Have You Listened To Them Yet?: June Edition Part 1 [1st-15th June 2013]

07 Jul
Have You Listened To Them Yet?: June Edition Part 1 [1st-15th June 2013]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Recommended (The section I get ruthless)

1. I didn’t expect to find Behind The Scenes Bang Tan Sonyeo (BTS/Bullet Proof Boys)’s debut song ‘No More Dreams’ to be the what I would recommend first, considering I rank the songs by the date they are released on. I fell in love with the edgy hip-hop track the instant I listened to it. The instrumentals are just plain fantastic, and then coupled with the group’s rap and singing, the song is just something I won’t hesitate to replay frequently for the time being. Speaking of instrumentals, the start of ‘No More Dreams’ sounded so innocent. Ha! The group seems to have more rappers than singers, with V and Jeong Kook visibly doing more of the singing. I like the way Rap Monster…err..raps. His gruff voice also adds to the roughness of the song.

Recs from the mini album: I Like It/좋아요(sexy RnB), We Are Bulletproof Pt 2. The other tracks on the album weren’t considered complete songs by me, except Outro: Circle Room Cypher, which was SO rowdy and fun to listen. Haha. I’m not sure if ‘School of Tears’ belong to BTS, but damn! This is just so dark♥

2. I almost forgot Nell released a mini album. =.=’ I was expecting a lot from Nell, which didn’t do their title song ‘Ocean of Light’ very well in my…ears.. ‘Haven’ is a heavy, emotional piece interestingly without much lyrics and instead letting you soak in the instrumentals and Kim Jong Wan’s husky vocals before going full throttle towards the end.Boy-X‘ is a unique track with lyrics, raw and deep. ‘Walking Out‘ is a short melancholic instrumental track, with a little singing which got blurred/ muffled. I did think it was a good decision for ‘Walking Out’ to be short. But I wished the muffled singing was longer, to know what Nell/Kim Jong Wan would do with such limited time, to know if the band would do something reminiscent of K.Will’s Spring Memories – packing a good punch in the little time he had.

3. Sistar returns with full album number 2 and their title song is once again, sexed up. Sigh. Not only am I getting tired of the concept, I’m getting tired of getting angry at what these girls/women have to do to sell their sex music. ANYHOW, I did find songs to recommend/I liked: ‘The Way You Make Me Melt(feat Geeks)’, ‘Crying’. As for the rest of the 8 songs, I found them to be typical kpop. Bad Boy and Miss Sistar (Intro; feat Duble Kick, Joo Heon) were not bad, but not original. ‘TWYUMMM/You are too Sexy'(LOL) is a toned down, low-tempo track that has this passive aggressive nature in a shy-but-I-want-you way that’s just adorable. Plus, I will never say no to Soyu and Hyorin’s light/falsetto singing (I think they do it very well) and Geeks. My ‘Officially Miss You’ feels~. ‘Crying’ starts off with Hyorin’s low vocals, which got my interest right off the bat. What I like about the song is the chorus. It’s so different from the usual kpop fare.

OK/ Not Too Bad (Yes, my range for this section is rather wide. Haha)

1. I found 2month’s Kim Ye Rim‘s ‘Colorring’ to be an alright listen. Her voice is unique but the song wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

2. BoA’s sings for Shark’s OST “Between Heaven and Hell”. The song is delicate, with a whimsical, fantasy feeling, reminding me of Disney princess-y productions.

3. 4Men also sings for a drama(Gu Family Book)’s OST ‘Only You’. The chorus is good:) On a side note, the age gap between Seung Gi and Suzy in the MV is quite obvious.

4. Bumkey goes solo in his newest single ‘ Bad Girl’. No doubt the man’s a great singer but the song…just falls below my HIGH HIGH expectations. The guys in the MV were much more attractive. LOL. I laughed when one of the three was found to be gay/bi. It was satisfying…hmm..but he’s so smexy!! Oh and if you found this song familiar at one point of the song, it must be that you heard Verbal Jint’s and Ailee’s ‘If It Ain’t Love’ as Bumkey sings a little of ‘Bad Girl’ at the end. ‘So dangerous. So so dangerous~’

5. Henry debuts with ‘Trap’ and it’s getting a lukewarm response from me. I didn’t exactly know what to expect from Henry and thought the title song was just ok. I didn’t quite understand why Taemin and Kyuhyun was featured because I thought Henry was doing fine on his own, even if the song wasn’t doing well for me. I don’t mind featurings for the other songs on the mini album but I sincerely wished Henry stood alone for the title song. With Tae and Kyu around, it seems as though this wasn’t Henry’s solo debut but a project unit’s act. On a side note, Henry in the MV reminds me of Infinite’s Sunggyu in Noh Ji Hoon’s ‘Punishment’ MV and clothes. Back to the album: the other songs were generic IMO though I can see why ‘I Would’, be a favourite. The sweet, gentle, romantic song is sung in English.

6. It’s great that J Rabbit sings for Monstar‘s OST. The song is very light and sweet. Though I wasn’t in the mood for the song, I did think ‘Snooze‘ was not too bad.

7. Big Mama‘s Lee Ji Young and Phantom‘s Hanhae(he sounded like San E…heh) collaborates for the dark side of break ups, ‘Inconvenient Truth’. I am very impressed by Lee’s vocals. But the song, just..I feel it’s nothing special. There have been many songs like this IMO. Perhaps, part of the reason I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would, was Hanhae rapping. There was nothing wrong with his rap but I felt his parts didn’t feel necessary. I love his singing, and I was expecting him to sing just like he did in Miss $’s It’s Not Over (an intense mid-tempo ballad). Blame expectations 😛

8. B2ST/Beast pre-releases ‘I’m Sorry’ off their coming album. Firstly, I do think the song was not bad. Ballads have become the group’s forte since their ‘Fiction’ days and the song reminds me a little of Yoseob’s Caffeine, which can be a good, and bad thing.

9. Crayon Pop‘s ‘Bar Bar Bar‘ is a cute, crazy song with a funny MV, which shows these ‘gangster girls’ on their road to being idols…or not. Haha. If you watch Gag Concert, the MV uses ‘Shinsadong Noraengi’, a skit of the comedy show, to trick the girls into signing the fake contract.

Others and Covers

1. LC9 does a great job covering Nelly’s ‘Just A Dream’. I loved King’s singing here and the member who did the higher-pitched singing(J-Hyo??). But everyone did a swell job, because the cover was perfect! *noobster alert* Their English is also really fluent, to the extent I thought most were Korean Americans. heh.Another cover, of the song ‘Hold On’ done by Rasa, King, J-Hyo (pre-debut) was good too:)

2. Lunafly covers Backstreet Boys’ ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and it was not a bad one:)

3. LEDApple covers Pink’s ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ with Spica‘s powerhouse vocalist BoA. I love the fact that they got her to join them because her vocals, are just plain awesome. I also like that I can clearly hear all three (and their voices come together quite nicely). Sometimes when there’s more than one singing, you just can’t tell if both or one is singing because one’s vocals overpowers the other(s). And that’s, unfair. Youtube Link.

4. Huh Gak and APink‘s Eunji sing ‘Short Hair’ for A Cube For Season project album. Though I didn’t really quite like the song, I thought the MV was beyond cute:)

5. So I was looking around for videos to justify(?) V’s existence in BTS (I like to ‘discover’ talented people within the grp and support them) and instead found the group’s mix-tape compilations (it includes Jimin, JeongKook and J-Hope’s graduation song/cover which I posted earlier), Jeong Kook’s cover of Zion T and Dynamic Duo’s ‘See Through(?)’ and the group covering Taeyang’s ‘I Need A Girl’. Besides that, DKN posted about BTS’s showcase, making of MV and album jacket and interview.

6. I actually like Yoo Seung Woo‘s version of ‘Give It To Me’ better than the original sung by Sistar. LOL..and oops. Haha. It’s less flashy and more down-to-earth the way I see and listen to it. The high notes did seem a little bit difficult to reach. Haha.

7. HOLY SMOKES! Park Kyu Sun and Kang Ui Shik of Monstar performed a fantastic beatbox version of 2ne1’s ‘I am The Best’. The one who did the beatbox(Park) was just hands-down crazy good. The minute he started, I was stunned speechless. Please check this out:I thought Kang was Block B’s Kyung. LOL!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)


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