Review Package 1: Reviews #11-13 part 1

30 Dec

Hello again! Remember I said I was doing a final year surprise for the end of this year? Here it is:D The first review will be for 2010 Drama…

*wait! Spoiling the show for you beyond this message~ Feel free to carry on now~*

Dr. Champ…


The show is basically about the going-ons in the national training centre (Taerung) in which our 4 main leads will meet and interact. Kim So Yeon(Kim Yeon Woo) and Uhm Tae Woong(Lee Do Wook) play the new doctors who arrive (and are stationed) at the sports centre while Jung Kyeo Woon(Park Ji Heon) and Cha Ye Ryeon(Kang Hee Young) play a Judo athlete and a swimming coach respectively. The drama’s main sports in focus are Judo and Swimming, which introduces the hot-bods-galore team Judo team (Jung Seok Won/Yoo Sang Bong, coachies and the rest) and a female national team swimmer(Kang Sora/ Kwon Yoo Ri).

Now let me complicate matters. I’m good at that. Haha. : Kim Yeon Woo and Park Ji Heon has a love-line, but before that, Ji Heon had a crush on her while Yeon Woo has something going on with Do Wook. But then, and as expected, Do Wook had a past with Hee Young that ended on an ugly note. Yoo Ri is Cha’s student and she has a crush on nice-butt Ji Heon, but Ji Heon’s heart has now gone to Sang Bong Yeon Woo. Sang Bong and Ji Heon had(if im not mistaken..) and will continue their bromance-line. However, like all dramas, something must happen to test this lovely friendship. Sigh~

Each character was very distinct and different from the other that it was no sweat recognising who was played by which actor/actress. Kudos to the writer. The relationships that were thought to be complex on paper were in fact, very easy to understand. 

Besides the expected criss-cross of relationship lines, the show also had minor sub-plots that gave us glimpses of different athletes( rather, actors and actresses) and their cases (most of the time to do with the medical treatment and some psychological ones),  character growths, conflicts, (b)romance etc.

But guess what. Dr. Champ did ALL that without going overly dramatic. 🙂 It’s not that the show wasn’t eventful. In my opinion, it was. It just wasn’t the typical kind of show, where you expect things to blow up and have characters making a big fuss out of nothing, much like a married couple’s No offense! So despite its lack of dramatic moments, I thought the sub-plots (sports cases and all) were quite interesting. All, with the exception of Do Wook and Hee Young’s love line, of course. That was seriously boring me to tears. (Even though I dislike dramatic shows or scenes, that doesn’t mean I can take such a couple..) The minute they started their story, the same minute I was begging for it to stop. Yeah, that ‘are you kidding me look’ on Kang So Ra’s face(below) is so fitting for the Do-Young line. Haha.

The Acting, Character opinions and relationships

I think both Jungs did a great job. Kim So Yeon was okay. Her character here was more serious/mature than her PP character.

Yes, Jung Kyeo Woon’s Park Ji Heon was a total cutie in this show. But let’s be objective, I highly doubt anything can go wrong if an actor is playing a character with a crush. (Unless well, the actor can’t act for nuts. *coughkimhyunjoongough*) However, I chose to be subjective and squealed at his adorable antics the instances they surfaced. Park Ji Heon also served as the show’s underdog, both as Dr. Champ’s main lead and as an actor. So being a person who’s extremely soft towards underdogs, I was rooting hard for Ji Heon to succeed in both his love life, bromances(what about his other judo buddies?!) and his career as a Judo athlete.

Kim So Yeon was the reason I chose Dr. Champ out of the many other 2010 dramas. But the person who came out stronger by the end of the show, was Jung Kyeo Woon. Kim So Yeon’s Kim Yeon Woo was fine. Her character started out a person living in her own world, doing what she thought was right without thinking about how others felt. Similar to her PP character, Kim Yeon Woo also grows to become a better doctor at the centre, with the help of ex-athlete-now-doctor Do Wook.

Jung Seok Won’s Yoo Sang Bong is a national Judo athlete, training at the centre. He and Ji Heon used to be friends and reconciles after talking their past issue( to do with JH’s brother and a former coach) out when Ji Heon re-enters Taerung. With regards to their bromance-line, it was so touching and meaningful that I didn’t really care how the writers/directors would write out/do the re-reconciliation for major fall-out #2. And that’s where the writers/directors did a good job. Because you are already in full support for a happy ending, the expected re-friending process will only hit the softest spot in your heart. [ Of course, on hindsight, the bromance-split was an obvious plot device. D:]

The many trials of bromance..Sigh~

Uhm Tae Woong was okay too. Towards the end, I fell for his character’s charm and witty comments, and ignored his weird acting present in most of his scenes. (Honestly his acting was also weird in Queen Seon Deok. But then his acting was good for the 2007 drama Lucifer…hmmm… I’m not sure how his acting is now. So no offense! ) It’s amazing how his character became a doctor too. Cha Ye Ryun’s Kang Hee Young was just…emo. So. Dam. Boring. Her character is one of the 2 disappointments of the show in my opinion. (The other being her love-line with Uhm’s Do Wook). What’s the point of her character seriously? I’m just glad Do Wook finally saw the light and ended things on a happy note.

Besides the above-mentioned relationships, Dr. Champ had another (un)likely love-line that I actually wished that the series at least showed intentions of hinting at – the relationship between bad Judo-boy Ko Beom and Kang So Ra’s Yoo Ri. It would be such adorable flirty fun to watch the two get at each other’s throat. I wouldn’t want the two to get together, I just want hints. That way, the fun stays and allows an open ending fitting for both characters.

Overall Comments

Like I said, Dr. Champ isn’t a typical romcom. It’s not over-the-top and so it doesn’t easily gains viewers as the whole series had a very mellow, quiet nature. I have never been a fan of unnecessary drama, so it was a nice change of things. The catch? – I didn’t have any expectations for this show. Rather, I didn’t even know what to expect out of it. So I guess you could say the ignorance factor did play a part in enabling me to have such affections for the drama.

The show may have been nothing much – yeah well not exactly awesome or horrible, but it was so heart-warming and endearing, I just couldn’t help but fall for it. Sure, there were 2 episodes that made it hard for me to continue. But by then, the show’s foundation and my curiosity had already set in and I was interested in how the ending would be like for each and every character. Especially the bromance between JKW and JSW’s characters. Except Cha Ye Ryun’s character. She was so mopey she was driving me batty.

Also, I found Dr. Champ to be a funny show. When I first started, a positive feeling for the series came out of nowhere. I couldn’t tell why I liked it. I just did. I did think that it was a good show. (Note: I was oblivious to the quality of the camera used. I know. I’m oblivious to a lot of things…zzz) I mean the acting was good(It was indeed nice to discover and watch actor Jung Kyeo Woon and actress Kang So Ra.), the plot was steady and interesting and there were characters I enjoyed watching.

Overall, Dr. Champ was worth my time watching – it had me squealing and enjoying my fair share of fun and cute times, and pretty pretty visuals.

On a side note, I felt as if the drama was catered more for girls. Those ab-fest scenes brought to you by the judo team were just too many to ignore. Haha. And, did you catch In Woo’s cameo?

Conclusion: Watch!

Credits to Dramabeans(.com) and for the pictures:) Recaps and reviews for Dr. Champ can be found in Dramabeans.


What review follows Dr. Champ is KBS drama special Hair Show. Part 3 will be 2011 drama City Hunter.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)


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