Have You Listened To Them Yet?: May Edition Part 1[1st – 15th May 2013]

23 Jun

I’m sorry for the extremely late updates. There have been many things happening lately and I just had no time to do my posts. The post is an extraction from both soompi and dkpopnews(mostly).

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I have not listened to every song yet. 


1. Younha‘s ‘Just Listen‘ comeback album is a treat to listen. I really love ‘Just Listen’ (ft. Skull), ‘Real Reason We Broke Up’, ‘It’s Not That‘, ‘Sea Child'(echo-y ballad).  ‘Fireworks’ is a unique track, which I do recommend too. ‘One Fine Day’ is an OK song IMO.I don’t know. She just looks awkward walking in the later part of the MV. Haha. 

2. Vibe returns after 3 years with a pre-release ‘For The Last Time’. The ballad is really good even without going overly dramatic with the instrumentals. The husky voice of the singers are just thumbs-up good:).  The duo released their 5th album on 15th May. My favourites from the album include: Why You Come Back To Me, Ap Gu Jeong Station Exit.4 (Ft. LYn), I Hate Mama, For The Whole Night. The ballads were only OK for me. hehe.

3. Hello Venus‘s ‘Do You Want Some Tea‘ is a song with a lovely concept. I found the girls wanting the guy to stay pretty funny. Haha. The MV is cute, same goes with the song. 

4. Double K collaborates with Michelle Lee (K Pop Star/ previously a SuPearls member) for Rewind. Michelle’s vocals are splendid and she nailed her part well. As for Double K, he did his part equally well but the rap and song verses merged very awkwardly. Regardless, youtube link.

5. PASCOL‘s ‘Tears Block My View’ is an emotional ballad song showcasing the trio’s vocals. Youtube Link.

6. B1A4 returns with 4th mini album ‘What’s Happening’ and I must say it is a good quality comeback. In this album, I noticed CNU/ Shin Woo alternates between sub-rapper and vocalist..or am I late to realise this..? What’s Happening/ Ige Museun Iriya is a very enjoyable song. I just couldn’t help but fall in love with the rap and the chorus. Even the MV and dance are cute and 4D. Altogether a great choice as the group’s title song. Good Love‘ is a beautiful RnB ballad, with slowed down raps and smooth vocals. The falsetto and a capella were also done effortlessly. (Did I hear Seo In Guk?! lol) At times sexy, at times gentle. ‘How Many Times‘ is a pop track that is similar to the title song in that the song flows very well. Even if you listen to it many times, it feels like one song altogether. The chorus is really good:) ‘Starlight’s Song‘ sounds very Americanized or English. Though the manly chants(?) in the chorus are distracting for me, I found the use of different drums well suited for this matured song. ‘Yesterday is not too bad but it reminds me of Bruno Mar’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ too much. 

7. 2PM‘s back with their 3rd album, rightly so. ‘Dangerous’ (I love the ‘Every day Everywhere hmm mm mm’ part) is a sexy ballad and I absolutely love it. It’s so soft and sweet, and low-profile, like indie music.:) LOL(I seriously did) at Chansung’s engrish – ‘You look like a door (doll)’ Today Marks The First Day‘ is a playful song that is easy to like. The piano complemented the song very well. ‘Game Over’ is an awesome intense song that I recommend strongly. This doesn’t sound like a song 2pm will sing. But I’m glad they did. They sound different, which is a good thing:) ‘Suddenly‘ is the Korean version of ‘Hanareitemo’. The ballad is not too bad. I especially love the chorus:) I feel that ‘A.D.T.O.Y‘ is a much better title song than ‘Come Back When You Hear This Song’. Junsu singing solo at the later part was awesome:) However (heh sorry), I’m not a fan of the MV (so touchy with themselves and the girls. lol. wait, is this what ‘Grown’ means?? HAHA.). With regards to the title dances, I do think ‘CBWYHTS’ has better accompanied dance moves . Opinions for other songs in the album: The rap by Taec for ‘Im Sorry’ was nice:) ‘Coming Down’ fell short for me in the first half. IMHO: It’s a song that has the potential to do really well overall. With such a build-up at the end of the chorus, the song should have not been too low-profile-ish. I was waiting for an explosive 2nd chorus and though a more explosive chorus was done in the second half, Taec’s rap actually felt more smooth. Taec’s rap shouldn’t have been added right after Junsu’s climatic-then-anti-climatic part in the first half’s chorus. Instead, Junsu should have gone with the flow and belted it out. Then slow it down with Taec’s rap to restart the low-profile-y verses.

8. Lee Hyori is back too, with her 5th album. But before all 13 songs are out, the soloist has pre-released ‘Miss Korea’. Lee Hyori’s low, sexy voice is a match for this cabaret-ish track. I like the deep, matured, poignant vibe this song gives off (for females especially). The black-and-white MV fits just nicely.

9. UV‘s ‘Because Of You‘ is a light spring song with a hilarious twist. The rap is fine and Sung Hoon‘s vocals are so pretty 😀 As for the MV, I already found it quite funny when they did the triangle romance while standing up in the MV. It’s so drama-like (turning their heads and looking at another) that I couldn’t help laughing. The twist is that when Muzi and Yoon Se Yoon(by eavesdropping, like in most dramas. ha!) find out Yoo In Yeong is a transgender and then they are like ‘what to do?’ at the end of the MV. Hahaha! Yoo In Yeong’s so pretty. She looks like Kim Hee Sun+Oh Yeon Seo:D

10. 4Men releases Propose Song and it’s such a sweet listen with its falsetto and a capella. Youtube Link.

11. San E(I almost read it as sane…hehe -.-‘) is back with Big Boy (ft Bee of Rphabet). I really liked this and am happy the rapper is back:) He has the same kind of rhythm and rap voice with Tablo IMO. The song sounds a little reggae to me…? Haha. According to DKN, the song is very meaningful, talking about going through a tough time. The album cover scared me a little lol. 

12. Swings work with Seo In Guk and NS Yoonji for his new single, ‘Would You’. Both guys did well with the upbeat song. The MV looks like it came straight out from a Vogue photo shoot with the background and suits (Seo In Guk<3). haha. I liked the way the MV kept changing from portrait to landscape and then back again. And it seems like NS Yoonji is a popular choice with rapper(Verbal Jint, Lessang, Swings) MVs haha.

13. C-Luv is a known producer of well-known songs and he collaborates with Verbal Jint and Gahi for ‘It’s OK’. C-Luv‘s vocals are so smooth and sexy, and Verbal Jint/ King of flow (pfft!) as always never fails with that rapping prowess of his. 

14. Seo In Young returns with a soulful ballad ‘Let’s Break Up’. The title song is bittersweet and she sang it really well. There are 4 other songs on the mini album ‘Forever Young’ that I have yet to listen. Youtube Link

15. Wonder Boyz debuted last year with ‘Open The Door’ and makes a comeback with a really catchy song, ‘Tarzan’. The chorus is extremely fun to listen to and even the raps are quite legit.The group’s vocalist (K/ MV stalker?) looks similar to ZE:A’s Dong Jun (and sounds like too!). Apart from sounding like Zico, I thought Master One looked like Zico and/or Kim Soo Hyun at some angles. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri did fine in the MV. Both dance and story-focused MVs are out.

OK/Not Too Bad

1. December‘s DK releases ‘Going Home’ before he enlists. DKN link.

2, One of EvoL‘s rapper Jucy‘s mixtape Fresh is out. The beat and instrumentals were great, but her rapping tone/ pitch is a little high. DKN Link

3. Yoo Seung Woo‘s Spring title song, ‘Hello’. DKN Link.

4. Female duo As One returns with ‘Awkward Love’. The song is actually not bad. However my limit for similar concepts… The MV is quite unique too:)

5. Orange Caramel and 10cm collaborate for a remake of 10cm’s 2011 Hug Song. The track is cute and very refreshing:)

6. 7 member N:Sonic makes a comeback with Lie. The song is heavily electronic with dub-steps in the middle. A little distracting but great as a club track. The chorus is quite addicting actually! Youtube Link.

7. Sextet LC9‘s debut song starts out interesting and has an OK chorus. But it’s not great. Ga In’s addition was quite out-of-the-blue.

8. Akdong Musicians participates in All About Romance‘s OST with a cute song and MV of their own starring Lee Hyun Woo. The ending is sad and funny at the same time. Poor Oppa. Haha. Youtube Link.

9. Another Spring song by LedApple’s Hanbyul and female soloist Zia: With Coffee.


The Position‘s Spring Expectation was released back in late March. The song is a dramatic piece of rock song. Soompi Link.

Duo(?) 1N1‘s amazing ‘What To Do’ RnB ballad: Youtube Link.

Others and Covers

1. I usually can’t really be bothered by bts footage but here’s an up-and-coming rookie group History‘s album jacket making video🙂 History also released dance/performance version of their debut title song ‘Dreamer’. This version has very little close up shots though..haha. But not to worry, the quintet has released another video of their debut song. It’s a more close-up version compared to drama and dance MVs. Oh and more carpark-ish 😛 And if you don’t know any of them, not to worry, there is an introductory video of the group here

2. LedApple covers(? maybe it should be, sings) a song off their ‘Run To You’ Mini Album, ‘Younghee’. Jason’s vocals are great as usual and Kyumin does the rap really well. The cover was more…active and yes Hanbyul, the dance was awesome. haha. Next song they will be covering is 4 Minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’.

3. 2 Month‘s Kim Ye Rim (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) is preparing for her solo debut. With a unique voice, she does an amazing cover of Marilyn Monroe’s I Wanna Be Loved By You in perfect English.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. I will try my fastest to post KPSFs for May and June.


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