Drama/Film News [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

30 Dec

Sorry for the delayed post. This will be the last drama/film update for the year and a short one since nothing much that was new and current caught my interest.

New Films

2 more new films will be coming to the big screens soon and they are The Berlin File and The Five, which has confirmed Kim Seon Ah‘s participation.

1.A February release, The Berlin File is an adrenaline-pumping film of 4 spies (Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Kyu, Ryu Seung Beom and Jeon Ji Hyeon) ordered to kill each other. (If everyone dies, anyone near me will have to say hello to danger level 10.)

Think of Ha Jung Woo’s spy #1 character as Snape/ Laughing Kor (putting the two names together makes me laugh for some reason). He works for North Korea and doubles as a double agent in South Korea. But he fails as his identity gets known. Hmm..What will be more interesting if he’s a double double agent (He works for South. Actually no, he works for North. Oh my brains, he works for South?!). Mann, that would be so confusing and tricky. Ha.

Anyhow, his South counterpart chief/spy #2 is played by Han Seok Gyu who is ordered to kill Spy #1 because of the revelation. Ryu Seung Beom is spy #3 sent to rid off spy #1 from the surface of the Earth. Man, that’s sad. You are sent to double-cross your enemy only to find that the ones on your side are doing the same to you. Jeon Ji Hyun will play the spy that’s most intriguing. She’s someone you have no idea which side she’s on and so, what she’s up to. But, I think there might be further twists to the story we aren’t let in on. The film is about 4 spies killing each other. If that is so and that matches my interpretation, then Ha Jung Woo seems like he would be the film’s Ji Seok Jin (Running Man running gag). Race start~ lmao. 

The film sounds like a new direction to head to in such genres. Cat-and-mouse games can no longer be much fun if it’s always a one-to-one battle. 

2. More news on The Five is here and it sounds ubber dark and daring! Yikes D: I’ve posted about this show before here. For DB’s recent post/update on/of the show, it’s here.

Anything else?

1. The Road Home finally has its leading couple in Go Soo and Jeon Do Yeon. DB link.

2. I have always wanted to see Jin Gu in a drama and it’s great he’s making a drama comeback. However, I don’t like the premise – about a poor bloke who becomes successful in the advertisement world. Hence the title Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek.  Read about it here.

3. Eye candy: Ahjusshi edition with Ryu Seung Ryong 😀 Don’t be mistaken cos Ahjussi photo shoots can also be blinding. Blindingly adorable.  

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Also, have a Happy New Year:)

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