K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 3

28 Jan

[19th – 26th releases] ends this time round’s KSSF. Apologies if anyone’s waiting for drama/film news. Updates will return this coming Friday/Saturday. heh:P

Again, do take note that I have not listened to every song on the albums, minis and singles.


1. Tiny G‘s comeback with Minimanimo🙂 The title trck is a fun song with an interesting starting melody that captures attention very quickly…for me that is. youtube link. Come to play sounded a little childish for me. It’s on the akp link if you wanna listen it out for yourself. 

2. Rude Paper‘s follow-up song wadamin( slang for what do you mean) is out:)An ok song. The definition of the song as on akp: The song laments the rigid blueprint for a ‘good life’ in society today aka getting into a good college, landing that great job, getting married, and providing for a family. The music video showcases these sentiments as the lone person is seen doing well meeting expectations, but feeling stifled., featuring Naomi, the female singer. I like the MV:)

3. MFBTY comprises of Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy and has released their newest song, Sweet Dream. Wow, Sweet Dream sounded really good right from the start! Sweet Dream (smells like money mix) is the clubbier version of the original. The track, Bizzy Tiger Yoon Mirae (MFBTY) is awesome!  hoho~ yoon mirae’s rap!

– – –

Teasers interlude!!

Dalmatian/ DMTN (hmmm…reminds me of the shortened version of dynamites..) have released their comeback teasers. I can’t wait any longer!! AKP link for Inati‘s, Daniel‘s, Simon‘s, Dongrim/Youngwon‘s and Jeesu‘s. Loving the teasers~~~

– – –

4. K.Will and Electoboyz‘s Chakun collaborates for Even If I Play. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 

5. D.Ear‘s first full album, Love-graphy, is out and his songs remind me so much of Joo Young. This is a good thing because I adore Jooyoung. All the tracks are mostly on the r&b side(?). I recommend the whole album but my favs, if you wanna know, are Even Though/ 그래도, You Make Me Feel Good, 24th Dec(previous release) and Time Goes By.

6. Eric Nam debuts! He’s so cute :DD Love Song and Heaven’s door are my favourite. 

7. So Ji Sub’s Erase MV starring Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho(really a noona killer..) is available for watching. I thought the song was alright, the MV-wise, well..erm..err..Heh. I think the audio-only is a better version though, if you are only interested in the song. The full mini album is not a bad attempt from the popular actor. I thought Rulers ft Takers and 6PM ground were good:) 

8. MyName returns with Just That Little Thing, though I’m more of a fan of Astonish and Dream, a song that’s short but very nice. The rest were on the ok/not bad side. 

9. Lessang delivers a very nice song AND a very nice MV. I love the way they did the MV. 

10. Mr.Mr‘s highway comeback has a really creepy MV. LOL. But I’m loving the group’s no-designated rapping fact. It’s just rare that an idol group has no rapper you know. The vocals:D The song reminds me of ChAOs’s Quickly Go.


1. Shin Jae‘s It Hurts So Bad isn’t anything much but he has nice vocals:D

2. Verbal Jint‘s I’m a fool, Skull and Haha‘s Donam Dong Melody and Nine Muses Dolls/ comeback album.

3. Huh Gak and Superstar K-4’s Yoo Seung Woo‘s collaboration: akp link


1. First and foremost, let me congratulate Sunye. Pics! Here’s wishing her a happy life from now on:D Also, Haha and Byul for their baby news. Hmm..but 3 months ago was even before their wedding date (30 Nov). I know they registered early.. but…hmm…haha. Anyway, I’m happy for them:D

2. Discovered: Choi Ye Geun‘s k-pop star 2 perf of I have a gf.

Glam‘s Party(xxo) is a strange song to me. I don’t think I have heard it yet I remember the name of the song and the meaning (LGBT implications)…strange O.O

3. Glam releases a parody of their own song I like That as a song for the cute cf. Youtube Link. Someone sub this please! hee.

4. 24K‘s Daeil‘s dance clip!! So smooth~ Youtube Link.

5. Akdong musician and Raccoon Boys for Olleh CF: Akdong’s (so cute), Raccoon’s (youtube link)

6. Tablo on BBC! LOL @ his cap. This guy’s freaking epic.

7. G-D, Taeyang and Daesung of Big Bang guest blogs on Naver, about their world tour. The story of dara’s tour guiding skills cracked me up. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! See you this Friday/Saturday!

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