K-Pop Songs So Far [7th – 16th March 2013] + a TVB song?!

19 Mar

Sorry for the late update. I was extremely busy and tired during the weekends. Note: I never listened to every song that was released.


1. Lee Hi‘s album: As mentioned in the last KSSF, I didn’t exactly like or dislike Lee Hi’s It’s Over. Perhaps it was something I wasn’t used to *shrugs*. The other songs in Lee Hi’s new mini-album of 5 are my kinda tracks. The sound and melody of Dream was interestingly mature and thought-provoking. LinkOne-sided love is a jazz song that I feel needs some scolding. (It would be awesome if there could be a song about scolding someone…O.O) LOL. Unless the dude’s already attached, I say go for it. (Of course, it isn’t easy but I realised myself that there’s no use pining for someone who doesn’t like you back. But since this is a crush, who knows? It could be a a-crazy-little-thing-called-love scenario!) Special is an RnB track that I really like. Link. Turn it Up is more towards hip-hop and I freakin’ love it.

2. U-Kiss is back with their 3rd album (playlist) and AJ!!!!!(what’s with the bowl cut though….) I recommend: Standing Still (title), (Kevin’s solo) My reason, Sweety Girl (such a fun song:)), Because I Love You (this too!). The chorus is wonderful:) On a side note, Hoon’s hair here is the best I have seen from him. The before-mv-is-out live stage performance: link.

3. Ballad OSTs by Ivy (Incarnation of $) and Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun Ah(A 100 years Inheritance)

4. Girl groups like Rania, Girls’ Day and GLAM have released their new materials!

Rania: Though the group is missing Riko(because of school), they are back with Joo Yi. Just Go (title) has daring beats and melody that is very different from ‘Style’. I didn’t really like their outfits though.. I recommend both Secret Party (this sounds familiar…) and Killer(this might get too repetitive though..) Playlist, including their old songs like Dr Feel Good and Style.

Girls’ Day: I recommend Girls’ Day World Intro (a song that comes as a surprise for the girls), I Don’t Mind (a nicely toned down track) and Oh! Great (a cheerful song that’s not bad) Playlist link

GLAM: OMG just look at how much each of them have changed, in terms of appearance, from their ‘I Like That’ days! Left pic Top 2 girls = Right pic Top left and Bottom right, Left pic bottom 2 girls = Right pic Top right and bottom left. Sorry, I don’t know everyone’s names.

GLAM Girls Be Ambitious

However, I must say that their new image is necessary for their new song, ‘In Front of the Mirror’. It’s an interesting trot song that had me hooked the instant I listened to it. Most importantly, I really like that the song has meaningful lyrics (to read without distraction). Actually, all GLAM’s title songs have unique lyrics( well, it’s not unique actually. It’s just that k-pop usually talks about love, love…sigh…)

5. P.O‘s mix-tape as of 16th Mar has 8 songs: Amino acid (sick collab ft Mino/Tagoon of recently disbanded BoM),  You Try It, I believed in Me, To Bitcxx, Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime (it was ok), Good Morning with you (ft Incredible), Do It, Hongdae (why so short?! Sounds like an awesome album intro:) ). He did a great job with the song choices:) Love them all~ 

6. Akdong Musicians have been a joy to listen to ever since they started their career in the music industry. Their new song ‘Crescendo‘ has once again top the charts. It’s no wonder because the sibling duo have such matching vocals and the song is so light and cheerful:)  Live: link

7. This will be the last song by M4. Because You are a Girl is a cute song that I found to be enjoyable. Wish the best for the four of them:)

OK/ Ambiguous This-makes-me-look-picky Category

1. Soul Cry sings I Love You for Iris 2. AKP link.

2. G.Na is back with her new album which honestly speaking, was not good enough for me. I understand that songs like I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better can be harsh on the vocals but at least release a song close to it and I don’t mind when! Also, I never liked her change to sex-bomb/agyeo-rific image in the first place anyway.  But despite all of that, I thought G.Na’s First Love and Oh Good was alright. AKP link.

3. Without a doubt, 2Bic (hahahaha this is like water in Tagalog right?… … sorry.) is one talented duo. However, most of what I heard on the akp link was really very similar to one another. There’s very little change in melody in between songs. But of course, there were some tracks like Love Again and Lady Lady that caught my attention. Love Again features Ailee and if I remember correctly, the song was released quite long ago. Lady Lady has a nice groove to it but the rap felt awkward. Maybe it had to do with my rap-must-go-with-the-beat thinking. lol.


Wondergirl‘s Nobody had another version, ‘Anybody’, that I missed out when it was released with the hit song. This version features Dynamic Duo, San E and JYP. In short, this version is just awesome. While keeping the addicting chorus, rap verses and JYP’s(and Gaeko’s?) short singing have been added that everything comes together really nicely. 

An extraordinary addition – Hellos from a fellow TVB-er

It’s going to be so weird just posting this song in a And also, some k-poppers can listen to this song – Highs and Lows‘ sub-theme by Raymond Lam: Done Being Naive. This guy sings so well! I like the lyrics too. On a side note, any drama watcher should check the show out. 🙂 Apologies if you are currently watching the show and this MV gives a slight insight into the show. It isn’t very spoilery though…


1. The making-of Lee Hi‘s MV: link. Seriously, is she trying to kill me with the cute?

2. This isn’t kpop but, sincere congratulations to actor Shin Hyun Joon who will be getting married this May. And after all that single talk on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly!! Haha. So happy for him:) Wish you the best!!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Credits to the site that provided me with the GLAM pics.

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