Have You Listened To Them Yet?: June Edition Part 2 [16th – 30th June 2013]

10 Jul

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

The songs that came out during this post’s period made it difficult for me to classify strictly. So, I’m going to be less brutal for the section below. 

Songs I Would Recommend/ Songs I liked 

1. Ulala Session pre-releases ‘Fertilizer’ from their mini album ‘Memory’. Perhaps ‘Beautiful Night’ made such a deep impression on me that I totally didn’t anticipate a ballad from them. The ballad, is breathtaking. Their emotions are just overflowing and before I knew it, I became emotional hearing them sing. I just, feel so sad for their loss too. *tissue, where are you.* AND Goosebumps, don’t ever forget goosebumps. The group’s mini album focuses on a more serious image, remembering their leader Im Yoon Taek. The intro, ‘Dear’, is just pure a capella+falsetto goodness. ‘Memory’ makes me tear once again. The chorus, I just can’t.. The whole song is one word: bittersweet. ‘I’ll Be There’ is a more cheerful, hopeful song. I can’t dislike this, it’s amazing. ‘TAQ…Remember’ is a slower song compared to the rest. The lighter instrumentals made for a simpler, sweeter ballad about remembering the past. 

2. Kim Ye Rim‘s voice is so unique (airy like Jung In’s) that she either makes or breaks in Korea’s music industry. And honestly, I do have a love-hate relationship with her vocals depending on the type of song she sings. Of the three songs on the solo debut album, I liked ‘You Don’t Even Know What You Are Talking About’ the most and felt this is the song that matches her vocals well.As for the other two, Alice/Carol’s Wordplay is a fairy-tale based song that’s not too bad but only very mildly engaging and ‘All Right‘ is actually quite addictive!! ‘Number 1’ was only ok for me. 

3. Sunny Hill makes a comeback with ‘Darling Of All Hearts (feat Hareem)’. The song is fun and cute, with reference hilariously to Kim Je Dong‘s love life since the song is about being single. With many of the songs having titles related to romance, it’s no surprise the album tends to the more lighthearted, suitable-for-spring genres. I enjoyed the rest of the songs for its simplicity but ‘Sitcom'(@6:57 of the utube link) and ‘Anything You Want’ (@10:20 of the utube link) stand a little bit higher in my favourites list. 😀

4. Kye Bum Joo, Superstar K4 finalist, releases his single ‘Unfamiliar Ceiling(feat MoonWoong of Baechigi)’ that talks and shows about what happens when two unfamiliar people of the opposite sex wake up to find themselves sleeping on the same bed. Now now, it’s nothing naughty.:P The MV(by SIN) was good, although the pillow fights…LOL. So random that it’s ridiculous. Some MVs have their characters lip-synching/talking the lyrics, but most I feel don’t do it as well as ‘Unfamiliar Ceiling’. I could understand the lyrics through Aron♥(Nu’est) and the female actress so much better and allows me to like the whole package(the MV, the song, the acting) as well. The thumbnail of the MV was so misleading. I thought it was going to be another ‘Inconvenient Truth(Hanhae and Lee Ji Young)’-esque MV.So groov~y. FYI, Kye has been a producer for many known stars as well, on top of his singing talent. 

5. Veteran singer Lee Seung Chul releases his 11th album ‘My Love’. Lee Seung Chul has a great voice but the album was not a standout for me even though all songs were not too bad. I liked/rec: ‘My Love‘,’One Lazy Day’, ‘Recalling You’. This was so touching for me not to post this link. It was just so beautiful to watch. I felt so happy for the girl and thought it was so sweet of the boyfriend to arrange such a huge occasion. I almost thought this wasn’t real! LOL and I just realised, after reading the post again, that the MV was 7.5 minutes long. *self O.O-ing*

6. I am quite surprised that Lee Hyun Woo can sing and ‘Ode To Youth’,a Covertly Grandly OST, came as a pleasant surprise:) The song reminds me strongly of another but I just can’t remember what it was D:

7. YB is back after a considerably long period of 4 years and 3 months with album no. 9 ‘Reel Impulse’. The songs on the album were alright, with most in the heavy rock genre. ‘Mystery‘ is the album’s title song, about how women are a mystery to men, emphasised by the quirky music and MV. With regards to the other 9 songs (not utube links), I liked: ‘상남자(Manly Man?)’, ‘Push Off‘, ‘푸른구슬 (Blue Marble)(quirky like Mystery), ‘뚜껑별꽃 (Pimpernel)‘(ballad), ‘오늘 나는 윤기사‘, ‘칼 (Knife) ‘and ‘열아홉 (Nineteen)‘ (last three: classic shouting rock songs:)) 

8. Roy Kim‘s first solo album was alright for me. It just wasn’t something within my expectations, not to mention his ‘Bom Bom Bom’. His strong voice and his performances on Superstar K4 that I saw, made me think he would probably do Rock. In any case, the songs I liked: ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘Love Love Love(title)‘ (not too bad, his falsetto is delicious in both songs), ‘Listen To This Song/이 노랠 들어요'(one of the more catchier pieces), ‘Grandpa’s Camera’ and ‘Don’t Know How'(very soothing, gentle songs)

9. Although the song was predictable, Lena Park sang it very well. Here’s ‘My Everything’ from We Got Married Global OST. I didn’t know the show had an OST O.O Youtube Link.


1. Baek Ah Yeon returns with a sweet image in ‘A Good Boy’. I found this change in concept a good idea because I usually prefer variety. Then again, the comeback is nothing new and original.

2. Frankly speaking, I am not a great fan of B.A.P‘s ‘Coffee Shop‘ even though I had no huge expectations. Yes, the MV was beautifully, poetically shot and I like that Daehyun isn’t straining his vocals. Despite not liking the song, I did think the MV and song went well together.

3. Soulstar returns with their newest RnB single ‘Call My Name’. The harmonizations were great but I really really disliked the auto-tune. The chorus is especially good and they ruined it..=.= It just was  GGGRRRRrrr. 

4. Rapper Outsider returns with this ‘Sadly Crying Bird(featuring Lee Soo Young)‘, a track out of his 4th album that is planned for a release soon. 

5. Takers return with their first mini album ‘Ourself’. The RnB duo’s ‘Poison’ and ‘Honey‘ were fine, but it wasn’t as good as Kye Bum Joo’s ‘Unfamiliar Ceiling’ IMO.

Others and Covers

1. BTS released a dance-only version of their title song ‘No More Dreams’. I laughed when I saw Jimin in the first 10-15 seconds of the video. Haha. I liked the way this version was shot. It’s not so ‘impatient’ and the movement of the camera and scenes flow well. Their bus version MV: DKN link.

2. The cast of Korea’s version of Disney’s High School Musical released their own edition of the show’s original songs and I am most surprised by actor Kang Dong Ho‘s vocals. I didn’t know he could sing!

3. Fei and her partner from Dancing With The Stars 3, Kim Suro, show their support for Baek Ah Yeon’s comeback with their own choreography of the soloist’s ‘A Good Boy’. I must say, Kim Suro dances really well. That flexibility!!

4. B2ST/Beast releases MV for their ‘Im Sorry’, with the six of them performing a concert for the fans. Hyunseung’s dressing here is *thumbs up* 🙂

Lee Hyo Ri‘s new MV for ‘Going Crazy(feat Ahn Yeong Mi)’ is out!

5. Seems like LC9‘s following the trend of covering songs. Here’s their version of 1D’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. I think everyone’s going to agree that King was unrecognisable with the new hair cut and covered forehead. He does look much better 😛 Once again, the group nails the English quite well 😀

6. Crayon Pop practises their dance for all their title songs so far and I loved what I saw for ‘Bar Bar Bar’ especially when the girls danced to the choreo for ‘Jumping yeah jumping yeah, everybody’. I also like that the group’s dances are not too sexualised on the whole and more on actual dance moves. The choreography for ‘bar bar bar’ really made me think of power rangers. haha.

7. Jay Park does his own rendition of “Triangle Success, a Jahlil Beats production.

8. HISTORY‘s short comedy ‘Tory Tory Bang Bang‘ is quite entertaining to watch:) The five are natural and the series looks like a legitimate programme (well shot!..could be because of the time limit that they could bring such quality to it. haha) 🙂 To start things off (there’s also a preview) for those who haven’t watched yet, here are the first two episodes: LOL at the way they dress just to eat! Love the leader-maknae hi 5:PThe NG was funny haha! Yeah Do Kyun, what will you do with ‘her’??? So cute >.<

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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