Have You Listened To Them Yet?: 21st – 31st July 2013

25 Aug

So I actually wanted to combine the songs from late July to mid August, but there would be too many songs to cover, so here’s late July first:) Sorry in advance, if the post takes long to load. heh 😛

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Songs I liked/would like to recommend:)

Slow Diving releases a song that would be great for a rainy weekend. I could almost hear some rainfall in the song 🙂No wait. I actually heard rain! …Err… 😛

With Kim Hyeon Jung‘s return, I am left to wonder how the singer, Jay Park, ninjas, drums, korean dance, pop dance, art and animals can end up so well together.

This, was just quite an explosion of awesomeness, something I thought I would never say to Kim Hyeon Jung not to mention even recommending his song. ‘Your Story’ is actually not a bad song but I felt Kim Hyeon Jung’s vocals were too nasally for it. I liked Dok2’s rap though. 😛 I got lazy trying to find his other songs, so..heh:P

I liked what Gu Hye Seon did with her ‘It’s You’ single. It was simple, her vocals were steady and the song suited her. And cats. Don’t forget the Siamese. 😛 YOUTUBE LINK

Outsider‘s ‘Bye U‘ feat G.O is a fun dance music, unlike Outsider’s Sadly Crying Bird. G.O’s voice suits this song so well. I’m quite happy that Outsider did some relatively slowed down raps. lol. YOUTUBE LINK

F(X) is back with their second full album. Title track, ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum‘, was a light, electronic title track, with the chorus being my favourite part. Overall, ‘RPPP’ was not too bad, but not too good either. The MV setting, especially the red walkway scenes, matched with the girls’ outfits well. Is it me or am I just getting a lot of SHINee MV settings from this comeback? For the rest of the album: ‘Shadow’ was ok, bringing something different along with unchanging melody and beats. ‘Pretty girl’ has this nicely intense bridge(?my musical terms are really…sigh) but I found the chorus disappointingly safe. I was expecting explosive 😦 ‘Kick’, honestly sounded strange, like a really mixed pot of genres. ‘Signal’ is generic. ‘Step’ starts out really well (I really liked the rap) IMO. I think it’s one of the better songs in the album, but still a little safe and nothing out of the K-Pop ordinary. ‘Goodbye Summer'(luna, amber, krystal) has me expecting much, particularly because of Exo’s D.O’s participation. And, I liked it.  Despite sounding vaguely familiar to another song(JYJ Junsu’s Incredible), ‘Airplane‘ is one of my favourites out of the album. ‘Toy‘ is one heck of a smashing-ly loud, noisy song. It’s so much fun! *let loose and goes crazy*…sometimes I don’t know if I do the *action* ‘No More’ is another favourite of mine. The melody just flows~ ‘Snapshot’ sounds like a very cute musical track before the chorus. I was actually looking forward to something different after the 0:33 mark(with regards to the playlist link), something more gradual. But I also didn’t mind what the group did. A fairly short song. ‘Ending Page’ is another song that started out great. However, the song became nothing much. A typical mid-tempo ballad. (I didn’t think the song would go the ballad direction with such a fierce beginning (they used electric guitars.)

Brown Eyed Girls fierce cowgirl comeback with ‘Kill Bill’ is a solid song by the quartet. The heavy beats and winning vocals<3. Miryo has much less screen time than the other three. 😦 (The cowboys remind me so much of Jay Chou…) The album generally, is a high quality one(both vocals and instrumentals are just awesome), even though I didn’t really like every song. ‘After club‘ (such a sexy song and one that does sound like Narsha’s Mama Mia) cleverly starts and ends with a muffled, club-like song, with the middle seeming as if the girls went into the club. ‘Satisfaction‘ has a chorus that’s extremely easy to ‘get into’. ‘Mystery Survivor‘ is one of my favourites of the album. It’s so fierce:) ‘Lie’ is another favourite, with a light-hearted melody that’s easy to follow along. ‘Good Fellas’ is the ballad of the album. The song doesn’t do anything different but like I said, Black Box is an album well produced. I think having Good Fellas end the album was a great choice. Like a drama, the album emphasises more on the intense aspects at the start before gradually bringing us down to a gentle conclusion. And the good thing of having only 1 ballad is that it stands out, without even having to be completely different/refreshing from the rest of the other ballads around.

Suju’s Ryeo Wook sings ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ for Queen’s Classroom OST. The chorus has an addictive melody:) YOUTUBE LINK.

Honestly, BoA‘s ‘One Dream’ was one of the songs I didn’t hear. heh. Listening to KPop Star 1 and 2’s contestants singing their version of the track, was delightful. The different vocals together made the song stand out in a new-but-familiar way. The MV and song was pleasant to watch and listen to:) Is the blonde bespectacled rapper a part of 200Won?..Or not…

Lee Yu Rim debuts with ‘Call My Name’, produced by BEG’s JeA and Lee Kyu Hyeon. The song is very lovable and lively. (The violin instrumentals sound like one of 49Days’ OST.)The accompanied lyrics are just plain adorable. Nuna relationships are not well explored in K-Pop and for that, thank you Lee Yu Rim. (heh) The MV was very well shot with all the summer colours blending nicely together. Love the outfits too. What made me laugh was the not-so-subtle product placement(?), for Nikon cameras and what seems like flexing to me by LC9’s Jaehyo(?was that him?) @1:52-53 of the MV.

Taewan/C-Luv joins hands with Gary and Crush for falsetto goodness ‘Where Do You Want To Go/ Eodi Kallae?’ I LOVE THIS SONG. The end.

T-ara, Davichi and Skull sing ‘Bikini‘, a bright summer song that has a great melody and boasts some great vocals. The collaboration was a great idea. Sigh, I couldn’t find the audio-only version. 😦 SO, YOUTUBE LINK.

EXO is back!! From the song, to the dance, to the way the MV was shot, ‘Growl’ is a very good follow-up. The melody is slightly reminiscent of ‘What Is Love’ and I just love how both song and dance complements each other so well. With the dance positions, I really like how the 12 were mixed together in their groups of six and not just split into their Exo-K and Exo-M groups. (In the chinese version, the members change their positions to work well with the singing.) The MV is one of the best I have seen, with its one-take-no-edit filming process. Despite only being an MV with all 12 just dancing, the way it was shot makes the MV stand out uniquely from the rest. From the two versions, I gather Kai and Luhan must be their group’s visuals and also the reason, probably, why the drama version of ‘Wolf’ had Luhan as the main character. BTW, Sehun is really good-looking a really good dancer. 😀 (D.O looks good in that bow tie:)) 

I never knew who Lee Jeong Hyeon was. Perhaps, I got into K-Pop late and just focused on idols early on (Do listen to her ‘Wa’/Come). But she’s so pretty (and skinny!). The soloist’s comeback ‘V’ is an adorable, quirky song that has a very addicting chorus that may come across as too pitchy for some. The MV is eerie, but cute at the same time. Harmless fun yet decently scary/thriller-y. Jin Gu is adorkably cute. I became a fan of his after seeing him on Happy Together. And he reminds me so much of Patrick Tam(HK actor)!  @4:21 (and onwards) of Lee Jeong Hyeon‘s ‘V’ MV seems like a legit music video for Outsider’s ‘Bye U’. Haha. Do try it 🙂

OK/ Not Too Bad

I really liked AA‘s ‘Midnight Taxi’. It’s so different from the usual pop that I’m left pleasantly surprised. The song is so easy to listen:) I feel that the song isn’t anything new, which is why I put it under this category, though I still enjoyed it. DKN Link

Actor Park Ki Woong‘s debut album has me wondering if Park Ki Woong actually participated in the songs. heh. ‘You Are My Baby’ features Younha doing a good job. She makes the song so groovy:) A rather harmless, humble addition to the august releases. ‘Propose(feat Jeong Yeob)’ is a typical ballad. I did like ‘I Close My Eyes’ but felt it wasn’t enough to stand out .

There’s no doubt that Tahiti‘s trot-pop ‘Love Sick’ was fairly ok. The melody was interesting. I like the colours in the MV, but their outfits.. Seriously, there’s just so much I can take before I become subjective and dismiss the girl groups by the way they attract attention. …There’s just so much I can take before I become a jerk with my words. No one wants to see that. (It’s embarrassing >.<) AOA Black also returns with a trot-pop title song, ‘Moya’. I like the fact they went the band way. The song is not outstanding but it’s cute in a way and enjoyable.

VIXX‘s repackaged album Jekyll adds 4 more songs: ‘Jekyll (Intro)’, ‘You.Are.Great(and it’s instrumental)’,’What To Do’, ‘Light Me Up’. I really liked ‘Jekyll’ and ‘Light Me Up’, and ‘You Are Mine'(part of the original album). You.Are.Great is not too bad, but I just think it’s another pop song, just like What To Do. FYI, Ravi wrote lyrics for quite a number of songs in this album.’You.Are.Greathas a cool(?) MV – they are singing in forward motion but everything else is in backward motion! How did they do it??

Will Girl’s Day ever rest? The girl group is back with ‘Please Tell Me’ and the song is really catchy and fun. But like AA’s Midnight Taxi, this is honestly quite generic however enjoyable the single is. And I really wish the songs would mention who the extra vocalist is. My curiosity will just burn with no end in sight.

Sigh, another ‘sexy’ concept. Kim Geu Rim/Kim Greem returns with ‘Just The Two Of Us’ (with 2Bic). The low-key sultry RnB song is not too bad. Hmm, I guess having 2Bic included has its pros and cons. While she does a sufficient job on her own, 2Bic can actually quite easily outshine her.

Kang Seung Yun releases ‘Wild and Young’ and I love the fact that he’s staying with rock. However (there Fridaymojo goes again), I feel that it was not as good as ‘It Rains’. The MV was really well shot though:)

Others and Covers

Chad Future collaborates with Drew Ryan Scott for an English cover of Exo’s ‘Wolf’. It was a good job. But I didn’t like the sexualised lyrics. The original was more innocent and dangerous while here, the lyrics are literally in line with Gag Concert’s ‘Why We Don’t Need Man’ – the normal/3rd guy part.

I was actually worried for LEDApple’s Hanbyeol. Covering Adele’s song is not a piece of cake. But when I listened to the cover, I found I actually had nothing to worry. His rocker vocals were strong enough to handle the big song. Fellow LEDApple members cover their own song ‘Bad Boy’, with the exception of Hanbyul. ‘Bad Boy’, is actually a solo effort (and by that I mean, singing) by member Kyu Min. The track is very Nell-y in that it’s got a depressing air about it and the chorus blows up (here, it’s got this repressed nature) satisfyingly. (I remember recommending this track…or have I?) 

OKAY. This just beats all other covers. The hardwork Spica went just to coordinate the cups and hands for the beat, the harmonisation and for the song. I’m touched and awed at the same time. 

Nuest‘s dance clip had me really impressed by Ren‘s tap dance. It was so good. and he was so skinny. >.< But he really nailed it. The ‘bar bar bar’ jump dance ‘cover’ was so cute. Haha. Watch their new song’s choreography in the vid too:)

So I have not been putting eyecandy stuff but G-D is such a chameleon it was hard to resist.

I have always liked BTS‘s ‘We Are Bulletproof Part 2’ dance and was extremely happy a practice video was released. Check it out here:)  

Here’s singer-rapper duo 2000Won and Lee Ha Yi collaborated for a performance of Rihanna’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’. And WOW. So. Amazing.

Was twerking a dance trend? When?? heh ..So, Miss A’s Min does some twerking and whatever it is, twerk it girl! See what I did there? Twerk and work, because they sound simil…k bye!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)


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