K-Pop News and Songs So Far, Drama/Film News [29th Dec 2012 – 4th Jan 2013]

05 Jan

I’m not sure if this is how the Korean Entertainment world wanted to start out – news of break ups and scandals, but I guess it started 2013 with a bang…?


There were many (many because there usually aren’t as many as 3 AKP headliners like WGM had an issue with Oh Yeon Seo’s alleged dating news, Rain and Kim Tae Hee and Army and Block B with their court case against Stardom Entertainment.

More news of Go Young Woo’s sick acts have also been revealed. Link. (Bastard, pinching a minor’s thigh is no normal act. Way to go for phrasing such perverse deeds as nothing much.)

Oh Yeon Seo and WGM:

I don’t really think much of the issue because I have never watched the variety series and so I’m very neutral to the situation at hand. I’m honestly confused by the whole matter too.. lol..

rain, kim taehee and armyNews of Rain’s relationship with Kim Tae Hee and Army:

Objectively speaking, Yes, Rain is wrong. How can it be right to do other things when you had received orders to do something else? And isn’t obedience very important in Army? How old is Rain for his label to call him young? He’s a perfectly grown-up man to know where his priorities and responsibilities are.

Gossip-me speaking, it could be that the country’s beloved actress was taken away by him know..haha. They can’t put all the blame on Rain since the Army actually gave him permission for the number of vacations he had and failed to check until this day.

block b

Block B and Stardom:

How I wish they could have a break.

The scandal involves Block B allegedly not getting paid for almost 2 years(since April ’11)  and having to suffer under an unfair contract that has not even been put through. Also, I’m-confused-if-it’s-really-the-CEO-anymore the agency’s CEO, Mr Lee has been found to have disappeared after borrowing 70 mil won from the members’ parents.

Stardom released their explanation that puts them in an entirely positive light. Block B too has also given their position. What I want to know is where Cho PD is now. 

As for the case at hand, I don’t hope for much(?). I just want all 7 members to stay together by the end of all this. And of course, I hope too, that they win the case. Block B fighting!



1. Soul Star‘s 30 cents Coffee is such a simple, sweet song to listen and relax to. 

2. Kim Greem contributes a ballad song for Jeon Woo Chi‘s OST

3. GLAM‘s newest offering is in the form of a hiphop-and-pop song I Like That. But it does remind me of a US pop song – just the hip-hop-py part. 

4. SNSD‘s Korean comeback: Title song I Got A Boy didn’t work out for me. I did think the song was alright..until the raps started. My recommendations for the album: Baby Maybe, Say the Words/Talk Talk, Promise, Lost in Love, XYZ, Romantic street. The album in general was alright.

5. Brit‘s debut song Goodbye Yesterday totally deserves a chance.Say hello to a new fan Brit! Another rookie, Airplane(What?!) adds themselves to the K-Pop world. I didn’t like their title song but I like This Moment by them.

6. Baek Ji Young‘s I Hate It is out – a good song as expected out of the ballad queen.

7. Moon Hee Joon‘s comeback song Scandal surprised me. I didn’t think he could sing like that!

8. BEG‘s Jea‘s While You Sleep MV is outSuch undeniably stunning vocals!

Not Bad

1. Beast‘s Hyun Seung, APink‘s Nam Joo and Eunji‘s One Year Ago. AKP link.

2. D-Unit‘s Sleeping In. AKP link.


1. 15&‘s Baek Ye Rin does a great job covering Rain‘s I Do. Youtube Link.

2. SBS’s and MBC’s year-end music program links is in the akp links below:                                                   SBS’s part 1, part 2, part 3. MBC’s part 1, part 2, part 3.

I won’t be commenting on the performances this time. There’s just too many. But I might review and recommend in the next post.

Drama/Film News

Nothing much caught my attention except for news and a whole lot of stills of Channel M’s upcoming drama Flower Boy Next Door and Kim Soo Hyun‘s Covertly Grandly film casting news.

FBND: I just hope that Park Shin Hye or the director/writer doesn’t overdo the cuteness like how she did in You’re Beautiful. It wasn’t easy to finish YB. D:

Covertly Grandly

CG: The show sounds hella crazy and fun. Kim stars as the show’s North Korean spy sent on a mission and has settled at a South Korean village/town, disguising himself as an idiot. A more curious thing about the plot is that an idol thing will be going on….Stop. Please stop. It’s making my head ache. Also in the film are Park Ki Woong, Lee Hyun Woo as Kim’s spy buddies and Sohn Hyun Joo as the trio’s head officer. 

Also, it’s time for the red carpet – Drama version: KBS, SBS, MBC. Somehow, I get the feeling that the big 3 stations are giving out awards for the sake of giving them out. Especially the popular dramas. Maybe I’m wrong. But that’s the general feeling I’m getting. I don’t even feel sincerely happy because to me, it doesn’t seem  meaningful. On the other hand, I am happy for the actors and actresses who genuinely deserve to be awarded.

And that’s it for this week’s K-Pop So Far. Thanks and hope you enjoyed the post.

P.S: I might not do a post for both k-pop songs and Drama/film news as I would be extremely busy next week. Also, sorry for the delay in my Review Package. Heh :”P


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