude Paper‘s Mama, I’m Home is a meaningful song despite it being a song with lyrics done especially for another. Love the MV – cute and has drawings! lol.

12. SBS‘s Gayo DaeJeon has special acts like Mystic White (Mermaid Princess), Dazzling Red ( This Person) and Dynamic Black (Yesterday). Dramatic Blue’s song was not so good.

13. HipHop duo Alphabat debuts with a song that’s making me cry. A minute and a half is NOT ENOUGH. 😦 Give me the full track please:D I will be waiting!

OK/ Nothing special

1. Eun Ji Won‘s I Munna. A fun club song to listen to but it was nothing special. AKP link. hmm.. that gilme?

2. JYJ‘s Junsu Thank U For is a sweet song. AKP Link. Is that yoochun in the background?

3. Son Dam Bi sings for foreign film One Day‘s OST. AKP link

4. King of Dramas‘s OST, Winter Rain by MBLAQ. AKP link

5. TVXQ‘s Changmin takes a track from Jeon Woo Chi‘s soundtrack. AKP link. Objectively speaking, it’s a good song. But I can’t stand anymore shouting from the duo. Sorry.

6. 2Bic‘s Did You Forget Everything track. AKP link. Beautiful song, yes. Similar to other ballads, yes too.

7. Lee Seung Gi‘s Forest and Return MV are out. Songs are soothing. But quite boring, honestly. I like th Return MV. So cute! AKP Link.

8. Eru‘s Don’t Hurt features Hyuna. AKP link. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the song. I just thought it was nothing much.

9. Jea from Brown Eyed Girls and Jung Yeob from Brown Eyed Soul (The Brown Eyed Js. hehe) collaborates for Let’s Hug. AKP link. Like #8, the song is good. However, I have heard similar others. This reminds me of BEG’s Midsummer’s Dream..  Jea’s solo album track list: akp link.


Extra: G-D’s response is so freaking cute! AKP link.

20121220_taeyang_joliegdragon2-600x600gd's precious

Ga In‘s sexy performance was so good I could totally turn homo. LOL. Check it out here: Youtube Link. See, sexy doesn’t necessarily mean trashy. Companies, you hear?

Minzy covers a Hillsong and an Adele track: akp link

Dance version of Secret‘s Talk That is out: AKP link.

KBS‘s grand overall-k-pop-acts show for 2012 Gayo Daechukje is here and though I’m disappointed with they way some of the performances went, I found some that I enjoyed. (2AM’s video was a problem so…:(. Also, get well soon Zinger!)

Hyorin, K.Will and Ailee‘s solo English-song performance: Youtube Link.

The 2nd part’s opening performance (Infinite H, CN Blue, Miss A, Batoost B2ST): Youtube link (Just to clarify, the whole opening act includes other groups and soloists like Teen Top, Sistar and Moon Hee Jun. So those that are in the former brackets are performances that I liked.) Can anyone tell me what song CN Blue sang?

K.Will‘s I Need You: Youtube link

Brave Guy‘s skit-rather-than-song performance: Youtube link. Loose translation (starting from 0:26. Before that, I think K.Will asked Seong Gwang to look at the mirror, implying he’s ugly.): Gagman Seong Gwang: take out the sunglasses. (to the audience) Everyone, who’s uglier between the two of us? Me? K.Will: Of Course. Seong Gwang: I lost to you(?!). The other gagmen: you lost. // K.Will was saying something about Shin Bora getting a lot of praises for her ‘debut’ (music-wise) this year and asked why she doesn’t go solo. And as for the rest (the other 3 guys), perfect back-dancers. The gagmen: We admit. // Secret’s Seon Hwa challenges Shin Bo ra next. She talks about how Bora is so big, has won awards and challenges her to a dance battle. And….just when we thought Bora was going to follow Seonhwa’s dance, she gives us a laugh with that short performance. hahaha. Seonhwa: Don’t be a singer, just be a comedian.// Kyu Seong of Noel: I have something to say to the male juniors. You guys are handsome, good dancers, great actors (huh?! really?), sing well, hallyu stars. But, if you go to army, you lose to us..( Sorry I couldn’t quite understand. Even the later part I don’t get the full thing. They were talking about Lee Teuk, Sung Shu Kyung and Yunho.)

Ailee‘s Heaven: Youtube link.

Yupp that’s it. Groups like Big Bang, Mblaq, 2PM, BAP, SNSD, Fx, BoA, Nu’est, After School, Epik High, 4minute, 2ne1, BEG etc weren’t a part of the show, unfortunately. And btw, I didn’t enjoy the dance battle between Hara and Suzy. It was so bad. If 2ne1 was there, I would like a dance battle between Min and Minzy.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the post:) Happy New Year!


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