Have You Listened To Them Yet?: 16th – 31st Aug 2013

13 Sep

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Sorry in advance for my lack of vocabulary and if the post takes long to load. heh 😛

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 

1. Mikey (of Double Kick)’s RnB version of Sistar’s ‘Loving You’ is my kind of song. It focuses more on the singing and, the vocals by Mikey and Olltii is awesome. It’s got this sexy but gentle and sweet(FALSETTOOOOO!…eheh) touch with the change in music style. For Sistar’s version, it would be for people who like the upbeat fun type of tracks. 

 2. Seon Mi returns after more than 3 years for her solo debut ’24Hours‘. The song has a simple classy style and is catchy enough. Definitely a JYP production. Haha. Seon Mi’s vocals may fit this breathy sexy kind of song but it’s hard to gauge how good her vocals are for me since I wasn’t much of a Wonder Girls fan before. (I’m usually neutral to most groups.) I must say Seon Mi got a pretty good deal for carrying on her studies. As usual, I didn’t like the wardrobe choice (lol). And a bonus video of Yoo Jae Seok parodying!

3. Honey-G debuts with their first full-length album! Pre-release, ‘My Love’, had a really cute MV – the animated start(haha they look like mario!), the hilarious villain(Busker Busker’s Brad) and the always-awesome Lee Hyo Ri (she’s like a charlies angel!). The 90s-ish song is enjoyable and the vocals from the trio are *thumbs up* good. Doesn’t the group dance and the setting remind you of the film, Ella Enchanted?Honey G’s title song ‘Baboya’ is a 90s-ish jazzy mid-tempo ballad. The song is a joy to listen to but it’s not easy to ‘go crazy for it’…if you get what I mean. It’s very mellow but still a piece I would really like. The vocals and instrumentals are awesome. The MV though, is very predictable. If one of the members is familiar, that may be because he appeared and sang in Lee Hyo Ri’s ‘Amor Mio”s MV. Wolf‘ is a fun funky song and the trio’s harmonies just make me so happy. One of my favourites of the album. ‘Tropical Night’ is a jazzy RnB ballad with a sweet chorus. A decent track. ‘I Miss You’ is another 90s-ish ballad. Frankly speaking, it’s a typical ballad. But the belting tendencies and heavy instrumentals are kept to a minimal 🙂 ‘She’s mine’ is good IMO because of their vocals. It’s a fairly harmless song to listen to while smiling at the sweet melody. ‘My Love (Instrumental)’ sounds like an epic OST for an anime, an action movie or even a pirate one. Very cool! (lol) ‘Hungry’ made me laugh with their cute ‘Baegopa’ chorus starts. The fun jazzy song makes me laugh. ‘Wedding Day’ is another decent song from the album, but nothing much for me. ‘Mood Song‘ is an 90s-ish Jazzy RnB ballad. It’s like a lullaby:)

4. I have never been a fan of Kara but I really liked ‘Runaway'(pre-release). The light accoustic song showed the matured side of the girls and MV (scenes from Secret Love) were a good combination. The rap was ok, it fits the nature of the song.

5. Sistar’s Hyorin may be known for her power, but there are times when I appreciate the gentler, softer side of her vocals much more. ‘Driving Me Crazy‘ is one such song. The way she sings such that it sounds like someone’s at the verge of clearing her throat (I apologise for my description. heh) as if she had been screaming and shouting makes the song even sadder. YOUTUBE LINK.

6. Defconn releases ‘Notorious Girl’ and it’s a song I have no problems liking on the first listen. Love the daring instrumentals and both Defconn and Boni(the strength<3)’s vocals.

7. Fiestar and Eric Benet collaborate for ‘Whoo’. The song has got some Latin influences, similar to Mblaq’s music style. The collaboration came together really well and the chorus is friggin’ addicting. 

8. A favourite female soloist of mine, Lyn, is back with her 8th single album part 2. Her songs are very light and sweet this time. The title track ‘I Like This Song’ was not too bad (it was simple and upbeat) but the MV was beautiful (one of the MVs that make the song even better). It was sweet and it made me happy just watching the video. But more than the kisses and couples, I really appreciated that the mv also included love between friends and family.  ‘High Heels(feat. Ju Yeong)’ is a smooth, groovy RnB song and it freakin’ features Ju Yeong. The collaboration didn’t work for me…because I kept wanting more of only Ju Yeong’s vocals. Heh. Well, I’m going a little crazy here waiting for his comeback… Song For Love‘ (both versions) has a very good chorus. I do think the songs on the whole, can be a little too simple compared to what she can do. However I’m not disappointed or upset at what she has done.

Songs I Found To Be Not Too Bad

Bumkey returns with another RnB song that I think is better than ‘Bad Girl’. The single and MV took a more dialed down approach and I felt that more thoughts were put into the (I would say tasteful)execution of both the mv and song. Although, in ‘Bad Girl”s defense, the MV had an interesting ending…

Choi Yeong Jun‘s ‘The City’s Summer‘ isn’t bad but it’s a little too light for my taste. I do like his vocals though:)

I always felt that Seung Ri wasn’t someone who should go solo. He’s alright when given a good song(I thought ‘Strong Baby’ was good. G-D complimented him.) but when he’s not, others tend to IMO, outshine him. ‘Gotta Talk To You‘ is very addicting at the ‘Hustlin Hustlin Imma(?)'(reminds me of B2ST’s Mystery). The song does fit Seung Ri but the song isn’t great. Right from the start, I really like ‘Let’s Talk About Love (feat G-D and Tae Yang)’. I enjoy listening to the ‘Let’s Talk About Love/You/Me’ verses. So catchy omg. I like the collaboration but I also feel guilty for liking G-D and Tae Yang’s parts more. The singing verses suited Taeyang’s vocals really well. GG Be‘ is not bad but this time, it’s Jennie Kim who proves superior in the singing department. Live performance LINK. ‘Come To My‘ has potential to be better. Reason being I thought Seung Ri’s voice was too nasal for the song. But the melody’s good and the chorus is satisfying. ‘Love Box‘ is a light mid-tempo ballad. It’s got a bittersweet sound and it makes me think of a couple in a cafe on a rainy day, with the song being played as the couple breaks up.  I actually think ‘Yoo Hoo‘ is the kind of electronic-dub-step-py song Seung Ri’s vocals are best suited for. And I liked it. Check out the bts video for the album here. I prefer this kind of in-depth behind the scenes. I want to know what kind of reality happened to have been able to produce the song and the MV, rather than be solely about how the MV was filmed and how the artiste(s) is(are) feeling at that point of time. 

I was honestly disappointed with History‘s comeback. Their debut was really well done, from the teasers to the quality of the song and History stood out as a rookie group with a lot of potential. As for ‘Tell Me Love’, the song is very ear-friendly pop without a doubt. However ‘Tell Me Love’ is not on par with ‘Dreamer’. The comeback to me, was many steps back from their debut 😦 I do understand the reason for change (not this kind though..) but the song is just below the height of the talent these five have. ‘Blind’ is more towards an all-out ballad-pop. The instrumentals are beautiful, especially at the chorus where both the instrumentals and the vocals come together very well. One of my favourites of the album. ‘Ma Red Night’ is nothing special for me. If only the song carried on from the start of the song (0:00 – ~0:04). It had a hip-hop-py influence and I was waiting happily to hear what History would do to the song. But then the tempo changed and it became generic. Sighh ‘Why Not’ is on a slightly different route than the usual pop. It’s definitely a better song than ‘Tell Me Love’ but still not good enough for me.

Henry’s follow-up track ‘1-4-3 (I Love You; feat Amber)’ is not too bad. The chorus is very catchy and I like Amber’s featuring. The dance choreography is so rigorous! I feel tired for him. lol.

Nu’est let me down slightly with ‘Sleep Talking‘ (‘Hello‘ was awesome!) but the song was not too bad. After a few listens, I have grown to like the song(it’s quite cute). The chorus is easy to like, the raps (rap + ‘orhhs’) are ok and the MV is very visually appealing (like SNSD’s ‘I Got A Boy’ and 4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’). And Aron♥. Beautiful Ghost‘ stays in line with the album’s ‘urban electro’ direction. The chorus is rock-ish, which I really like. ‘Pretty’ and ‘Fine Girl’ were both ok but nothing new. ‘Love You More’ is the ballad for the album. But it’s the typical kind of ballad 😦 ‘Please Don’t‘ is one of the better songs for me, with a more engaging instrumental and repetitive chorus. Nu’est IMO can do better than what they did for this mini album.

K. Hunter returns with ‘Marry Me‘, a lovely type of pop song. It’s cute and catchy.

Baek Ji Yeong is another of my favourite female soloists. The Good Doctor OST was not too bad.

Spica returns with ‘Tonight‘. Though not the kind of song I wanted the group to release, I did think it was not too bad with the rock tendencies. The song did do its job – show off the girls’ amazing vocals. But if I had the choice, I really wished they stuck with the standard of their earlier songs. The MV on the other hand had delightful cinematography. Most of what I saw (the girls having so much fun) was ok but then I just couldn’t see why Ji Won had to do what she did @1:24~26. Err…?

Btob pleasantly surprised me with ‘When I was Your Man‘. The song is not too bad, much better than some of the other songs they have released IMO. I like the simplicity of the MV and how at ease the boys look.

Brave GirlsRnB release is not bad. Depressing it may be, ‘For You’ has a melody that’s very easy to like. It actually makes me think of Spica’s ‘Tonight’ MV. The ambience I imagined for ‘For You’ is exactly like ‘Tonight’ and when I watched the MV(mute of course) while listening to ‘For You’, it somehow fits! Even though the MV’s longer, the ending also fits.


I was initially going to put this in the previous post but there were just too many things to cover!

One WayBeautiful Day (a song for the fans). A feel-good reggae-ish song:)

G-D and Lee Hi sing G-D’s ‘Without You’ in the former’s concert. Her voice suits Kim Yuna’s part equally well with her deep vocals:)

Others and Covers

Lunafly covers Westlife’s ‘My Love’. I feel nostalgic >.<

LEDApple’s Han Byeol covers Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry U’ alone. His vocals are very strong and they sound awfully alot like Bruno Mars’. Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ can be a hard song to sing even for Han Byeol because his voice has a higher starting pitch compared to Adele’s range. But I think he did an adequate job by rearranging some parts of the song to suit his vocals. 🙂

And Exo‘s main vocalists, D.O, Baek HyeonChen and Lu Han, amazed me with their cover of ‘Open Arms’. It was brilliant. The chorus was just beautiful. Exo K’s Su Ho, Chan Yeol( the poor dear), D.O and Baek Hyeon performs ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ on KBS‘s Global Request Show! I love KBS for giving them the chance to sing this!! Lol. Even Baek Hyeon and Chen’s Immortal Song 2 performance made me speechless.

B2ST/Beast‘s ‘How To Love’ MV is out! Watch it here🙂

I think most readers of this site know I’m the sort who usually waits for the actual song and MV but this was awesome! BTS‘s comeback trailer sounds epic and the narration and rap just complements the intense instrumentals.

G-D performs a new song, ‘Niliria’ with Missy Elliot. Missy Elliot was just awesome and the collaboration was a friggin good idea! I can’t help but be expecting a whole lot for GD’s solo comeback.

2ne1 performs on Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, a total of 4 songs – I am the Best, Lonely, Falling in Love, Do You Love Me. Wished they sung some of their earlier songs too:)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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