Have You Listened To Them yet?: May Edition Part 2 [16th-31st May 2013]

04 Jul

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Recommended Songs

1. Jin Woon of 2AM and Star Love Fish released ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’ for the Strawberry X-treme Festival. The music event will see performances from the hip-hop, rock and acoustic genres. ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’ sounds better with the band music than in the acoustic version. Though the starting for the song was boring, it became better once the band started playing, reminding me a little of Nell’s recent title song, ‘The White Night’. I seriously couldn’t tell where Jinwoon sang. Heh

2. I found Boom a pretty legit rapper in his newest single ‘I Don’t Know Women'(feat. Honga and Melody Day). Youtube Link.I was shocked hearing a woman sing at the start of the song. LOL. Too one-tracked minded haha. I liked where the song went and it sounds very rugged.:)

3. Another heavyweight, Lee Hyori, returns to the scene with her 5th album Monochrome. The album is a mix of current pop and oldies music and I recommend the WHOLE album. Most of the tracks in the album were great to listen to. ‘Holly Jolly Bus’ was OK. I do love the fact she featured her dog in the song. Haha. ‘Love Radar (featuring Beenzino)’ is a low-tempo track with heavy beats. The song’s got this groove going on that seems to do this track really well. ‘Bad Girls’ is written by lee Hyori and it really does fit with Lee Hyori’s strong-woman personality. The song is bold and unafraid, catchy and light. The MV was IMO very badass and worth watching. I love that the main heroine was not afraid to go against the people who messed with her. ”I Hate Myself’ really reminds me of the 80s (or am I wrong?). It was getting stale in the verses before the chorus. But when I finally got to the chorus, it was simple and yet tasteful. It makes me think of date night. Haha. ‘Full Moon’ is a very catchy enjoyable song. ‘Trust Me’ is one of the oldies song in the album. It has this playfulness in the song that’s attractive.’Special’ is a light, likeable song. It goes very well with Hyori’s heck-care attitude.‘Amor Mio’ is my favourite song. The ballad duet was so amazing I clapped my hands after I listened to it. Park Ji Young of Honey was a great choice with Hyori’s husky, low vocals. The best part of the duet was when both of them hit the high note. The harmonisation there and then was just awesome. The MV was very movie-like. ‘Somebody’ reminds me of latin pop, sensual but matured. I can imagine a guy chasing after a girl he fell in love at first sight in a maze-like structure(catchy chorus). She stops for him to catch her but when he’s near she runs again. ‘Crazy(featuring gag woman Ahn Young Mi)’ is a really fun-loving, happy song.

4. Vixx makes a comeback as well with ‘Hyde’ and to be honest, I heard this song many times before this post. However, I did like the song on my first listen. A part of the chorus that starts with ‘Nae Soke Na Anin Ddo Dareun Na/ There’s another person in me’ did not sit well with me initially. But then I thought that part did give a smooth connection to the addictive ‘just can’t control’. As for the MV, the group did well in their parts, acting out their alternating personas. I personally liked Leo’s part the best. Youtube Link.

5. Beast’s Junhyung and Btob’s Minhyuk, Hyunshik, Sungjae and Changseob participate in Monstar’s OST with a toned-down low-tempo ballad. This song is so good. There’s this repressed sexiness along with gentle longing that’s just so attractive!!!! *dies* The falsettos OMG and Sungjae sounds very manly here<3 MV Link.

6. K-Pop Star 2’s Andrew Choi debuts with RnB ‘Love Was Enough’ mini album. Most of the songs sound great but there isn’t much individuality/ difference between the songs which, doesn’t sit well with me. Nevertheless, I recommend: ‘World About U‘, ‘Sending You My Love (’cause I love You, ’cause I love you babe part was great)’.

7. Younha sings Producer Philtre‘s ‘Fade’ single. The song is also a part of NOWorkend project album (Amoeba Culture), as its 5th release. The song is simple and melancholic, beautiful yet bittersweet and Younha nailed it. ‘Fade’ is just the right song for a melodrama, or after watching one. ‘Fade’, whether it’s the song and/or the MV, reminds me of Bigbang’s Blue and Nell’s The White Night.

8. Jay Park and Kim Seul Gi pair from SNL Korea collaborates for ‘Rude Girl’ from tvN’s ‘She Is Wow‘ OST. I initially thought having Kim sing was not a good idea because of her sharp nasally voice. But then as I listened, I thought it was not bad. Her voice isn’t only sharp, it’s strong too, which suited the song’s rock tendencies. Not forgetting Jay for his speedy rhythmic rap which was also very fitting. The song then gradually became so addictive to listen to. The thing I loved most was that I think I heard her use swear words at the end. πŸ˜›

9. Exo made a big entrance in 2012 but only Exo-K performed on Korea’s music shows if I’m not mistaken. This year, all 12 of them return with ‘Wolf’ in both Korean and Chinese versions. I’m actually glad they returned as a whole too. Side-track: I guess it can be seen as a good idea to split the members up for ‘Mama’ into Korean and Chinese versions as it’s the group’s debut-debut( there was History and What Is Love) track. This way, the group doesn’t seem like another Super Junior and fans can more easily absorb who’s who.

I admit to hearing the title song before this post too and I wasn’t a huge fan of the song. I didn’t exactly knew what to make out of ‘Wolf’ because the song was very different and out-of-the-blue. But it WAS unique and it eventually got me hooked. My only qualms with the song was that it seemed like another song out from TVXQ, with the screaming-singing parts. I also felt sorry for the vocalists who had to strain their voices. Imagine the number of times they had to strain their vocals just to get the part right. I do agree the screaming-singing made the song good but then I feel bad for liking the song…Other songs in their XOXO album I recommend: My Lady, Peter Pan, Don’t Go and Baby Don’t Cry. The rest of the songs on the album were ok.

10. Skarf returns with ‘Luv Virus’ mini album. I was a little biased against the group but the title song was hard to dislike. It’s got this feminine, lovely concept going on that’s pretty endearing. πŸ™‚

OK/Not Bad

1. NewUs‘s Love Panic is a catchy song, with great use of the electric guitar. But I felt that it was generic. The song’s OK but nothing special.

2. Cube’s newest korean-chinese group M4M‘s Sadness was not too bad. It’s a lighter kind of pop music but with dubstep (sigh) added. The group’s pronunciation for the Korean version of the title song is quite good too. The link leads you to the group’s other mandarin songs.

To side-track a little, I wish songs wouldn’t add in the dubstep. IMO dub-steps only work well with a visible dance. The effect is lost on me when I listen to the song. I just totally halfheartedly listen to such songs when the dub-step part begins. I understand the use when I watch the MV. But listening to it on my mp3 player just somehow ruins the song for me.

3. Shinhwa‘s back with their 11th album Classic. I recommend This Love,New Me and Laughing out of the album. That’s not to say I didn’t find the rest of the songs good. The other songs were on the generic side – ok but they weren’t anything special. Also, I understand the group is not young anymore but their title song lacks some movement especially at the chorus.

4. Akdong Musicians collaborate with a bakery, Paris baguette for a single on the shop’s new product – shaved ice red bean dessert. The song is as DKN’s description – Akdong Musician’s trademark youthful lively musical style.

5. CL‘s debut solo Hip-Hop single ‘The Baddest Female’ is out. While I didn’t LOVE the song, I did think ‘na-nappeun kijibe’ and ‘now to the eonnie hae’ was very addictive (I have used this words too, too many times..zzz).


LC9‘s dance-only MV is out. I liked this version better but I won’t advise you to watch this if you plan on watching to look at the members more closely. Youtube Link. Here’s the dance practiceπŸ™‚ I did get addicted to the ‘Mamama beat’ and King’s vocals!!!

Others and Covers

I don’t usually watch teasers but I got curious at what Byul‘s single’s teaser would look like with her bunny-head-wearing husband and Gwangsoo. And it was so cute πŸ˜€ Kwangsoo was hilarious exaggerating his shock at Haha. But what got me was Haha’s participation in the teaser (and the MV I presume). Youtube Link.

4 of Exo‘s members performed on Sukira (radio programme?). D.O and Chen sang English song ‘The Last Time’ and, Chanyeol and Tao beatboxes and raps.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.


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