Have You Listened To Them Yet?: March edition [18th – 31st March 2013]

24 May

I’m back! Thanks for waiting!

For both March(later half) and April old updates, I have no choice but to take most of the news from due to the difficulty of extracting news from the new allkpop. ( where did the page navigation go >.<)

Recommended Songs

1. EvoL recently had a comeback with Get Up. The title track Get Up has a simple, unique tune and beat to it, and is one of my favourite march releases. Stardom entertainment did an undeniable good job with the girls’ comeback. Love is also good, so do check it out:) The remix wasn’t bad but not something I would prefer over the original. The mv was alright but I found it overly sexualised. ;(

2. Davichi also returned in March with two, if I’m not mistaken, title tracks. Turtle was one of them, Be Warmed was is the other…and Let’s Have a Drink, the Two of Us…is…err.. ANYHOW, LHADTTOU was an alright track( I preferred Turtle). The mv was nothing new (The MV’s about a couple who broke up, with both sides hurting because of it.) but I personally found Sung Hoon(male actor)’s crying better than Jang Shin Young’s. Especially the part where he was trying to drink while crying and painfully forced it down. The word carvings were a little ridiculous. I mean, why in English rather than in Korean? 

Recs: Cry for Love and Tears, The thing that still comes up in my memory, Nagging(has a quiet, light nature to it), I want to be brave and break up. Playlist link

3. OSTs: Tahiti‘s input for You Are The Best, Lee Soon Shin’s OST, Don’t Know Don’t Know is a cute, catchy song, suitable for the weekend drama. Though of course, the title is just…sigh. Youtube link.

Rappers Swing, P-type and Miss $‘s Kang Min Hee‘s collaboration for Incarnation of Money OST is wonderful. I love it! .

4. Supreme Team is finally complete🙂 Stay Still is a great listen from start to end. Simon D actually sings a little, though not his first time. Esens is alright. Crush is great as usual:) The groove (and sexiness?) of the song and the rhythmic rapping is easy to like:) Irit is not bad, which can be found in the akp link here.

5. Se7en has officially enlisted and he left us a song before he did in Korean and Japanese. The song sounds a little Japanese-y when I first heard the Korean version and then I found out he sang a Japanese version. Hopefully he has good news(We can all wait but she can’t!!) for us when he’s out^^

6. ZE:A Five debuts with their mini album, Voulez Vous. I think the album‘s not bad and recommend Beautiful Girl. Mistake and Fiance are both ok. Preview album MV link.

7. One Way(!!!!!!)’s Would You Be is an RnB song. So smooth~ Other songs by One Way, or more specifically D2O( Peter and Youngsky) Woo Woo Woo and Amanda may have been songs released in early 2012, but I still recommend them:)

8. Offroad debuts with Headbanging, featuring Zico as producer and rapper. Haha. It’s so clear whenever Zico has a hand in the songs he produces. 

9. Ra.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said. LOL. The singer is back with Thank You and an adorable MV(Kim Seul Ki<3), which has an unexpected guest!

10. I found P.O‘s mixtape track Fuxx The System good, though not really enjoying the lyrics that much. hehe. 


• Younha‘s prelease, It’s Not Like That was ok for me, but I especially love the background(?) vocals (Naul‘s?) in the later part of the song.

° Jazz singer Bobby Kim‘s I’m alive is also average for me. The artwork in the mv was good..though.. 😛

• Singer Eun Ooh released RnB ballad My Baby and I found it an alright song:)

° Koyote‘s Lies You Can See: Dkpopnews link. • Gilme‘s Laugh and Leave: DKN link.

° Stardom Entertainment has a new group ready, and boy do I agree it’s not a good time for this. Poor group, they aren’t that bad actually..just, they sound like another block b:( DKN link.

• Monday Kiz‘s Lee Jin Sung and Seeya‘s Kim Yeon Ji‘s duet for masochistic song, Hurting But Happy. AKP link.

° Not forgetting Lee Hi who came back with First Love 2. Her songs this time are less explosive like her debut, which is nothing to complain about. But I do feel that the album should have some variety. I recommend(strongly) Rose. It’s a solid but subtle RnB song that is hauntingly attractive, to me. Fool is an RnB, jazzy light song that gives me an image of slow couple dances. 


Before I forget to mention in the actual month(lol), here’s Jay Park‘s Turn Off Your Phone. Link Not for the underage!!

Covers and others

2AM gives us fans a short clip of their acapella version of their latest title song, One Spring Day. Youtube link. I have a complaint though. It’s too short!!!

Lunafly brings us a cover of Rihanna’s California King Bed: Youtube Link  Love the backdrop choice of the mv:)

LedApple is also another known group for their cover projects, with this month’s a solo by Hanbyul( Bruno Mars When I Was Your ManHanbyul, I’m available. Pwahahaha. … Sorry >.<) and a group one(MJ‘s You Are Not Alone: Jason really does sound like MJ. OMG, I love his voice. Love LedApple too! (heh) )

Block B’s(?) B Bomb has finally done something that allowed his fans to see what he’s been up to: dancing to one of the group’s songs, LOL (really, it’s the song title!). A very smooth dance done by him and partner, reptor x:)

Lastly, is B.A.P (still without Himchan) performing H.O.T’s candy and other songs, including One Shot.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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