K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 2

28 Jan

Onto [12th-18th releases], as we continue getting some really good tracks for our music players:D

If some of you wonder about the choices, yes, there are inconsistencies. Somehow, it depends on my mood and whether the tracks seem similar to past songs I have listened to.


1. I was never much of a fan of CN Blue. They are those groups that I know and have a neutral feeling towards. But their recent comeback has me very surprised:) The MV and song for I’m Sorry are friggin’ awesome:)  Coffee Shop’s alright, but I love Na Geudae boda(I, more than you)   Naran Namja(A man like me) is good!  Lalala doesn’t have the same impact that IS, NGB and NN did for me but still on the fairly ok side. Where You Are is a smoking rock song.  Quite the incredible album for CNBlue. I’m still not an official fan but now I am quite there:D

2. Baechigi is back with Vol 4 Part 2 Mini album. I recommend: The Number 9, Don’t Worry ft Woo Hye Mi and Loptimist, Are You Happy ft Urban Zakapa‘s Hyuna, Under the Sun ft DC and Shower of Tears ft AileeWhat can I say? Ailee’s voice just suits any genre:D 

3. JYJ‘s Jaejoong has his own solo debut and wow. His title track Mine/I is amazing!What a beautiful MV. The overall haunting gothic look + fantasy is quite epic, plus the cinematography! I never thought Jaejoong would do rock for his solo debut but this was a pleasant surprise. I actually liked that he did rock. The electric guitar and piano was just simply delicious. The comments on the akp post have theories about the MV. The other songs on the album like One Kiss, All Alone and Healing for Myself are nice too:)

4. So Ji Sub‘s field trip featuring Younha is out. oh?it actually isn’t bad. Lol. His rapping at least isn’t so bad and younha’s voice is just awesome so soothing~ The akp link to the mv is here.

5. Girl Group BPPOP‘s debut song wasn’t my cup of tea but do give their ballad track ‘Never Let Me Go‘ a shot.

Another rookie by the name of Pixie debuts. I preferred their I’m Sorry Heart.

An idol band Nevermind(err…okay..are you asking me to not mind about your group name?) debuts with Shooting Star, a very catchy and youthful band song.

7. You have to listen to this track by Monday KizWhat a ballad:D So huskyyy~~

8. VIXX is back with On and On. Honestly, I had listened to the title song before reading the akp post but I wasn’t fully immersed in it. Familiarity breeds liking, it seems. Haha. I love N the dance:P BTS/making-of vids for the album anyone?

9. 4minute‘s 2Yoon subunit debuts! K-Pop entertainment companys are spoiling me seriously, what with all the releases we had. Haha. 24/7 is so cute and fun so much so I feel like dancingLOL kim kiri, I have something to say to you: you can’t be like this here. That hair, has got to go. 😛 Nightmare, Why Not and Black Swan are great! Sesese is on the ok side. The whole album’s tracklist is here. BTS is here.

10. Phantom returns!!!!! 🙂 I didn’t realise that the MV was 7 minutes long. Heh. Recommendations – Hide and Chic (The song was released before the whole album.See Sanchez rap in action!lol Hanhae. I also thought it was a still photo of his.), The Things I can do, I’ll Talk Plainly . Fingernails and Dutch Pay are alright.

11. Speed completes this week’s recommended. The album is undoubtedly enjoyable, but something tells me it’s too safe, a route most idol groups go. The songs I liked: All Day, I Do I Do (ft The Seeya), Heartaching Love (MV for the song), Luv Ya, Bang Bang reminded me of Nanrina. Speaking of which, Taewoon’s duet with bro Zico is cancelled.


1. Byul‘s new song for melody project: AKP link.

2. BAP‘s rain sound: AKP link It’s definitely not a bad song. But it didn’t take over my heart like the ones in Recommended.

3. Fwaney Lee Hwan Hee‘s Monroes heel. It can be quite addicting but the mv..ughh

4. Moon Hee Jun‘s mini album is out! AKP link. I think Blood-V and I’m not okay are ok. It sounds like MHJ wants to remind us of his first generation time. Haha.


1. K-Pop Star 2: ooh the acoustic version of Epik High’s I Hate You by the akdong musician siblings(what a mouthful..) is not bad! Raccoon boys (McKay Kim, Brian Shin, Kim Min Suk) performs WG’s Like This – perfect teamwork and harmony:)

2. LedApple does a rock cover of GG’s Mr Taxi and Maroon 5’s Can’t Stop. Yeah Ledapple, I can’t stop. Hanbyul’s english<3 Also, Hanbyul covers Bruno Mars’s Talking to the Moon. Don’t worry, you can talk to ME hehe

3. I was wondering if I should include this but I like the daring beats and melody:P It is a fashion show song by GD

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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