Drama/Film News [Feb – 6th Mar 2013]

09 Mar

I know I haven’t been very punctual about my drama/film news updates. But it’s here now! Hehe..

Note that I only post drama and film news with somewhat complete information that I like:) Click the links to read and see more:)

Wild Dogs is a new film starring Kim Jung Hoon as the lead who comes by a village and starts unraveling their secrets. I don’t like Kim Jung Hoon…So while the premise sounds exciting, it’s actually quite common so..

Weekend drama You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin starts today(9 March) We have IU as Lee Soon Shin, which was the exact name of a famous general in Korean history. She dreams of being a singer and meets Jo Jeong Seok‘s typical first lead character. 2nd sister Yoo Shin (Yoo Inna) and Go Joo Won‘s character will have something going on with each other~♥ School 2013‘s Lee Ji Hoon will play Jo’s best friend. Sohn Tae Young plays the eldest sister. 

park hee soonGod of Workplace has a storyline that’s iffy for me. It’s got this make-or-break kind of premise. So, for now, I will just be hearing comments from others about the show~hehe. I have mixed feelings for All About Romance too. It’s all because of the politics! Damn it. >.< For Park Hee Soon then? ;P

I think I will wait it out and see how Gu Family Book fares. For now, I’m neutral. Lee Yubi has joined the drama’s cast along with Jo Sung Ha, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk.

More on the fuzzy weekend drama Wonderful Mama where Lee Chung Ah (The Five) joins as Jung Yu Mi’s besty🙂

New Films

1. ZE:A’s Siwan and Song Kang Ho will co-star for Attorney, a movie about a legal representative who helps his benefactor’s young activist son. Though both are not confirmed for the role, I think the film is sure to be heart-warming.

 im and song for attorneyTop Star

2. Uhm Tae Woong’s new film Top Star sounds like it would be a fun watch. Written by Park Jung Hoon(fellow actor), the actor plays a manager who dreams of being an actor. (I know..too many ‘actors’…T.T) He gets to take up the chance offered and surprisingly becomes an actor in high demand. Till, something happens that he falls right back down to square one. Lol. Like what JB has stated, Uhm Tae Woong does have the charisma to pull of the top star stage of his life and the awkwardness of his sudden flight to stardom and change in lifestyle. Kim Min Joon has also confirmed his part in the movie.:) Filming starts this month and so, hopefully the film hits youtube with subs quickly. hehehehe.

Top Star2Hide and Seek

3. Hide and Seek may be a short film, but it has Kang Dong Won and Shim Mina as leads. Kang plays X, an agent who has to deliver a confidential package that even he must not know about. Shim Mina plays X’s girlfriend and Lee Som (White Xmas) plays his handler, Fingers. That sounds scary…The action thriller debuts this Spring.

4. Another new movie to premiere this month (21st to be exact) is aptly titled Temperature of Love with Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee‘s characters secretly dating each other hopefully without their fellow coworkers knowing. However, as the two get to know more about each other, the more they break up and reconcile, break up and reconcile. The movie promises to be as real as couples get in their cycle from love to hate, separation(with lots of swear words. heehee!) to reconciliation.

New Dramas

1. Nine, which stars Lee Jin Wook and Jo Yoon Hee, is about a reporter and anchor(Lee) in the 21st Century who travels twenty years back to save his life and his relationship with another reporter(Jo) on his team. Presently, he has cancer/ brain tumour and has only one year to live. Which leads me to how Lee Jin Wook’s character can save his life if it’s cancer…. A Himalayan trip in the past allowed him to bring back a ‘mythical artifact’, his ticket to 9 times of time travel. Wow. This man has so many limitations on him. I feel so sorry for him. I hope the show works out. I have seen Lee Jin Wook and Jo Yoon Hee in previous dramas. He is a little on the awkward side but I don’t know about that since I have not been able to see his recent works. As for Jo Yoon Hee, I won’t blame her for the boring character in Lie To Me. More of it was on the writing than the acting. The premise seems interesting and I have heard good things from their 2012 romance drama In-Hyun’s Man. Cancer does seem trite but if it’s just a set-up for the whole story to run and not some reason to drag the story on, I’m all for it.

2. The End of The World is the other medical drama with a similar premise to The Virus. It’s going to be a weekend drama on JTBC. Yoon Je Moon plays Eom Ki Joon’s counterpart in this series. Not much is told about Jung Kyung Ah‘s role. Trailers are on the db post. While I hate the dark, dangerous vibe that The End of The World is going for (contrasting with The Virus’s white, open look), the bleak, thriller-ish atmosphere could be awesome-ly suspenseful too. Starts next weekend:)

mandate of heaven

3. Mandate of Heaven (after Iris 2 in April) sounds to me like it’s a mix of Runway Plan B and Ajusshi as it revolves around a royal  physician by the name of Choi Won(Lee Dong Wook) who has a sick daughter whose condition needs help urgently and to make matters worse, he gets mistakenly involved in an assassination attempt on the emperor’s life, putting father and daughter on a constant run for their lives. Poor dear:( Hold on little one! Song Ji Hyo plays Choi Won’s assistant and hopefully helps him investigate the assassination attempt. Song Jong Ho plays the needed role of a royal guard/detective for a bureau specializing in serious crimes. Philip Choi plays Choi Won’s childhood friend and colleague with great career prospects but falls for a woman he should not love. Methinks it’s probably a king’s woman. 2AM’s Im Seul Ong‘s character will be a prince, who if he actually masterminded the whole thing, would be an awesome role. But the idol is still raw in acting so hopefully, the role isn’t too demanding and doesn’t affect the story too much. Lastly, Yoon Jin Yi plays a thief’s daughter.


Fri Drama, OCN. 1/3/2013, 10 episodes

1. The Virus will is about a group of scientists(led by Eom Ki Joon and his team consisting of Lee Ki Woo, Park Min Woo, Lee So Jung, Yubin(WG) and Jo Hee Bong) who try to solve the mystery of a contagious and deadly virus strain. Remnds me of the SARS period… But at least the drama has provided Hyun Woo‘s character to hold the answer/ medical solution to the terrifying disease, which should give Hyun Woo’s character some mysterious back-story. More on the characters here.

Social Networking sites( Naver TV Cast, me2day, and SNS services), 14/2/2013. 6 10-minute installments, Thursdaylove in memory

2. Love in Memory tells about a pragmatic OL(Jo Yoon Hee) who meets her first love who suffers from Peter Pan syndrome( Jung Kyeo Woon) by fate. The mini-series will be done in a narrative format and is said to be more of a bittersweet meeting and memory of their relationship than a chance at reunion. The project is pretty short, just nice for a break. Heh 😛 But problem for those who don’t understand Korean(including me :() is the availability of the subbed video or the video itself. Hope someone gets hold of it and sub it. Thanks in advance:D

Film, March release

3. Paparotti, the second and last of the two movies that Lee Je Hoon filmed before he enlisted, stars Han Seok Kyu as the down-and-out singer who becomes an unfriendly high school music teacher and Lee as a high schooling gangster who put his dreams of being a tenor/opera singe aside for his family. Not wanting to give up his dream, he pleads with teach. Kang So Ra and Oh Dal Soo co-stars too. 


1. Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin together

2. Lee Jong Seok solo

3. Yoo Seung Ho, we will be missing you! Wait. You sly fox! You starred in the drama so that we will miss you?! Haha Just kidding.. Here’s his last photo shoot before hitting the green outfits and skin:)

4. Actresses and ladies fight back with Instyle’s tenth year anniversary issue. Congrats InStyle! Kim Hee Seon, Lee Yeon Ah, Lee Yo Won, Jeon Ji Hyeon, Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Yun Jin, Han Chae Young and Han Hyo Joo took part in the shoot.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:) See you soon!


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