K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 2

08 Mar

Note: I have not listened to every song released.


1. Amoeba Culture‘s project album NOWorkend already has Gaeko and Zion.T‘s works released. Read more in the akp links. Gaeko’s song has so much swaaaag. It’s so fierce and edgy! (MV’s not available for me :() I can’t have enough of Zion T’s voice. Some might know who Crush is from his collaboration with Kyung.  

2. Talented rapper KK‘s pain featuring Gavy NJ‘s Jenny is a nice hip-hop-y ballad. Youtube Link.

3. Rainy debuts with their mini-album. I recommend Break Up Tears and Stop The Tears. Full album here

4. The album to me seems like it’s trying to emulate the success of Sherlock with a whole lot of high pitch singing and singing-together in some of the songs. Which is good and bad because though I think it’s alright, I also hate hearing similar stuff. Despite that, SHINee‘s new album reccs: Dream Girl and Spoiler(they were ok…), Girls Girls Girls, Runaway, Dynamite. Album playlist. Apparently, this is a song about the 4 hyungs teaching TaeMAN about girls..but he’s a MAN…lol. A very fun song, don’t you think? 

5. Kim Tae Woo‘s Cosmic Girl album reccs: Oppa (featuring Megan Lee) and Whenever Wherever. Some might know who Megan Lee is. That’s right. She’s a youtube celebrity known for covering songs and has joined an audition program too. Her sweet vocals matches very well with Tae Woo’s voice.

6. Jang Geun Seok and DJ Big Brother‘s subunit Team H releases Feel the Beat. It’s actually not bad and fun but the MV’s very cheap. The chinese is also understandable. AKP link. Warning: the video plays by itself.  

7. Girl’s Day‘s sweet uplifting song for White Day is here:) I like how the MV was done too; Very scenic:) 

Another soothing song by ‘s Woo Hyun and Lucia: Youtube Link for their Cactus. I couldn’t even tell the male’s vocals came from Woo Hyun. Beautiful MV, though the way it’s done reminds me of Lessang’s Tears. Note that there is an interview in the akp link provided:)

A pleasantly surprising collaboration between As One and Miss $ for It’s Gonna Be Alright is a sweet song. Youtube Link.

8. Verbal Jint collaborates with Ailee and Nam Gyuri for It Ain’t Love. Poor Gyuri. I love the collab. I kept looking out for Ailee in the MV. It would be cool if Ailee was trolling us by being one of the backup vocals.

9. Jaejoong‘s repackaged album’s new songs are Kiss B and Only Love. I recc Kiss B.

10. Teentop‘s new album reccs: Missing You, Mr Bang, No.1(should have been completed!!). Playlist.

11. Gummy sings Snow Flower for Wind Blows in Winter OST. Youtube Link. Her voice is forever ♥ Kim Boa also sings for the same drama. There are two versions. I liked the Guitar version for its simpler instrumentals.:)

B2ST takes part in Iris 2‘s OST with Junhyung‘s self-produced Black paradise.  I really love this. It’s got this fiction-like thing going on, as in the ballady-moody pop song kind of track. The drama MV of the song is in the akp link.

With a musical actor as his background, Joo Won sings for Level 7 Civil ServantYoutube Link.

12. Oak Joo Hyun returns with Mini Album Reflection. Playlist. It is a high quality album but most songs were ballads…so… Youtube Link. All the songs seem very appropriate for period drama OST.

13. Kyung is back with a new song ‘Getting Over’ featuring CrushGOD, I love this. Crush’s amazing vocals go so well with Kyung’s rap.

14. Band, The Nuts (…sounds…haha…well, chipmunks/squirrels will like their name!), had singer/actor Ji Hyun Woo. But with his mandatory army duties, two new singers Jung Yi Han and Kim Sung Gyeol joined. The band returns with Love Note. Love the title track!! Very nice, simplistic MV. 🙂Here’s an MR version of the song: link.

15. Davichi releases title Turtle before the full album. A beautiful song I wasn’t expecting from the duo’s powerhouse vocals. I like it this way:) Youtube link.

16. 2AM also returns with One Spring Day. I haven’t listened to every song on the album but I do recc One Spring Day(wasn’t bad), Sunshine and Back Then(it sounds really similar to another song..changmin’s falsettos!!!). Album was alright, just not too many ballads/slow songs at one. Also, 1 Spring Day has a vocal version MV: Link.

17. Lee So Ra and Youngji releases Hard to Say I’m Sorry remake for tribute album Hitman Project. There are two MVs for each artiste. But I couldn’t see Lee So Ra’s. I was admiring Young Ji’s MV. So artistic~

18. Ladies Code debuts with Bad Girl. Their vocals are great, so hope they go far. No complains:) Utube Link. I have not listened to every song on the album. Full album playlist.

19. Three Jap songs I clicked on accident and found them to be lovely: ZE:A5‘s She’s Gone and Cross-Gene‘s Shooting Star (what’s with Shin’s hair??!!), Myname‘s We Are the Night.


Lee Hi‘s comeback can never be missed. I didn’t exactly like her newest song. On the bright side, I see she’s more natural and the MV is beyond cute. I want that irritated-looking hip-hop bear!!! Tracklist.


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