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K-Pop Songs So Far [7th – 16th March 2013] + a TVB song?!

Sorry for the late update. I was extremely busy and tired during the weekends. Note: I never listened to every song that was released.


1. Lee Hi‘s album: As mentioned in the last KSSF, I didn’t exactly like or dislike Lee Hi’s It’s Over. Perhaps it was something I wasn’t used to *shrugs*. The other songs in Lee Hi’s new mini-album of 5 are my kinda tracks. The sound and melody of Dream was interestingly mature and thought-provoking. LinkOne-sided love is a jazz song that I feel needs some scolding. (It would be awesome if there could be a song about scolding someone…O.O) LOL. Unless the dude’s already attached, I say go for it. (Of course, it isn’t easy but I realised myself that there’s no use pining for someone who doesn’t like you back. But since this is a crush, who knows? It could be a a-crazy-little-thing-called-love scenario!) Special is an RnB track that I really like. Link. Turn it Up is more towards hip-hop and I freakin’ love it.

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Drama/Film News [Feb – 6th Mar 2013]

I know I haven’t been very punctual about my drama/film news updates. But it’s here now! Hehe..

Note that I only post drama and film news with somewhat complete information that I like:) Click the links to read and see more:)

Wild Dogs is a new film starring Kim Jung Hoon as the lead who comes by a village and starts unraveling their secrets. I don’t like Kim Jung Hoon…So while the premise sounds exciting, it’s actually quite common so..

Weekend drama You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin starts today(9 March) We have IU as Lee Soon Shin, which was the exact name of a famous general in Korean history. She dreams of being a singer and meets Jo Jeong Seok‘s typical first lead character. 2nd sister Yoo Shin (Yoo Inna) and Go Joo Won‘s character will have something going on with each other~♥ School 2013‘s Lee Ji Hoon will play Jo’s best friend. Sohn Tae Young plays the eldest sister. 

park hee soonGod of Workplace has a storyline that’s iffy for me. It’s got this make-or-break kind of premise. So, for now, I will just be hearing comments from others about the show~hehe. I have mixed feelings for All About Romance too. It’s all because of the politics! Damn it. >.< For Park Hee Soon then? ;P

I think I will wait it out and see how Gu Family Book fares. For now, I’m neutral. Lee Yubi has joined the drama’s cast along with Jo Sung Ha, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk.

More on the fuzzy weekend drama Wonderful Mama where Lee Chung Ah (The Five) joins as Jung Yu Mi’s besty🙂

New Films

1. ZE:A’s Siwan and Song Kang Ho will co-star for Attorney, a movie about a legal representative who helps his benefactor’s young activist son. Though both are not confirmed for the role, I think the film is sure to be heart-warming.

 im and song for attorneyTop Star

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K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 3

This will cover the Others section.

Covers: by Lunafly with Train’s 50 Ways to Say Goodbye and LedApple with 1D’s Kiss You, their own single I’ll Be There and JB’s Baby (oh boy..)nicely done:)  LedApple’s covers are gradually becoming more open to the outdoor life. LOL. It’s great to see them having fun outside of the studio.;)

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K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 2

Note: I have not listened to every song released.


1. Amoeba Culture‘s project album NOWorkend already has Gaeko and Zion.T‘s works released. Read more in the akp links. Gaeko’s song has so much swaaaag. It’s so fierce and edgy! (MV’s not available for me :() I can’t have enough of Zion T’s voice. Some might know who Crush is from his collaboration with Kyung.  

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K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 1

How’s everyone doing? Apologies for the long wait. Hope you like what I have for the updates:)

It’s been a long time since I did the following..

News/ Eyecandy/LOLs

1. I can’t NOT say anything about Park Shi Hoo‘s alleged rape news that has been going on for a while now. I have been standing on the neutral side after being reminded by HK series The Other Truth that the real truth can be different from the perceived truth. But as I read on, I feel more and more that the victim/ trainee A

akp tag

doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing and has literally dug a grave for herself, easily allowing more and more to point their fingers at her. Like what the other have commented on the posts, how can she remember that she was raped twice? All those ㅋㅋㅋs and flirting in her conversation with PSH’s junior/ hoobae make me think she doesn’t even take her rape seriously if she actually did. I doubt that a person with the state of mind after being raped, he/she could joke around, flirt and actually wonder if she is pregnant. It’s incredulous, really.

By the way, It’s not just Park Shi Hoo that is entangled with the law. Block B and Jang Woo Hyuk are in their own mess too. Hope the best for all of them! Block B especially 😛

Military news: Yoo Seung Ho has enlisted as he mentioned. I actually prefer the celebrities go into army earlier. Return with made-for-broody-showers abs!!!

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