K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 1

28 Jan

There have been many releases the past 3 weeks. And that’s an understatement. I apologise for not being able to give an update for the past weeks as I was busy with school. As for this time round’s KSSF, I have to inform you guys that I’m not going to be very nice with some of the things. LOL.

Do note that there are some albums where I only listened to just the songs provided on the akp songs. You can go to bubblefeetgravitych4 (and their many other similarly-named youtube channels)) for the missing tracks

[5th – 11th releases]


1.Verbal Jint is back with Good Start. It has a nice,pleasant mv and not a bad song. I initially thought the singer was hwayobi. But she’s Miss $’s newest member Kang Min Hee. Youtube link.

2. Speed‘s comeback starts off with Sad Promise, featuring Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung whom I would call an unnecessary addition. Why, the guys couldn’t sing? And I don’t think this is a dance version of the MV…

3. Kim Sori, whom some may be familiar with from her late addition into the Invincible Youth 1 family, has released Dual Life. I like the song. The MV, I’m sure it’s for the guy fans. Youtube Link. That being said, I like the dancing🙂

4. Suju-M is back with Break Down. Their spoken(or should I say singing..) mandarin is understandable. With that, I think some might know where I come from. Hee. I recommend Go (Creds to the commenter: Henry composed this while zhou mi was the lyricist) . I also recommend Goodbye My Love (a much-needed ballad after the heavy pops) and A-Oh(party song!!)

5. Infinite-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, first of all, what a great album. Come on, Primary, Zion T, Bumkey and Dynamic Duo? That’s like a combination that can never go wrong. Heee. If you are feeling apprehensive, go here or directly to the utube link. Some BTS before we take our excitement to the next level:P

Infinite H debut album includes: Special Girl (ft Bumkey), Victorious Way, Without You (ft. Zion T), I Can’t Tell You( ft. Dynamic Duo) and Fly High( ft. Baby Soul). Playlist of the album linky~Loving the dance.

Their showcase: akp link. Note: The interview has subtitles(press the CC button) actually.

6. King of Drama OST from ER2E and folk singer Big Baby Driver: Shitty Love and Tuesday Song (soothing~) respectively. Both songs are equally good. They must thank suju-m. Suju-m’s album was more of heavy pop and listening to ballads after the album was great. 

7. Prepix Dance Crew (the guys behind Yoseob‘s recent Caffeine choreography) joins the music industry with their own production. Skillz is quite the epic song:) When I Get Paid is very suitable for Yoseob’s voice. 

8. Egobomb is a new hip-hop group, debuting with Throw It Away and other songs like Ready to Fly.Edgy! I wonder who the female singer is..

9. Lady Jane‘s catchy release, Hello,  does sound a lot like an Anime theme song. Youtube Link.

10. Brown Eyed Girl‘s Jea is onto her solo path too. Check out stray catAlso, her While You Are Sleeping: youtube link.

11. Yoon Jong Shin‘s History of Love

12. Fine, Boyfriend‘s newest song I-Yah is nice… Janus was also..nice..Yes, I’m biases against them.  Standing with you is another track that deserves a chance:)

13. Female Trio Pascol enters the industry with Let’s Eat Together Sometime. What a solid mini album to debut with:)  J sun solo – A song for myself2Moon bin solo – Thinking of you,  Yuna solo – Roo

14. Ali pre-releases Selfish: Never doubted her!

Okay ones

1. APink and B2ST‘s uniform(?) song: akp link

2. Vixx‘s Don’t want to be an idol: akp link

3. Shinhwa‘s Dongwan sings for his daily sitcPascoom: akp link.


1. MV for 2Bic‘s Did You Forget Everything: akp Link.

2. NELLL!!! OMG their live performance is so eeee!!!  I don’t care. The clip deserves to be seen!

3. Glam teaches you their dance, then lets you see the full dance!

4. AKP’s way back wednesday with JYPE: CL‘s rapping and singing! and Hyorin‘s toned down singing🙂

5. Juniel covers songs on radio.  I liked her cover of romantically. The song suits her voice. But honestly, I think she sounds exactly like IU. I mean, I actually thought it was IU singing. To put it harshly, she’s like a copycat to IU – the innocent style, the voice, the guitar. You can disagree but these are just my opinions. To clarify, I don’t like the girl and neither do I dislike her. To me, she’s a singer whom I am neutral too. It was the same with IU. I don’t dislike her but neither do I like her.

6. Answer Me 1997 has a novel and each page has QR codes to SEE the scenes/highlights!! What an interestingly-awesome idea:D

7. BEG‘s parody of GD‘s One of A Kind will end this part of KSSF:) haha! the ‘Heloooooooo~ooo’ was so funny. It’s as if the producer was so bored and decided to do it, and ended bored doing the long greeting:P And narsha was so funny dancing. Though I felt that the outfit is seriously >.< but she’s just too ridiculously hilarious!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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