K-Pop News/Songs So Far [1st Feb – V-day 2013]

17 Feb

Sorry for the long wait. I didn’t have time to do an update last week. Also, I will only be able to do an update in another 2 weeks plus time.  Drama/film resumes next update too. So, apologies.

Note: There are some songs I missed out that got released during the two weeks. For instance, Yesung’s OST, D-Unit’s pre-release, etc.


1. Voice Korea’s Shin Cho Yi’s debut single is so bad ass and intense. Her voice is so deep and powerful, which had me almost thinking if the song (titled ‘Bad’) featured a male vocalist. Haha. I’m an instant fan! What’s better is that the song suited the film/mv.The starting heavy beats were wonderful. Please take note that this is not the full song. The jacket making(a video that’s on the akp link) ends the song better:) Can’t wait for the full one!!!

2. 10cm is back with a mini album of which I recommend every track in it. Oh Yeah is so quirky and cute! Don’t Let Me Go is a fun track that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Morning Call is slower compared to DLMG but still enjoyably gentle. I’m sleepy is a bright song despite its title. Lastly, Nothing Without You is a beautiful refreshing ballad. Playlist mode!

3. Miss $‘s Kang Min Hee solo debuts with It’s You. Her stunning voice already wins half the battle, though the song was good too. Youtube Link.

4. Ra.D releases It’s Been Awhile featuring Shin Ji Soo. Anybody who doesn’t know who Ra. D is, he was in an Eluphant song I recommended in one of my earlier posts and also in one of Jooyoung’s songs. Or if you want a live performance, it’s here.

5. Huh Gak returns with 1440 (reminds me of UKiss’s 0330), starring APink‘s Ha Young and actor Do Ji Han, that jerk (haha) who broke up with Nam Ji Hyun’s character in Will It Snow at(?) Christmas. But Do is so cute here that I will forgive him. ;P Enough about him. The song is cute but the dance is too childish for huh gak in my opinion. On another note, t’s nice to see HG singing a variety of songs instead of staying in the ballad zone. I liked I Want To Sing, We’re Going to Break Up( ft. APink Eunji) and Simple Story( ft. BEG Miryo). 

6. LedApple‘s Han Byul sings I’ll Be There for 7th Grade Civil Servant’s OST. There are two language versions for the song. I personally liked the English version one more. The Korean one’s linkThis was pure beautiful. Han Byul and his airy voice~~~

More OSTs from the drama by Park Ji Hun and Big Baby Driver. Here‘s BBD’s very soothing English song.

7. B.A.P‘s comeback is one that was ambiguous for me. One Shot( title track) was the track that had me at OK.  It’s just daehyun’s lines (in terms of melody) sound similar to another of their fierce genres. I preferred Coma and Zero. Punch was something different, not bad. To try it out yourself, here’s the playlist of the album. 

8. Two X‘s Ring Ma Bell didn’t do it for me. However I liked Only U. Youtube Link.

    Jevice‘s Cause of You is not bad:) Youtube Link.

9. Nu’est‘s Hello is a good song. I fell in love with it after some listens. The audio link…if you didn’t like the kiss..haha. Hello Hello‘s the catchy pop track of the album, which I like. Beautiful Solo pleased my ears with its rock-pop mixture:) Full album link here.

10. Jay Park‘s appetizer is out! Nice! Though not so keen on the cuss words haha. love the beat. Also, I’m happy he’s in SNL Korea’s fixed cast:D He was so funny when he came on the show.

11. Another sub-unit shows their power – Exid‘s Dasoni with their Goodbye single of 2 songs. And what a great title track for the duo’s/sub-unit’s debut. Both singers have great vocals and no one overshadowed anyone. Even the ballad was done nicely. 

12. H/ Hyun Seung Min returns after a decade hiatus. Please wait a minute. Omg 10 years?! Ok I’m done. The song, which features Bumkey’s Troy mate Kanto (Pokemon??!!) is quite sexy with the jazz:) The MV though..nah. Youtube link.

13. SG Wannabe‘s Kim Jin Ho has his first solo album! Congrats:) I love his deep husky voice. The songs are alright. Family Portrait was done in a nicely poignant way and I was suspecting if it was his own story. MV Links for Do You Know and Family Portrait. Note that I didn’t listen to the whole album.

14. Let’s end the recommended section on a light-hearted note shall we? A feel-good graduation song by new group Bangtan Boys. The trio have a very bright, youthful look and sound. Also, TOXIC returns with Pheromone. Youtube Link. This took a few listens for me to fall for the song. 😀


Seo In Guk and Verbal Jint‘s collaboration: I Can’t Live Because Of You. Not a bad song – melodious and fun. but quite generic. Love verbal jint’s rapping.

Check out Park Shin Hye‘s contribution to Flower Boy Next Door‘s OST. Pitch Black has two versions, both providing different musical angles to the song though still soothing and gentle. Not a bad song but since her voice is on the cute side so some may not like it.

Paul Baek‘s Remember You has a clever MV. The song though, meh.

Clazziquai Project‘s Love Recipe is sweet and hints of jazz. I like the way Horan and Alex duets. The song is on the smooth, subtle side. Also, congrats to Horan for her upcoming wedding on the 30th next month


Tablo and Troy‘s Bumkey collabs for this song. Hope you like it:)


1. Are Lunafly and LedApple battling out the covers war? Haha. Lunafly’s with Olly Mur’s Troublemaker  (nice! I love Yun’s solo)and LedApple with Shinee’s Sherlock (Omg this was perfect! That accent at the end, so sexy! LOL. The guy has the same accent as jayeslee sisters) and 2ne1’s Go Away

More covers by 15& and San E doing an old but befitting(?) song ‘Didn’t Go To School’. Haha very adorable and bright. You can see Jimin and Yerim try their hand at rapping. Phantom‘s is done in MJ style of Verbal Jint’s Good Morning. Hanhae was so cute trying to do the hip thrust at the beginning. That expression haha. A cute and fun video, and there’s no denying sanchez’s vocals, the kind I love:D 

2. DMTN/Dalmatian releases Safety Zone choreography tutorial, launches their official website and reveals additional scenes (too dangerous? hahaha) that did not make the safety zone cut. Though I actually thought these scenes were better than the MV ones. hehe. Still lacking Jisu and Inati!!! I won’t  complain much since their new company is doing a good job with them:) Their interview I found in 3 parts. Here’s part 1. Jisu<3

3. Vixx performs with giggles as they put on their hanboks, dancing to their newest song On and On. haha so cute. It’s a rare chance we see idols smiling while dancing. And aas that Leo evoking some laughs dancing some traditional dance @1:32? ㅋㅋㅋ The poor dears though. Oh and N’s mucon dance clip I found in the comments section of an akp post about N’s dance comp clip:)

4. Ali‘s acoustic perfomance of Eraser, Selfish and The Tears are Gone (ft Kangjun) is here.  Wow her voice. Seriously she just needs a piano to sing with. The contrast between her strong vocals that alternate between soft and powerful and the ladylike-ness of the piano is so good. The duet was enjoyable too:)

5. Have you missed Jo Kwon and Min doing their variety thang? Miss A’s company, please put Min in a variety. I’m missing her so much!!

6. JYJ‘s comedy ftw!! Jaejoong is such a joker. Youtube Link. The subs are in the comment section of the akp post.

7. Yoseob releases Although I (Geuraedo Nan) MV. Oh? What luck! I liked this song!

8. And last but definitely not least is another funny video by Btob‘s Peniel as he calls out some pick-up lines meant for NEVER using. Haha. Haha he’s so cute. Don’t worry about the subtitles. He is English-literate


1. Long term Comedian couple Jung Kyung Mi and Yoon Hyung Bin‘s wedding pics!

2. OMG AJ returns for U-Kiss activities next month!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~eeeeeeeeeeee lol

3. Funnies: Kwangsu and Haha get friendly with each other in a recent Macau RM ep.

4. This is seriously heartbreaking – news of Ulala Session’s Im Yoon Taek’s passing on 11th of Feb, his last tweet of his daughter’s 100th day and his funeral. Im Yoon Taek was a special celebrity to me. Despite having not seen him in the audition programme he and his group won, it was a pleasure to see him perform after US’s debut with Beautiful Night. This strong optimistic inspiring man, rest in peace. You deserved it.His wife’s farewell speech was a little worrying though.

admit. I cried. >.< More than anything, it was his funeral picture that got to me. Lidan’s mom, lidan, and US, fighting!

Forgive me for ending the post this way. But thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. 🙂 If I failed to credit anyone, please do inform me! I also understand I have not been on time with my review package.  Hehe. I keep promises but I’m rarely punctual. Sorry. I hope I can put it on asap but things have gotten busy over here. See you soon!

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