Have You Watched Them Yet?: [22nd May – 20th July 2013]

06 Aug

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

Note: The comments below will be my zeroth impression, though it may be influenced by what I had heard about the drama/film. I’m more for shows that experiment( find something new in the old) or have a different script.

Besides shows which have already released, I will also be adding shows which are on its way to the screens:)

Movie Picks

1. You Are More Than Beautiful stars Gong Hyo Jin and Park Hee Soon. Like what JB said, the movie seems like it’s a plot out of a romcom script(dying dad’s wish for son to get married, so he gets a fake wife!), except done in a thoughtful, matured manner. I love that the film has hints of being melancholic but funny at the same time. With both actor and actress on board this project, I have high hopes for this. The movie is entirely shot in Jeju Island.

2. I think if I am to watch sageuk film The Face Reader, it would be for the cast more than for the story line. The cast (Lee Jeong Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Baek Yun Shik, Song Kang Ho, Jo Jeong Seok, Lee Jong Seok) is one of the strongest I have seen (budget must be huge!) and am having huge expectations for their performances. Here’s hoping they pull the plot up with their skills and charisma 🙂  I have never seen Jo Jong Seok act in anything much but seeing the role he is playing here, is just something I never imagined he would do and yet he looks like he will be awesome from the looks of the teasers. More teasers here. Character Posters🙂

Himalaya(film): (for now) Kim Myeong Min, Lee Min Ki. (Min-Min~ hehe) Again another film I would be watching for the performance (and tears) instead of the plot. Like The Face Reader, I am putting a lot of trust in the actors’ ability. There’s no reason to put the show down with these guys around. However, I did find the plot to be a little too simple. Then again, simplicity can be effective in giving emotional scenes a better emphasis. 

3. I’m particularly excited for revenge sageuk Gallant Woman: Memory of the Sword, which is led by Lee Byeong Heon, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun(she looks a little like HK actress Elaine Yiu). I’m such a supporter for women power and female badass-ery that I wished the movie was a drama instead. I’m not totally against the film length because this way, the movie will waste no time getting into the crucial moments. Aside from the revenge and action, I think a little romance can be material for thought. But I don’t mind if there isn’t either. Certainly no birth secrets please. I also really like that the plot and its timing goes hand in hand, seeing how revenge was a done deal with Lee Byeong Heon’s betrayal for power and then it gets set in motion just as when the man is finally going to get that power. Just awesome…or is it the women’s plan? Nice. The sageuk film should be released next year (that far?!).

Drama Picks

There’s one which I’m a bit afraid to write about considering it’s 3am now. *shivers* It’s called Case Number 113 (Kim Min Seo leads). It’s interesting but….I….*chicken* lalala

1. In a rather surprising way, romcom writing duo Hong Sisters managed to pique my interest with a spine-chilling Master’s Sun (Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Seob, Seo In Guk and Kim Yu RiteaserThe later part scared me real good(? wonder if that’s because I rarely watch horror…) With the teaser being all dark, serious and scary(?), I’m actually expecting something good from them. No kidding. I actually thought that Hong Sisters should try something less playful for a change. If the show were to be as good as the teaser, I’m in for the chills. …Err maybe not so much. heh. 2. KBS adds to the list of high school dramas with Drama Specials Adolescence Medley and Rainy Na Ra. The former stars Kwak Dong Yeon (Ahem. Baek Seong Hyeon will play the adult role. OMGGGG ♥.♥ I LOVE this show. *goes crazy and doesn’t feel ashamed*), Kwak Jeong Wook and Lee Se Yeong and if I am not wrong, the 4-episode special has a finale to go. As for the latter, Yu Min Kyu will lead 1-episode Rainy Na Ra (No information on Hancinema for now. Slated for an early August release). Hopefully this drama special will give Yu a chance to shine although I feel that the premise may sound a little (dangerously) boring. Who’s not to say AM is in danger too, with all the pretty (rookies) and 3 episodes more that might do more harm than good. 


1. I Hear Your Voice:Lee Jong Seok, Lee Bo Young, Yun Sang Hyeon. Honestly, the show looked boring. The information given sounded okay(mysteries and law suits) but the teaser pictures and the videos pretty much did nothing at all to make the synopsis interesting. I did hear and (accidentally) read praises for the show. So, I’d probably be excited for the show, but since this IS a zeroth impression, hope this goes well! Extension news here and its cameos

2. Bean Sprout(film; started filming in June): Lee Ki Woo (for the time being). Hmm..I wonder why they name the movie as such. The story sounds really like Fruit Basket’s Tohru and mom Kyoko’s situation after daddy/hubby Katsuya died (Volume 16/17!! lol). I remember being very happy for Kyoko for meeting Katsuya and cried when he passed away. The film sounds like a heartwarming tale, but I’m a little skeptical at the same time. If done right, it will pull Lee’s career up significantly.

3. Basketball(tvN; September release): Do Ji Hwan, Jeong Dong Hyeon, Lee Elriya. (This is not Answer Me, 1994.) I’m clearly not a great fan of makjangs and overly dramatic shows and this unfortunately sounds like one. I do enjoy inspirational shows so prove me wrong show, prove me wrong. 

4. Pluto(film): Seong Jun (He looks friggin young! W.H.Y.)David LeeKim Kkot BiJo Seong Ha. Like what Girlfriday said in the post, the show sounds like White Christmas. The show is similarly dark and gloomy with the premise set around high school students, geniuses and a murder. Just without winter and most of the other cast. Honestly, I didn’t exactly like White Christmas. It felt like all that was done in the show was just talk and no action since I was expecting a thriller. I’m not too interested in the set up but I am intrigued by the back-story of the students.

5. Answer Me 1994(tvN; September release): Seong Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Jeong Wu, Kim Seong Kyun, Go Ara, Yu Yeon Seok, I haven’t watched the prequel yet but I am aware of the amount of popularity the prequel received. I think the series can be cute and funny, in a Friends kind of way. I haven’t seen most of the cast in anything yet so I’m also a little apprehensive, especially Go Ara and Yu Yeon Seok for some reason. I actually look forward to the campus setting, and am with DB on plots involving college. Grown Ups can be pretty too! lol.

6.The King’s Wrath, more popularly known as Hyeon Bin‘s comeback film, has added Jo Jeong Seok, Jeong Jae Yeong and Jeong Eun Chae. The movie will be released in 2014 (once again, that far?!). Honestly, I’m not that interested in the roles the three are playing and instead, I’m more interested in how these characters will bring about the king’s wrath. In addition, Jo Jeong Seok will be playing a role so different from his The Face Reader raccoon man. Although the plot may be nothing new, I think I can look forward to it, cautiously.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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