K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 3

08 Mar

This will cover the Others section.

Covers: by Lunafly with Train’s 50 Ways to Say Goodbye and LedApple with 1D’s Kiss You, their own single I’ll Be There and JB’s Baby (oh boy..)nicely done:)  LedApple’s covers are gradually becoming more open to the outdoor life. LOL. It’s great to see them having fun outside of the studio.;)

LOL. Hanbyul seems embarrassed to be covering JB’s Baby. Get well soon Kyumin!! It was nice to see Hanbyul rapping. That drummer drumming and rapping was an impressive sight to behold. Working it!And yes Hanbyul, you sure know how to be intense. *face palms, tries to hide snigger..but* Puahaha! Such a joker. lol. I’m loving their electric guitars for their next cover of SHINee’s Dream Girl~~

Tritop has already covered Dream Girl, which was pure eargasm. So Awesome. Sorry Shinee, I like this better. 😛

Dance:B.A.P, Nu’est (full, dance tut) and B1A4(why so far back??)have their dance vids out on youtube. 

What are our K-pop idols doing:

• New music from BAP’s Bang Yong Guk (I like it:) It’s got this early morning (2am??) kind of feel. The lonely, craving for company song.),

° BB’s Daesung has his new Jap album out,

• Min and her favourite celebrity Ryan Leslie joins hands for a really good collaboration (is this a real song? Cos i really recc it!),

° Eric Nam and Roh/Noh Ji Hoon perform Ma Girl on Birth of A Great Star 3, besides their own title tracks.

• If you didn’t know, AJ has returned to U-Kiss *happy dances* at the time of the group’s 3rd album.

° Younha changes up her Run lyrics to cheer on the country’s national baseball team.

• DMTN revealed their image video for Safety Zone. It’s got this vintage thing going on. Very stylish and well done.

° (A rounder?)Zico greets fans through a video, talking mostly about him producing D-Unit’s newest album. So…I don’t understand most of what he was saying but it’s great to see and hear from him. Kyungie too. If you are wondering why no D-Unit song reccs (Talk To My Face was alright), it’s because the videos I found keep getting deleted. Sigh…I got tired and stopped finding. heh:P And by the way, I really don’t like it when groups that I’m used to changes their number of members. Sigh..

 2Yoon‘s blooper video for their 24/7 MV is here.

° Infinite H‘s live performance of Fly High and their BTS vids are out!The video consists of their MV shoots and fan-meeting so it’s going to be 30 minutes. But YAY!! I finally get to see Zion. T speak in person!! He appears @20:08. YAYAAAYAYAYAYAY!! Why can’t Bumkey appear too? *pouts* Btw, I totally didn’t believe that Primary was Primary. hehe:P..because it defeats the purpose of wearing a box over your head? 😛

Varieties: Cool dance performance by Jap dance crew Time Machine on Star King. Very cool especially the escalator-like movements. So freaking fluid and natural.

Audition Programs: Lee Hi’s vocal coach joins Voice Korea 2. Check her performance out because she’s no joke.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! See you next time:)

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