Review Package 1: Reviews #11-13 part 2

30 Dec

Part 2, as promised is KBS Drama Special Hair Show.The review will be short.

* Spoiling the show for you beyond this one-liner, brought to you by yours truly*

Here’s 2011’s 4-episode-r Hair Show not-a-review review

The storyline, the characters and acting 

Lee Seung Hyo leads the show as an arrogant but talented (aren’t they all? Seriously..) hair stylist/designer Eun Su who returns to the hair in Korea( of course) from England to prove that he’s got skills, since a critic smashed his work back in England.

hair show ex-couple2hair show ex-couple

He meets his ex (Cha Soo Yeon/Min Hui) at the same hair salon he returns to, creating rivalry and competition between the two. Some of the staff there, don’t think much of his skills or presence. But there is a girl (cutie pie Baek Jin Hee) who aspires to be like him. And a whole bunch of boring stuff.baek jin heeseunghyo

However and thankfully, the show at least had some cute between Lee and Baek’s characters, to buoy us through the main-but-boring plot. Baek( Young Won) had a slightly better role than Lee. She was adorable as Lee Yeong Won with a sad past. But then again, I can’t remember the details.…and that goes to show how much love I had for the drama special. Haha. (Sorry for not being able to provide you with details.)

the familyhyun woo shows crush signs

Hyun Woo plays second lead, who has a crush on Baek’s character. The two are as close as real siblings ever since his mother took pity on Youngwon and took her in 7 years ago. Poor Hyun Woo. Being in a second-lead role implies forever-alone ending for the character and his crush. It’s drama law to not like someone who loves you more than you love him/her.

hyun woo and baek jin hee2hyun woo and baek jin heehyun woo shows crush signsthat crestfallen look2

Overall the acting was average. Lee was stiff, Hyun Woo not as bad. Baek Jin Hee was adorable. The rest were alright. BTW, the two actresses who played Min Hui and an assistant(? I wasn’t even sure of her role because the two) looked too alike for me. I was having difficulty telling them apart and was confused so many times. So much so I didn’t even understand the show at times. LOL.

I was also expecting some cute workplace romance between Lee’s assistants [fierce eonnie/Choi Yoon So and betrayer/ omg-so-cute-and-hot Ahn Yong Joon] but…it didn’t happen…sigh..

Marco, why you no return to Dream Team s2?? His crazy-man act with doctor Shorry deserves a prize.

Overall comments

The plot was so loose and boring in a way where sometimes there’s action and then sometimes, there’s really none/ awkward scenes where I don’t know what to do with myself. Okay, I get that using ‘hair’ as the theme of the show is a new idea to explore . I also do think it’s great to know that the writers are trying to think up different themes and not just staying within their comfort zones. However, it was a lazy job. Everything else but the theme is the same as every other Korean romcom out there.

piggybck hdpiggyback2

Conclusion: Don’t watch it. 

Credits to hancinema for some of the pictures.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed part 2. Coming up next is City Hunter 🙂


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