Have You Watched Them Yet?: 7th March – 21 May 2013 [updated 4/8/13]

16 Jul

So yes, this is the drama/film version of ‘Have You Listened To Them Yet’, which I have been doing for songs and covers from March-June. I figured that it wasn’t very appropriate to use the original titles, since these aren’t very recent updates.

Note: I haven’t watched the films and shows below so the comments will be my zeroth(because there’s a first?..and before that is :P) impression. More information is a click away:)

Movie Picks

1.High Heels: The film sounds like it’s going all out with the comedy, with Cha Seung Won leading as a cop, Ji Wook, from the ‘Violent Crimes’ department who wants to be female. That’s so extreme O.O I mean, I totally love Cha for his masculine, charismatic image and imagining him as someone who wants to change his gender and do girly stuff (like wear heels for instance, or even shopping) is just mind-blowing. I am very curious as to whether another actress will play after-operation-Cha, or will Cha continue playing the character, just in female-wear and wigs? 

Also, transgender is no small matter in Korea, especially for men. Perhaps the plot will inject some seriousness with regards to how the family takes it…unless the cop doesn’t have a family… I’ve been thinking too about whether Cha Seung Won’s decision to change gender is related to the character’s occupation and the cases he handled and handles. Esom will play the role as a bff(I suppose), Jang Mi, in helping the man with his wish, while Oh Jung Sae acts as Cha Seung Won’s rival, Heo Geon. Casts include Go Kyung Pyo and special appearances by Oh Ji Ho, Ahn Kil Kang and Lee Eon Jeong

Another show that’s along the same lines as High Heels is Kim Myung Min‘s Kang Ho’s Childbirth Story. Why do the two guys have to be a ‘Violent Crimes’ cop?! Or why don’t the two films merge!

2. Ageing Family: Comparing with High Heels, the fellow comedy seems less uptight and sillier. From the looks of the trailer, I should be creating some needed abs while watching this lighthearted film. I hope the show isn’t too rushed about the ending. Then again, who knows what kind of ending the film will give? I just hope the show doesn’t change how crazy the family can get 😀Though I have not watched Park Hae Il and Yoon Je Moon in anything (well, things happen…), I feel the sibling cast(Gong Hyo Jin as the third child) was well-chosen. The trailer shows that none will be giving leeway, which is just awesome because I’m so ready for their childish squabbles and endless (comfortable?) swearing 😛 I love how resigned mummy Yoon Yeo Jung looks while the three fight in the trailer. Also in the family is niece Jin Ji Hee. But who are her parents??

3. Is comedy in the rage, because here’s yet another comedy, Covertly Grandly, that I’m picking. Maybe it’s just me.. because there seems to be no doubt that Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong and (guiltily)Lee Hyun Woo had a part to play in me suggesting this movie here. Heh. On a more serious note, I like that the show seems to be able to balance out their comedy moments with the severity of the trio’s undercover mission, ordered by their commander, Son Hyun Joo.

4. Ahh I think it’s just me. Because here’s another comedy, Suspicious Girl. Heh 😛 I have always liked Shim Eun Kyung and here she plays a granny who goes back in time and perhaps, having long wished to be in a rock band, joins one now that she’s age-appropriate(?). The premise is adorable and wacky, which I can see Shim doing a good job in. 🙂

5. I think somebody’s going to kill me because yet again is another comedy, ‘My 7th Man‘. For the record, it’s a romcom! 😛 The film (by SUFBB’s director) is led by Song Sae Byeok and Kang Ye Won who respectively play a ‘normal’ guy not interested in marriage and a woman who has met with lousy ends to her 6 relationships. They get married but she suspects infidelity on his side when in fact, Song is actually hiding something ‘creepy’ instead!! OMG WHAT IS IT?! Him being a pedo?! … 😛 Somehow Song Sae Byeok makes me feel the show will tend towards quirky rather than literally anything I can think of. Just don’t cop-out on us show. Just don’t. 

6. And we finally have a different genre. Yay!! Thriller ‘Monster‘ starring Lee Min Ki as a murderer and Kim Go Eun as the elder sister taking revenge on Lee for killing her sister. I agree with Javabeans on how interesting and daring the premise. For goodness sake, someone is stalking and taking revenge on a murderer!! He’s insane, woman! He can do anything to you! >.< *Chills+Admiration* It’s gonna be scary just watching Lee Min Ki. However, it’s also going to be awesome seeing Kim Go Eun hopefully turn the tables on the madman 😀

Drama Picks

God of Workplace (office drama): I know I made a comment on the show before in my other post. But having seen more stills, I think the show looks like fun, especially since it looks like there’s going to be a winning female temporary employee who will give her male boss a hard time. So I am expecting a lot of laughs from the exchanges between extremely certified Ms Kim(awesome Kim Hye Su) and her head Oh Ji Ho, who can’t stand the sight of her and probably looks bad beside her too. Ha! I really hope the show is realistic (politics, etc), feisty and witty because it won’t be entertaining(heh) if it’s not. Also, I hope Ms Kim’s personality doesn’t disappear as the show progresses, because she IS the center/draw of the drama. Also stars: Lee Hee Jun, Jeon Hye BinJung Yu Mi and Jo Kwon. More on the characters here: DB link.

Like the post I mentioned above, I did talk a little about All About My Romance too. I do feel the same about AAMR and Queen’s Classroom as GoW, in that both has to do really well (for some reason..). I feel that AAMR must do really well with the dialogues since the drama has politics, and not to mention the dialogues for the characters of the series. As for Queen’s Classroom (Go Hyun Jung, (cutiepies:)Kim Sae Ron, Seo Shin Ae), I feel that this show has to have a WHOLE lot of heart.

On The Fence

1. Santa Barbara (romance): Lee Sang Yoon and Yoon Jin Seo. I like both actor and actress but the plot is just ‘like that’.

2. (Haha) All About My Romance (politics; romcom): Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Min Jung, Gong Hyung Jin, Park Hee Soon, Han Chae Ah. 

3. Queen’s Classroom: Go Hyun Jung, Seo Shin Ae, Kim Saeron, Lee Young Yoo

4. Shark (revenge melo): Kim Nam GilSon Ye JinHa Seok Jin, Honey Lee, Park Won Sang, Lee Shi Woon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Nam Bora I have watched Mawang/Devil and thought the show was very good. Hope the same goes for Shark

5. Cyrano Dating Agency (romcom): Lee Jong HyukSoo Young(SNSD), Lee Chun Hee, Jo Yun Woo, Hong Jong Hyun The show follows the webtoon, which is the film version’s origins. Stills and Teasers link...

6. Goddess of Marriage (weekend drama): Nan Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Sang Woo. The cast and plot of the show seems like it’s worth a try:) If only this was a short drama…

7. One Night (film): Yoo Min Kyu, Jo Bok-raeKim Ri-hoo, Jung Won Jo.I felt the information for the show was incomplete and vague IMO, which is the reason why I can’t decide if this is going to be good. I was expecting a melo from Yoo for some reason.. heh.

8. Warm Goodbye(film): Lee Hong Ki, Baek Jin Hee, Im Won Hee, Ma Dong Seok, Jeon Min Seo. If done right, this can be really heartwarming and moving. But if done badly, this can easily flop. I admit that the teaser did move me and hope the film is pitch perfect 😀

9. The Night Before The Wedding(film): Joo Ji Hoon, Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Jun Hee, Lee Hee Jun, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin. The title definitely makes me curious but the cast sadly doesn’t, except for a few.

10. Montage(film): Eom Jeong Hwa, Kim Sang Kyung. I think this movie could be a great thriller. I hope the ‘grandpa’ under the umbrella is a granny. 😛 I put this here because I feel that the show isn’t doing anything new with the premise and genre.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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