K Songs So Far [1st – 20th July 2013]

27 Jul

I am sick currently and have been trying my best to get a post up. I may have difficulties being objective because somehow being ill makes me prefer songs with stronger flavour. The songs I liked and found to be ok may receive some negative feedback since July had a bevy of the industry’s heavyweights returning and most of them did things below my expectations. IMHO people, IMHO.

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Songs Sick-Me Would Recommend/Songs Sick-Me like

1. Dynamic Duo returns with their 7th album ‘Lucky Numbers‘ and honestly, their title song ‘BAAM'(snake?) wasn’t as good as I would have liked it but it was still ok. The song has an RnB groove and I love how Gaeko ‘Ow!Ow!Ow!Ow!’s in the song and MV. The album is good overall, with most being my favourites, excluding ‘Baam (feat Muzie of UV)’ and ‘Lee Dae Ho((feat. Supreme Team, DJ Friz)’ which were not too bad, but not too good either. The beats and the rapping go so well together in RoTK.

Other songs in the album (that I also liked): ‘가끔씩 오래 보자 (Shin Dong Yeop)‘, ‘Three Dopeboys(feat Zion T RAPPING!!)‘, ‘ 거품 안 넘치게 따라줘 Life Is Good(Feat. Crush, DJ Friz)‘, Airplane Mode(feat Lee Ju Han, Hye Won of Winterplay, Simo)‘, ‘Shoot Goal In‘, ‘Hot Wings(feat Sistar’s Hyorin…but I felt I could do without her part. It felt out-of-place and random with her sudden husky high pitch parts. I just thought Gaeko’s vocals were enough.)‘ ‘Skit #1’ is not a song, but if you want to check it out, link. Here’s their performance and appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Wow, Ring Ma Bell❤ BTW, a beautiful song by Naul if you like: LINK. *Goosebumps* Ask In A Box Interview by Loenent (thanks!!). 

2. John Park released his first full album ‘Inner Child’. Again, I did not exactly love the title song. It was alright but it had a good MV(cute!), which on hindsight became quite creepy. Full track list here. My favourites from the album are ‘Imagine‘, ‘Being Erased‘(reminds me of Clazziquai Project’s ‘Love Recipe’), ‘Too Late‘, ‘Right Here’, ‘Childlike‘, ‘Stop(jazzy)‘ and ‘Sipping My Life(bonus)’. I distinctly remember having listened to ‘Childlike’. I checked and realised the song was an OST track from Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young’s ‘Werewolf Boy’ film. His mini concert/ showcase: LINK

3. Brown Eyed Girls take an unexpected route for their comeback with a Primary production, ‘Recipe’This is surprising since their title songs are usually very fierce. The song is nothing new, but it suits the girls’ image and vocals. In turn, the song also has a matured vibe because of who is singing the song. The smooth RnB and rap genre reminded me of Primary’s Question Mark 🙂

4. A feel-good, pleasant return to the music scene by Geeks with Fly‘. The guitar, drum and piano altogether and individually made the song so light and cheerful, I feel so happy listening to it 🙂

5. I’m really liking what Infinite did with their comeback title song ‘Destiny. The song is freaking intense and the feeling doesn’t wear down for a moment. The boys look good and the background settings are well-chosen. The cute thing about the MV was that it was shot at Universal Studios USA. Haha.Making-of-MV article linky‘Inception’ started out different, with a lot of potential but then the song became generic. The song isn’t bad, it just didn’t continue what it started 😦 ‘Mom‘ is my other favourite. It’s so gentle and soft that the song comes off as very sweet and sincere 😀 

6. JYJ‘s Junsu returns to the k-music industry alone and though I like ‘Incredible‘ (It’s crazy catchy!), I do think it has too much western flavour such that the song sounds like it was made more for the rapper than for Junsu. ‘11am‘ is a beautiful ballad done by the singer, vocals only until after the first half is sung. I liked ‘Chocolate Girl‘, ‘Sorry‘, ‘Im Confessing Now?(feat Gilme and a really cute dialogue by Junsu :D)’, ‘Turn It Up (feat Dok2)‘(wow, never actually imagined a collaboration between the two. This is what you call a pleasant surprise.), ‘Don’t Go‘ (If this were an OST, it would be an all-kill on the charts. Ballads suit Junsu’s voice superbly.), ‘Seems Like Love‘ (<3. I wonder why no one has ever attempted this melody before. It’s so pleasant and lovely!), ‘This Song Is Funny Right? (Feat Boom)‘ (Yes, it was. haha! What singer would actually have such a title for their song?! He’s awesome.) and ‘Fantasy‘. …err, I just realised I should have just said that the whole album was on overall a great one. The rest were ok.

7. Kang Seung Yun‘s debut single ‘It Rains’ is undeniably good as it not only shows off Kang’s low, strong vocals, but shows it off in style and in a good song choice.

8. B2ST returns with a dark concept, reminiscent of VIXX’s ‘Hyde’, in ‘Shadow’ for their ‘Hard To Love, How To Love’ mini album comeback. I applaud the group for their effort and won’t judge them too harshly. The songs in the album were ok but weren’t marvelous. Though I didn’t love the title song, I did think it was quite good. Their pre-releases (‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Will You Be Alright’), ‘Encore‘(club/summer song) and  You’re Bad‘(a rather cute song) are my favourites. How To Love and ‘Shadow’ was not too bad. I thought this video was a better choice, to appreciate them for the work they have done for the performance, and more so for this album:)


2AM’s Chang Min and GLAM’s Da Hee sings for You Are The Best, Lee Soon Shin OST.

Jessica from SNSD sings an OST track for Soo Young‘s drama, Cyrano Dating Agency.

MYNAME is back with their first mini albumThe songs are NOT hard to like but quality wise, the album isn’t a good one IMO. Most of the songs don’t stand out and make me think they are ‘refreshing’. Their title ‘Baby I’m Sorry‘ is not too bad, quite addictive in fact. But I really disliked the unexpected(in a way because of the title) MV because I never liked violence, for the sake of violence. 

Jewelry also makes a July comeback with ‘Hot and Cold (feat Hyung Shik of ZE:A)‘. The song is not too bad, but the MV is awful. *Feminist-me begins speaking* I’m not talking about the quality but the concept of having girls using their bodies for a POSITIVE outcome (seduce Hyung Shik just to get out of jail(?)). Seriously? Are women’s bodies the only thing POSSIBLE to conquer men? Yeah the fastest, but never the route to choose. And for male singers, I HATE it when the lyrics are about the lady being sexy and pretty. It’s just the worse kind of comment I would like to hear from a guy IMO. The lyrics, are just equally bad and besides, there isn’t a lyrics-mv match. *End of Rant*

APink‘s third mini album ‘Secret Garden‘ is once again a feminine, innocent, youthful concept we have become used to. ‘Nonono’ wasn’t too bad, but when Eunji hit the high note (@ around himi dweljulke~/ 1:28), it sounded similar to the high note she made in ‘My My‘(Ireokae neol saranghae~/ @1:22). Even the beats were around the same. Other songs in the album weren’t great but I did like ‘Secret Garden‘.

Mr.Mr is one of my favourite idol groups because of their vocal prowess. But their recent comeback title song ‘Waiting For You‘ was just alright for me. I do actually feel that I might get addicted to the song after listening to it a few more times. But for now, the song isn’t something refreshing enough for me to love. Also, I did think the MV’s actress was forced to do those weird body stretches while making her wedding dress. Really, who does that?!

2ne1‘s ‘Falling In Love‘ is one of the quartet’s more feminine projects. Like Mr.Mr’s ‘Waiting For You’, I don’t think the song is awesome and yet I think the song is light enough with its repetitive ‘falling in love falling in love’ and ‘touch me over….’ for me to be hooked after a few more tries.

You guys are going to hate me even more for saying this. But whether I get hunted down or not, I honestly thought Ailee‘s comeback was a disappointment. Somehow I felt Ailee’s stellar vocals were above flashy, gimmicky songs like ‘I Will Show You’ and ‘U And I’ (sounded like the opening of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’), and Lolita teaser pictures. I was always hoping Ailee would sing soulful music, like Adele’s Rolling In The Deep’, because I thought her voice shines the best doing such songs. Anyway, my favourite of the album is ‘Scandal’. ‘Rainy Days’ and ‘I’ll Be Ok’ were ok. The rest of the songs were just mediocre IMO, sounding better because of Ailee’s vocals. 

Others and Covers

BTS/ Bang Tan Sonyeo: live version of ‘Like’ in their showcase, covers J.Cole’s ‘Born Sinner'(a good choice and job!), and releases a surprising MV for their mini album’s track ‘ We Are Bulletproof Part 2’.

Ok so I mistook U-Kiss‘s ‘Inside of Me‘ for a Korean song when it’s supposed to be Japanese and I actually liked it. I think a Korean version is necessary in the same MV setting!! The rap..was a little weird though. It’s as if the rap was done in the Korean way but the lyrics were changed to Japanese. lol.

Son Seung Yeon‘s (FYI, the soloist is The Voice Korea Season One‘s winner. A fellow competitor on the show is Ladies Code’s Lee So Jung.) first mini album ‘Wings of An Ugly Duck’ was released in the later part of 2012 and I totally forgot to check for the whole album. The songs in the album are actually okay, with more effort trying to show off the soloist’s vocals instead of experimenting. My favourites are ‘When The Moon Falls’ and ‘It’s The End’ (Sounds so badass!! Love it when soloists like Son sing such songs). The other songs like ‘I’m Only Yours’, ‘Heart Heart‘, ‘Even If You Don’t See’ and ‘Replay‘ (the rap was not bad 🙂 ) are actually quite alright but they don’t bring anything new to the over-saturated industry. Sadly, the songs aren’t on youtube. Feel free to email me for more information on the songs. 

Shin Cho Yi‘s full audio version of ‘Bad’ can be seen below. Live version link.

EXO releases the drama version of ‘Wolf’. In addition to using the title song, the MV also uses ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Don’t Go'<3. (‘Heart Attack‘ is actually quite good. lol.) Lu Han is the main lead, surprisingly. I always thought Kai was the main member (from SM pov). Anyway, the video is not yet complete. I know I may sound like a hypocrite here, but the violence in this video isn’t as crazy as Myname’s ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, if you know what I mean. Here, the violence is not all out, it’s just to subdue and not kill.

LedApple’s Hanbyul covers Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’ alone. The starting was so good, with Hanbyul doing his thing and the electric guitar and drums..also..doing their thang. ….To view the video, click here.

EvoL’s Say covers Rihanna’s California King Bed with her fluent English and wonderful vocals. I like that the guitar was used. The simplicity of the musical instrument shows off vocals well. 

LU:KUS (er..I also don’t really know who..but 3 members were from X-5) dances to Justin Bieber’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and it is so fierce!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed(heh) 🙂

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