Drama/Film News [5th – 31st Jan 2013]

02 Feb

And here it is!

It has been a long while since I updated you guys on the happenings of the drama/film world. I have been reading the updates on Dramabeans but none of the upcoming projects have hit me and got me interested real bad, like as though I will die from curiosity if the film/drama isn’t set to air. I mean, there were some that sounded okay but then when I think about it again, wasn’t much. More of the drama details are in the db link.

(Drama) Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: I might try it out for Jin Goo. I have been dying to see him in a drama..because I don’t know this actor. I know. Call me strange. The plot sounds good-natured and all. Maybe I will see it, maybe I won’t. Who knows? Maybe it actually is a good show. Like how I had zero expectations for Dr. Champ. Cast: Jin Goo, Park Ha Sun, Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young. 

(Drama) Nine: One of those shows that confuses me but might have something in there. It’s got time-travelling and mystery going on. Just like the kind of feeling Incarnation of Money gives me. Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jo Yoon Hee, Jeon No Min and Park Hyun Shik.

Ninehey there hottie

(Film) Battle of Yeonpyeong is about a real border attack from North Korea to South that happened in 2002. The film can be promising if done right. For now, the film has Jung Seok Won leading as commander Yoon Young Ha, a real military officer and a hero.

(Drama) So IoM: well, it sounds cliched to a certain extent, what with the lead female’s fat past and revenge… Hope it’s so crazy I overlook the same old stuff.. Cast: Kang Ji HwanHwang Jung Eum etc

minority opinion

(Film) Minority Opinion which stars Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Ok Bin, Yoo Hae Jin and Lee Kyung Young is a real legal battle, based on a novel which was an account of the real incident (Yong San Incident) where the tenants of a building were forcibly removed by the police due to a confirmed demolition. As if nothing could be worse, a fire broke out and (possibly brought about the) death toll of 5 residents and 1 officer. I love law dramas but the politics…

(Drama) Ten Season 2: Yupp, the sequel will air this year. I like detective shows but I heard it’s not for the faint-hearted (me). Gahh. It has started filming so maybe a April/May premiere date?Joo Sang Wook's Ten is back for another seasonJung Yu Mi

(Weekend Drama) Wonderful Mama: The length of the drama is absolutely NOT my cup of tea but the plot makes me warm and fuzzy. It’s about a loan shark mom(Bae Jong Ok) who discovers she has Dementia and is afraid of not being able to take care of her children. Jung Yu Mi play the eldest daughter who meets Jung Kyeo Woon in her new workplace. Let the sparks fly! Haha. First episode’s on May.

Those that have already aired/ended and which I liked. 

(Ended, Drama) Sirius sounds like a show that has a lot of potential for emotional conflict and has already started. I think it’s ending. It’s also a mini-series by KBS, or another more-than-one-episode KBS Special dramas. Cast: Seo Joon Young as twins on conflicting sides of the law, etc

(Film) Men: An Operating Manual is about a woman (Lee Shi Young) who has returned to the shelf for some time (actual sentence on DB’s post: She does not remember her last relationship) and who finds the manual one day. This manual is by a ‘quack dating guru’ Dr Swaltsky (Park Young Gyu) and assures that with his guide, all men (especially the handsome ones because duh, most humans are superficial creatures) will fall for you/ the girl(s) in question. Surprisingly, the manual actually works out for Lee Shi Young’s Choi Bo Na. However, the catch is that a superstar(Oh Jung Sae) falls for her and he’s a ‘diva’ without substance. LOL. So that begs the question: Is the manual actually useful in getting that hottie? A Feb release.

(Ended, 50minutes tiny Drama) Play Guide: This could be a great short getaway from our busy lives. The drama(?) will be splitted into five 10 minute sections of dating tips and situations. Son Dam Bi plays successful date advisor/ company CEO and Park Min Woo (oh my, so tall) as the singleton, a result of his confessing strategies. It aired on Jan 25th.

New Films

1. Girl is about a young couple that eventually degenerates into an abusive relationship. (Why can’t the girl be the abusive one?! lol..) But the film’s genre is horror-melo and so implies some supernatural-y stuff. OOH! I hope it isn’t too scary because the storyline does sound interesting. The leads are Kim Yoon Hye and Kim Shi Hoo (2008 Formidable Rivals as Chae Rim’s brother). I do think that Kim Yoon Hye can do mysterious well. She’s got that unique look that I find suit such shows. Kim Shi Hoo is someone who’s not new at all actually. He’s been in the industry since 2003( maybe even longer but his first drama was in 2003).


2. I love it when flower boys take up serious roles. Kim Kang Woo (Woots!) plays a detective investigating a case about missing children whose lives have been taken lately and Kim Bum, a delinquent whose graffiti attracts the attention of this cop in Psychometry. What is so interesting about the graffiti is that it’s an uncanny resemblance to the crime scenes, which means that Kim Bum plays the guy with psychometric skills. This ability even gives him an insight to why the detective is so hell-bent on solving the case. If Kim Bum has another secret up his sleeve (well, he looks like it…), I will cry if I can’t watch it. The trailer gives a dark vibe and honestly, I was quite scared to watch it. It isn’t scary or if you will, just watch it in the day lol. But dam, was it awesome-ly thrilling. I love mysteries, just don’t give me what I hate most. 

3. Will Lee Je Hoon’s new film (1 of the 2 he did before enlisting) reignite the fan-girl fire or soothe the broken hearts? Haha. His new movie, Ethics of Wrath is about the murder of a pretty college student and her 4 potential murderers. Lee Je Hoon plays a sick pervert stalker. Nice! Love the casting. Jo Jin Young, an ass of a loan shark who ‘preys on young women in desperate financial situations’. Kim Tae Hoon her other stalker and Kwak Do Hyeon, one of the lecturers in her school whose married and had an affair with her. Moon So Ri is then a lady who may become the 5th suspect or the only suspect (if I interpreted it right). 

New Dramas

Mysteries and Medicine go hand in hand in both Virus and End of The World. Both deal with a dangerous medical condition that seems incurable and have teams to break the viral code. The two shows are similar in their plot but I do hope they offer something uniquely theirs. It’s an interesting set up, rife with a lot of tension and suspense. Virus cast: Eom Ki Joon, Lee Ki Woo, Park Min Woo, Hyun Woo (Yay!) and Lee So Jung. (Sigh. Why only 1 girl? I hope she kicks butts) End of The World has only 1 actor confirmed so far and he is Yoon Jae Mun (The King 2 Hearts).

The Virusyoon jae mun and end of the world

Pictures and Interviews

1. Hotteh pictures of Flower Boys (Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Mizuta Kouki, Kim Jung San, Go Kyung Pyo), Kim Woo Bin (what’s with the hair??) and Kwon Sang Wook.

2. Sung Joon gets interviewed!

3. Guess what Ryu Seung Ryong did for his reel daughter Park Shin Hye?! He personally sent a supper truck for Park on the set of Flower Boys Next Door! So sweet!!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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