Have You Listened To Them Yet?: April(2013) edition part 2 [updated on 23/6/13]

29 May

Disclaimer(for all posts actually): All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

Recommended Songs

1. Zion T‘s first full album Red Light is out and it’s a unique album that IMO experiments. So some songs might be difficult to ‘get into’ but they are harmless(?). I do recommend listening to the whole album and my favourites are O, Doop, Neon, On Na Na, Two Melodies(released in early May), Click Me(debut). If you agree with me that the album is not an easy listen, then title song Babay(feat. Gaeko) would be a better, smoother track. As for what I personally think of Babay, I think it’s OK. The MV is quite cute though:)For those who don’t know who Zion T is, he is a singer(hip hop, rap, RnB) who has worked with many. One of his more recent works: Infinite H – Without U, Primary – Question Mark/?(Zion T and Choiza), Jokwon – I’m Da One

2. MIB returns with their 2nd mini album. Title track Nod Along/ Nod To Me sounds more fierce and  dangerous(?) to me than their previous title song Only Hard For Me. What I like about Nod Along is that everyone, including Kang Nam, has portions long enough to stand out and do their thing such that the song comes together really well too. [I thought Kang Nam’s part here (Nonono~) sounds similar to his part in Only Hard For Me(dwae-yi-eh-yi-eh/ chorus ending).] YoungCream‘s autotuned part didn’t bother me, Sims stands out with his rapping here, KangNam and 5zic are alright too.As for the MV, the additional animated effects don’t bother me, even though I think they aren’t necessary. I just really dislike 5zic showing his body. The act and intention of it makes me extremely mad. I’m a female and I won’t deny liking such treats(??). But the very act of exposing, just doesn’t sit well with me. And so, the MV link is here

So recommendations: Money In The Building, Nod Along(obviously), MIB is Coming, Hello Goodbye. Mess, which features MFBTY is just alright with me. The song was messy IMO. Those synths(?) with the beats aren’t helping things.

3. Jay Park follows up Welcome with Joah/Like. It’s a song that instantly made it into my April favourites because of its happy, cute tune. The lead actress is cute, pretty and sexy, which if I’m not mistaken, is exactly Jay’s ideal type. The perks of being a celebrity>.~

4. Seo In Guk‘s With Laughter Or With Tears is a great ballad I wasn’t expecting from the soloist after doing a song like Can’t Live Without You (feat. Verbal Jint) not too long ago. Gu Hye Seon looks great here:)

5. SaltnPaper does a marvelous job with an English song, Love Strong (feat. Tablo). Great instrumentals and a very natural collaboration between the ‘one-man band’ Michael Kim and rapper. 

6. April is not complete with Psy‘s contribution, (Mother Father) Gentleman. The song is actually very Psy – energetic and just all-out crazy fun. The MV is funny(cameos ftw!!) and I don’t think it is a bad song. It could have been great on its own but it had the inevitable fate of being compared to Gangnam Style. I too agree is not as great. The song is not too bad but the choreography is lacking. 

7. Akdong Musicians, who won K-Pop Star 2, sings for All About My Romance(Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun). Lighthearted songs seem to be the sibling duo’s favourite genre. (If they do them well, why not?)

8. SHINee‘s back(JYP style~) with part 2 of their 3rd album. Sorry to say, I’m tired of their recent title tracks. Sherlock was great. Full Stop. On another note, I feel that SME failed to respect SHINee’s main/lead singer Jonghyun for this comeback. I’m sure every (true) fan is willing to wait for the whole group to make their return.Credits to DKN( My recs for the album: Orgel, Like A Fire, excuse me miss, evil, Sleepless Night (wonderful wonderful ballad)

9. (FINALLY!!!) Quintet boy group HISTORY debuts with dreamer, a stunning, wow-inducing awesome of the awesome-st, amazing track. There, have all my happy vocabulary. Just take it. 😛 The song was just full of acapella, falsetto goodness^^ I also recommend The Last Time, off their debut single. D-Day is an alright track, for me. Profile teasers of them had a unique concept:) Loen♥ 

10. One of my favourite female soloists returns with a stellar ballad Breakable Heart(feat. Junhyung). Congrats to your new relationship Lyn!


Roy Kim‘s Spring Spring Spring isn’t too bad. But I have a limit for similar concepts at a time, so… Roy Kim looks older than he really is (93’er). *Me: In the process of becoming a noona. Conscience: You already are. Wake up. *

D-Unit‘s Thank You is ok. I do hear similarities with Talk To My Face… 😛

Korea’s legendary singer Cho Yong Pil releases Hello. It’s marvelous how a singer of his age does a song like Hello. I do like Hello, but it’s a little generic and the MV is the kind I dislike. I just never liked foreigners in Korean MVs for no reason. BTW, isn’t that male lead the guy in Ailee’s debut song Heaven?

Covers and Others

Nega Network‘s LC9 (yeah, May news.. hehe)/ Brown Eyed Boys is another boy group, debuting on May 9th. The video Nega Network released showcases the members’ (rocker-kind of power) vocals. The song choice is good and I hope the company uses their vocals to the fullest potential. I do believe I only saw 2-3 members out of the 6.

LedApple releases yet another cover and this time, of Psy’s Gentleman. What do you expect of a parody of an already hilarious music video? PLUS Hanbyul’s crazy personality? Haha. Besides that, this is my first time seeing and hearing Hanbyul sorta rapping:) According to fan votes, Hanbyul solo covers Bruno Mars’s It Will Rain. Well done, but just be careful not to hurt yourself!


I just kept clicking the next video>.<

ZicoBillion Chuck, Woohihit, Thief/Dodok

Beenzino and Shimmy Twice (Jazzyfact) – Addicted 2

Grey깜빡(forget?) (ft. Crucial Star, Zion.T), LoquenceHoly One (feat. Zion. T)

Swings그럼 가 (feat. Zion. T)

Serious content

It was a last-minute decision to add this section. However, this may just be a one-off thing.

1. A female ex-trainee had the guts to spill some entertainment industry beans, about how sexual favours are a normal ‘test’ to becoming a celebrity. Do not forget that male idols can also be subjected to such sick suggestions. Evidence: Go Young Woo’s court case. DKN article link.

2. Sasaengs are known to be the most perverse kind of fans in Korea and whenever a celebrity has something (usually negative) to say to them, I am extremely pleased with the idols. One of them is JYJ’s Jaejoong, who called his sasaeng fans out for how they only cared about chasing him and not helping the old folks nearby.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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