Have You Listened To Them Yet?: April(2013) edition part 1

27 May

Disclaimer: I have not listened to all songs that were released. Blame my mood, not me. Hehe. Like mentioned in my last post, this KPSF will also be taken from dkpopnews.

Since it’s Spring, many season appropriate songs are out, so…beware of my lack of vocabulary. >.<

Recommended songs

1. It’s (Dynamic Duo) Choiza’s turn to release his own track for the Amoeba label project album, ‘NOWorkend’. Though I didn’t exactly dislike this, I actually think this is a high quality simple song that deserves to be known. Youtube link.

2. Ali and C-Clown work together once again for Do You Remember. The song has a simple but enjoyable chorus. 

3. GI/ Global Icon takes their debut stage with Beatles. I don’t mind their addition to the ‘starved’ kpop market if they actually continue with this style of music. Beatles is quietly addictive, especially in the chorus. I just have one hope, which is for the group to stay with their tomboyish concept. The things girl groups do just to be ‘feminine’ (or perhaps, the norm of how women celebrities are supposed to be) sickens me. Perhaps, in time to come, just to cater to both genders, they might will. 

4. K.Will is back with part 2 of his 3rd album, as promised. Of the whole album, I recommend Spring Memories, Lay Back, Bon Voyage. Spring Memories is just gorgeous. Short it may be, but we are already given the climax. Lay Back was the song I first heard during my hiatus and loved it. I liked it much better than the title song(Love Blossoms) as it has this sexy charming laid-back feel to it and yet lightly catchy. Bon Voyage is an RnB track with a unique chorus. Though I didn’t really think Beenzino was necessary, I didn’t actually mind him featuring too.As for the Title song Love Blossoms, I think it’s okay. I sort of understand why it’s the representative track for the album – Jazzy and catchy. for being catchy.  Another song off the album is Memories Ringing. A sweet ballad, made even sweeter with K.Will’s effortless vocals. Marry Me is a catchy number and surprised me with K.Will’s fluent English. Fade Out is something that started out promisingly different but disappointed with an average chorus. Overall, I thought the songs in this album were more repetitive in terms of melody, as compared to part 1.

5. (Superstar K4)Hong Dae Kwang pre-releases a duet with Soyu for Good Bye, from his debut album.  This duet gave me an image of a breezy ride to somewhere~. Youtube Link.

6. We have another Spring collaboration (more to come) that is between Sunny Hill and Daybreak for Love Actually. The lovely song comes with a hilarious MV. Kim Seong Won(comedian) is marvelous as the male lead, acting out(?perhaps it was innate? Pwahaha) each of the Sunny Hill girls’ image of their ideal men. His expressive eyes really played a big role in making me laugh. Haha. The girls were adorable here with their infatuation, especially when they got seduced imaginatively. LOL. However, I did see something I disliked – how the dance was filmed. Nonetheless, the collaboration with Daybreak is a good choice. And yes, Kwanghee‘s addition at the end is LMAO great!

7. Ga In and (MBC Birth of A Great Star) Choi Hyung Woo joins the many Spring collaborations with a duet mini album. My favourite of the album is Sway (a fun track). Title song Brunch is a lighthearted song that fits Spring so well. The two look very matching as well:) 2 O’clock is a saccharin sweet song, sounding a little like a Christmas track IMO. Let Me In follows the Spring concept, being all delicate and sweet.

8. Jay Park released Welcome, but I prefer the other song on the abum – 1Hunnit (feat Dok2), which is not on the DKN link. It’s got a great melody and beat to rap to:) 

9. 15& duo returns with Somebody. I must say that the song is honestly nothing much without the girls’ vocals. As for the MV, seeing JYP auditioning was so full of win. Did you guys spot Baek Ah Yeon too?

10. Double K‘s new song Rap Movement is something different from the usual Spring fare I have been listening to, both MV and music-wise. The MV is so wacky by the way. Cameos by Eun Ji Won, Dok2, an actor(? I can’t say for sure) and LE (from Exid) were the only ones I recognised. I didn’t realise that the rapper in green and on the street, and the bespectacled one in the suit with his hair slicked to the side were the same person. lol. I almost thought double k had two members. >.<‘ 


Pure debuts with I’m Still (Yours). This song did well with its hook and chorus but the starting piano and rap sounds all too familiar. Perhaps the chords are ones that are popular to use or ear-friendly. But the rap:( I can’t ignore the rap as it’s purpose is to build up the climax.

Btob‘s return isn’t bad but it IS predictable. The melody is easy to listen to and has this pleasant-ness around it. The MV was something different:)

G.Na and Huh Gak‘s Mind Sync duet was in G.Na’s album (Oops, the title song) and I remember not really liking the song. But hearing it now, it doesn’t seem too bad. 🙂

C-Clown makes a comeback with Shaking Heart, another melancholic title.

G-Dragon‘s MichiGo(=crazy?) is an alright song, not too bad not too good either.


Crucial Star (feat Zion T) – It’s My Turn.   Crucial Star (feat. Donutman) – Rebirth

Crucial Star (feat 샛별/3 stars(?)) – Tonight, Crucial Star(feat Basick) – Trendsetterz,

Crucial Star (feat. Pento) – New Generation, Ra.DI’m in Love.

Covers and Others

Offroad parodies That Winter, The Wind Blows with a song sung by one of the members. It is quite funny as the members imitate the scenes and expressions of the main leads.

LedApple covers more songs to raise funds: Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s Lucky, Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me ( I couldn’t help but like the song. The original sounds better acoustic.Hanbyul has such great personality and vocals. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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