Have You Listened To Them Yet?: 1st -15th Aug 2013 [updated on 1/9/13]

31 Aug

You know, being a newbie at blogging kinda spares you from the hate when some interpret honesty as being evil because no one really knows you one really knows me yet… bahh!

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Sorry in advance, if the post takes long to load. heh 😛

Songs I Like/ Would Like to Recommend

Hip-hop foursome M.I.B suit up for ‘Men In Black/Dash’. The cute, witty thing about the group is that their group name is always used as the initials for a song, or an album name, I realised. ‘Men In Black’ is a club song that is very easy to like on the first listen. The song has very nice bold beats along with an addicting chorus that follows those beats (and it’s exactly this part of the song that reminds me of another song…). The ‘Modu Deuri Deuri Dae’ part is really awesome. Btw, I really like that Gang Nam has a different melody to sing in. Haha. This time, 5Zic(why is he Zic to the O in the lyrics?) participates in the singing parts. When will it be Sims‘ turn?? Haha. Who’s the girl who sang? I wouldn’t say the concept was a bad choice. Just, it wasn’t even doing its job. (Maybe, it did, with what they are wearin’..) So, the fluid just made them cooler? Is becoming cool such a painful process? Haha. Looks like the group’s sex appeal comes in the form of 5Zic…or Zic O. ..Like DUH right. He’s so hot. 😛 

San E‘s ‘Story of Someone I know'( he produced, wrote, composed, sang and rapped the song himself!) may be a simple song, but it’s light-hearted and breezy similar to Geek’s usual brand of music. The lyrics may be about love and break up but written in a cute, fun (and a little bit quirky) way. The song has San E alternating between singing and rapping and I found his vocals suiting the nature of the track quite well. The MV is also very simply done. The camera angles and the acting was adequate:) 

Sinawe, according to dkpopnews, is South Korea’s first rock/heavy metal band. After 7 years away from the scene, they are back with a new mini album ‘Mirrorview’. (I like rock and the craziness that comes with it. It’s just sometimes, I really really wish to be able to hear the singer. Nevertheless, ROCK ON!) Youtube user, daysvid (he/she has posted many other k-pop audio-only vids!) has uploaded the album’s songs on his/her channel. You will need to search for them under the videos tab though (around 3-4 times but this gauge is from the date of this post.). ‘Mirror Room’ and ‘Keep Me Inside’ has very similar electric guitar melodies, just different in the tone. ‘Reason of Grief’ is one of my favourites of the album. ‘That’s not (it)/ 그건 아니야’ emphasises more on the instrumental. 

I initially intended to put Lunafly‘s ‘Yeowooya/Foxy Lady‘ in the OK section. The song is actually not bad but I did think it’s got a simple, light melody and beat(thanks to the guitar) that sets it apart from the other Summer releases. Love the overlap of singing during the chorus:)  For some reason, I found the ‘Yeowooo~’ at the end strangely amusing. It just made me imagine the members trying it while recording. Haha.

B.A.P‘s does a 2ne1(I can only remember 2ne1 being the first to do this) with their 3-title mini album comeback. I have already commented on their ‘Coffee Shop’ in another post so I won’t be touching on it here. While ‘Hurricane’ is more techno/electric pop, ‘Badman‘ is the badass track BAP is well-known for.  Of the three, I definitely like ‘Badman’ the most. Their fierce image stood out when they debuted and was the reason why I liked them. I have read news that Shinhwa‘s ‘We Get It On’ and BAP’s ‘Badman’ are the same. I have to admit that the before-chorus part had the same tune. (For me, I have never liked songs that are too similar. I really appreciate artistes who experiment but I don’t mind a little because I also understand that there are so many songs in the industry that it’s hard to be entirely different(eg: ballads IMO), same for dramas/films. It’s also a bit of a challenge to even know that someone else did a similar composition. It would have been better if the composer did a more thorough check and it would have been even worse for the composer if the song was popular. That just meant he/she was lazy. FYI, I wasn’t a huge fan of Shinhwa then. So I didn’t know all of their songs.) The album includes three more songs ‘Bow Wow’, ‘Whut’s Poppin’ and ‘Excuse Me’. ‘Bow Wow’ is a flirty RnB song. The lyrics are frank but not serious. You kind of start to agree with the song and then laugh at the shamelessness. Whut’s Poppin‘ is more intense than ‘Badman’ and I loved it. ‘Excuse Me’ is another favourite of mine. The chorus is very satisfying. The lyrics are as fierce as the track and I must say, it isn’t very polite. But I’m more of a person who stresses on the quality of the music more than lyrics although I do admit that the lyrics at times contribute to the song’s overall enjoy-ability. Overall, the mini album was a good effort.

Ladies Code‘s ‘Hate You(features Hive)’ is a pop ballad. It’s quality music (the instrumentals deserve some props) but the one-note (Figurative speech. To be more specific, there weren’t much variations in the melody.) melody didn’t do well for me. The MV is not as creepy as I thought it would be 🙂 MV LINK

SHINee‘s repackaged album for ‘The Misconceptions of Us’ adds 2 more songs ‘Selene 6.23’ and ‘Better off’. Despite both being ballads, I really like the new songs. I actually didn’t think the group would add ballads for such a season. ‘Selene 6.23’ is the more conventional all-out kind of ballad. The chorus is my favourite part. Seriously SO GOOD. Pop ballad ‘Better Off’ is more gentle and airy(?lol). Again, the chorus is just ❤

Rapper Dok2 is back with the first part of his new album ‘Ruthless Part 1′. I won’t say much about the rap because I feel Dok2 is a rapper that knows what he’s doing. Lyrics wise, I don’t think I can comment on much since I couldn’t find the translations for the songs. ‘1llin’ has a very dope, dark instrumental that compliments well with the rap. Nice:) Title song ‘Outchea’ has an instrumental that’s similar to the ‘1llin’ but more intense and addicting.  I found ‘Hell Yeah’ to be not too bad. The instrumental stays ‘dangerous’ but used with an instrument like a marimba. ‘Bandz & Benz’ is an electronic club-appropriate song. The song is quite interesting with the electronic ‘zipper'(lol) instrumental and also includes some singing from the rapper. Wish he could have more singing lines though 🙂 ‘All I Know(feat. Yammo)‘ starts out and continues on mysteriously (minus the cuss rap) with the delicate instrumental. This track is more laid-back and I do actually like the change in pace.

W&Jas returns with ‘Star Chaser’, with the MV taken from anime movie The Garden of Words. The female vocalist has a very nicely matured voice, that went very well with the MV. …Even though I don’t know what the movie is about. heh. MV LINK

Mblaq has 3 new songs for repackaged album ‘Love Beat’, ‘No Love‘, ‘I Don’t Know‘ and ‘Prayer’. ‘Love Beat’ and ‘I Dont Know’ make me very happy listening to them. So I liked both. Heh. Honestly, both sound around the same but since they make me feel good, 🙂 ‘Pray’ is a pop ballad, which was not bad.

Heo Gak and Swings sing and rap respectively for ‘That You’re Mine’. The song is as likeable as Mblaq’s ‘No more’ and ‘Love Beat’ 🙂 This kind of songs will be very suitable for Spring….no? (-.-‘) I’m very happy that Swings is getting more work with better known stars:) YOUTUBE LINK

OK/Not Too Bad

24K‘s ‘U R 2 Cute‘ is very generic pop. But I think the chorus was very addicting and easy to like:) Another song I felt that was not too bad from the album was ‘Never’.

The Talesweaver OST ‘U+Me’ is nothing great but Luna‘s vocals are very clean and sweet here:)

Female duo Pascal‘s ‘Like’ is a cute song. The MV is cheesy in a funny way. Love Park Ji Hun‘s vocals. The collaboration was a good decision:)

Honestly, I think Big Star‘s ‘Run & Run‘ is an energetic summer song (that reminds me of TeenTop’s style) from ‘Hang Out’ mini album. It’s not too bad (Love Feeldog’s rap haha). The good thing about the MV is I finally officially ‘see’ the members (their debut was lacklustre..and perhaps it was just me…heh.). I know Feel Dog from his Dream Team appearances. But the rest are just.. (I’m good at remembering people when I see them alone or in a grp of 2-3. …I think this happens to anyone as well…) ‘Be Brave’ made me jaw drop with its lyrics(maybe that was to be relevant to the song…O.O). The song is actually not bad but the words these 5 are spouting are very very crude. I personally don’t mind a few but when I hear too many (in my definition), I just get very shock. Yeah. Am I supposed to feel another (negative) emotion? Haha. Hip-hop rappers are always using such expletives… It’s like more than being ‘used to it’, it’s become a norm to hear that from them. ‘Hooligan/날라리 ‘ is an addicting song IMO, especially the rhythmic rap and the chorus.  Another addicting song I liked from the mini album is ‘Shake It’. The melody is unlike the usual K-Pop, sounding like it came from the snake-calling instrument. Wow, ‘Poisonous Girl/독 같은 여자’ begins with swears but at least there aren’t many like in ‘Be Brave’. This song easily became my favourite of the album with its RnB genre. 

Queen J/Jin Seon has a very nice, soulful voice. The ballad was OK, but they usually don’t leave a huge impression on me. (Ulala Session’s Fertiliser and Memory broke that record.) Please check out her vocals:)

Gummy displays her vocal talent with Master’s Sun’s OST ballad ‘Day And Night‘.

2ne1‘s ‘Do You Love Me‘ was certainly not the song I was hoping for their return. IMO it was lacking the ‘oomph’ factor like ‘Going Crazy’ and it wasn’t as engaging as I would like it to be. The MV on the other hand was different and I really like the casual-ness of the video. (I found it cute that the video featured Thunder.)

Wassup debuts with ‘Wa$$up’ and they are like the epitome of what I DON’T like for a girl group. I have to admit the song is catchy, especially at the chorus. But the MV and the lyrics. Hell No. I’m not even going to post the DKN link. This group is evidence that a vicious cycle in K-pop exists: The more groups debut, the more other groups have to do more to get attention – exposure and just nasty dance moves(??). Nada’s ‘Bang Bang‘ is admittedly quite good.

Tasty twins return with mini album ‘Spectacular’. ‘Mamama‘ is not too bad. The pop song seems to have some hip hop influences. I really liked the beats, making for a really catchy song. Other than that, I feel the song is very shallow. ‘2nite(feat Han Hae)’ is not too bad. I was expecting a ballad for some reason… Also, I was hoping to hear Han Hae sing but his rap was just as good. (heh. Sorry huge Han Hae fan here :P) ‘Addiction’ is an Rnb track, and my favourite of the album. The piano is just so awesome. It sounds like trickling rain water that fell onto a bar’s glass window at night. The melancholic song makes me think of the Tasty duo watching the rain in pain, with the two getting full shots once in a while. …Sorry. My imagination knows no bounds some times. 😛 ALBUM PLAYLIST

Im Jeong Hee returns with ‘Luv Is(feat. Baechigi), a pop RnB. The song is ok, her vocals are great as always and she’s so pretty. I especially love her outfit in the Live performance. I usually don’t like peek-a-boos at the tummy area (ala Boys Over Flowers Taiwanese version Shan Cai’s attire for one of the parties), but she looks great in this live performance.

Kim Hyeong Jun and Sunny Hill’s Kota sing ‘Always Love You’. I know some may be wondering why I put such a duet is in this category. (It’s similar to Mblaq and, Huh Gak and Swings’ songs.) The song is sweet but it’s also weak IMO. I understand the reason for the light/falsetto-tending singing but it’s a little too light for me. …If you get what I mean. heh. Surprising appearance by RM’s FD Go Dong Wan! *Meep meep*

Phantom‘s 1st anniversary track ‘I Already Know‘ is a sweet song (the title sounds a little misleading haha). The group never fails in the singing or rapping, but I feel the songs they get don’t do their talents service. Btw, I saw a Zico-Hanhae reunion in the MV!!

Soloist NC.A debuts with ‘My Student Teacher’. The song is ok, but I prefer her vocals better. The acting in the MV is quite natural, though the MV itself wasn’t. Either the classmate was trying to be nice and return the phone or the classmate knew Hye Ri had a crush on teacher Seo Ji Seok. But both explanations don’t explain why the classmate had to check the phone. For 1, if that was the case, then why was there a negative relationship between them from the start and she could have just asked the classmates around the table if they lost their phone. If it isn’t, then it must be Hye Ri’s. If not, she could have asked. 2, then why did she have an innocent expression on when everyone finally knew about the crush? O.O…maybe I’m just thinking too much….like I always do..

Added[1/9/13]: Jay Park returns with ‘I Like 2 Party’ single. The title song ‘I Like 2 Party’ is a highly catchy club song. The MV wasn’t my cup of tea. I just don’t like such videos. ‘Hot’ definitely sounds the same as GD’s ‘Crayon’. The song gradually sounds a little different (beat and melody) but..yeah. ‘Secret’ is the type of sweet RnB song from Jay that I feel will never really fail. ‘Let’s Get Back’ is my favourite of the single, especially the chorus. Overall the album was average for me.

Others and Covers

Wow. Junsu‘s ‘Incredible’ dance practice was so fierce and energetic. His interview with Loen had him answering fan questions:) I wanted him to sing ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’!! That would have been epic. Haha.

APink’s Eunji covers Whitney Houstons’ ‘Run To You’. The cover allowed Eunji to show off her winning vocals 🙂 Also, I actually thought Eunji resembled Mir with her bangs and eyes.

15& Sound’s second season episode 1 has Ye Rin covering WG’s ‘Girlfriend’ and Ji Min covering Ailee’s ‘Heaven’. Honestly, Ji Min’s cover stood out more for me. WG’s ‘Girlfriend’ is more laidback than Ailee’s song and that can become a little boring. Ye Rin IMHO, should have given some power to her performance. But then again, my opinions didn’t agree with the scores they deserved..Haha. Don’t forget to watch till the end! So cute >.<

With Crayon Pop‘s ‘Bar Bar Bar’ getting more and more popular, SNL Korea and Kim Gu Ra team up for the parody ‘GuRaYong Pop’ (LOL). It seems that Kim Gu Ra’s chin has gotten its own popularity too. HAHA. I wanted so much to understand the lyrics and found the eng subbed version here: So here’s the group teaching their dance🙂 LOL at the PD. I didn’t know there was also an only-dance MV! lol. I couldn’t see the MV because the video’s blocked over here. Hopefully you guys can watch it:)

LEDApple’s Han Byeol(he sings) and Yeong Jun(he plays the guitar) covers Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’. Ledapple’s band mates Yeong Jun, Hyo Seok and Gwang Yeon perform an instrumental cover of T Square’s ‘Praise’. The cover just makes me want Amore >.<

Not to fear, the dance version of Lee Jeong Hyeon‘s ‘V’ is here! heh 😛 YOUTUBE LINK

Youtube celebrity Jun Seong An has been doing some violin and dance covers for some K-Pop songs (most of the time, US song releases). If anyone is interested, his youtube channel link.

Here’s Exo‘s dance practise for ‘Growl’. The part where they get down on their knees and then come back up with finger guns just makes me laugh every time. It’s like saying, ‘I’m still cool’. Haha so awkward. Nevertheless, I like the dance:)

Exo’s Chen covers Kim Beom Su’s ‘I Miss You’ and he did justice to the original:) 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

P.S: Unfortunately, there were too many songs I chose for this time frame that I found extending difficult and draggy.

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