K-Songs So Far: 1st-15th Sept 2013

23 Sep

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Once again, sorry in advance for my lack of vocabulary and if the post takes long to load. heh 😛

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 
Unlike his previous mini-album ‘One of a Kind’, G-Dragon experiments more in his 2nd album. It got a little hard for me to be objective because I’m a G-Dragon fan. G-Dragon’s title song ‘Coup D’etat’ is a strange song for me. It’s epic and very individualistic. The funny thing is that I’m not hooked, but I love it. Looks like I’m the one getting strange here. (Hohoho.)

Black(feat. Jennie Kim)‘ is a dark piece and yet I feel oddly attracted to it. Good name choice too. ‘Who You’ changes things by going casual and simple. ‘Shake The World’ is an electronic song. Both songs are not too bad. ‘Niliria (feat. Missy Elliot) is one of my favourite tracks. It’s fun and the rap from both artistes: awesome:) ‘R.O.D (feat Lydia Paek)’ is a little difficult to ‘get into’ too but not too bad. It’s just that I didn’t like the distracting instrumentals that accompanied the rap. Lydia’s vocals sound really like Jennie Kim’s and she sounds great here. ‘Crooked’ has really depressing lyrics despite having a crazy rock-ish instrumental and MV. It’s a song that’s more for all his fans to enjoy compared to ‘Coup D’etat’. Runaway‘ is a rock-ish song. One of my favourites of the album as well. The beat and the melody is very unique in Kpop. ‘I Love It (feat Zion T and Boys Noize)‘ is a collaboration I never quite anticipated. The song also drives me out of the usual I’m used to but it’s not bad at all:) I love the electric guitar in ‘You Do(outro)‘ (sounds very one-direction-y..ehe) and the singing parts are quite addicting. G-Dragon’s second album was good. It did what I didn’t expect. (I expected something similar to ‘One of A Kind’.) Some of the songs may be hard to like on the first listen, but no complains:) G-Dragon performs his new songs live!

Navi makes her comeback with a sexy RnB single, ‘I’m Not Going Home Tonight‘. A groovy song, particularly at the chorus. The lyrics are so aggressive. haha. I thought the MV actress was Jang Geun Seok! Hehe. I didn’t really like Geek’s rap and the accompanying instrumental. It was a little out of the place. Regardless, the song is very engaging.

Kim Ye Rim‘s solo mini album ‘Her Voice’ is a quality album with her songs mostly straying away from the generic K-Pop fare. ‘Voice (feat Swings)’ is a rainy-day RnB kind of song. It’s relaxing but melancholic.  ‘Rain’ is also, a rainy-day song with bar-like jazzy instrumentals. Her falsetto is beautiful but sad. The thing about the two songs is that they are both so pleasing to the ears, that it becomes addicting, that the songs always seem shorter than they actually are. Kim Ye Rim’s vocals in the indie-band-like accoustic track, ‘Drunken Shrimp’, has this haunting, depressing texture. It’s another good song. ‘Truth Never Matters’ may have similar instrumentals to ‘Drunken Shrimp’ but it wasn’t easy for me to like. It’s still got that soothing quality but there’s a totally different feeling to the song. ‘Urban Green’ (there is the Eng and Kor version) makes me think of a leisure walk in a park(? Don’t tell me(?) it’s because of the title….=.=), taking pictures of and enjoying the scenery. Her vocals, with the simplicity of the guitar makes the song light and breezy. ‘Say Love‘ is a more upbeat, spring-y track. It’s a good break from the other laid back tracks. I also like that all her songs are on her channel, something I think every company should do. At least she gets views/online support even if she doesn’t get album sales.

Bang Tan So Nyeon Dan (A.K.A BTS) is back with ‘N.O’ and it’s quite the intense track. The rap is a little inaudible over the instrumental, so the forcefulness intended is toned down unfortunately. The chorus is really good. I think Seoulbeat‘s Pat did a good job with the meaning of the song and MV. So I won’t say more. Feel free to read here 🙂 The dance choreography, especially towards the end, is quite interesting with the 7 of them trying to fight off the Swat team. Thank goodness there wasn’t any abs show. Their first mini album contains 9 songsThe intro: O!RUL8,2? was so epic:) Why you no give full version, BTS?? ‘We On’ instrumental sounds similar to Dok2’s songs. The track is an instant favourite. I excluded the Skit from this post. ‘If I Ruled The World’ is an RnB song. It’s not too bad however, I prefer the other songs. ‘Coffee’ is a sweet RnB track. Love the chorus and the pretty piano bits. One of my favourites out of the album:) I didn’t really like ‘BTS Cypher Pt 1’. It was a bit bare (the case here, is that the instrumental is too inaudible) and not really in sync with the beats sometimes. The better all-out rap songs IMO would be for me, ‘ Strong Arm – Saturi Rap’ and ‘Intro’‘Strong Arm – Saturi Rap’ is a cute song where, according to the comments, J-Hope, Su Ga and Rap Monster squabble over which (meaning only 3 – Dae Gu, Gwang Ju and Seoul. That’s where the 3 are from. lol) kind of country man is better. The Rise of Bang Tan‘ reminds me of cheer rallies. Haha. It’s very hyper and it reminds me of Block B…somehow. ‘Outro: Luv in Skool’ is a another ‘Coffee’, but shorter. The saturi bit at the end was so adorable :3 I think the song was short and sweet 🙂 Overall a fairly good album for the rookie group! On a side note, Jeong Guk is not too bad but I still think the rap jobs shouldn’t be taken away from J-Hope, Rap Monster and Su Ga. 

The mid-tempo pop ballad by 5DOLLS is a simple, sweet song. The girls sound good 🙂 From my point of view, I thought Da Ni was alright. The way she rapped (rap-sing rather..) was perfect for the song and what I wanted for Mad Clown and So Yu’s ‘Stupid In Love’.

Drunken Tiger collaborates with his yeo bu Yun Mi Rae and Bizzy for his comeback album. ‘Beautiful Day’ is one of my favourites. The piano is just awesome. Even though there was a change in tempo and melody in the verse before the chorus, it didn’t matter much. 🙂 ‘Time To Travel’ is a mid tempo pop-y track. The chorus is laid-back but addicting. Another favourite:) Title track ‘The Cure‘ is a reggae-ish accoustic track. The song is similar to ‘Time to Travel’ with it’s laxed, no-frills melody. The song can be a little too simple for some (me included). But ‘The Cure’ can be a break from all those high-energy pop songs and its simplicity allows us ((is) meant rather?) to put more focus onto the lyrics 🙂 ‘All In Together’ sounds really familiar. Like I’ve heard this somewhere before. Both the instrumental and raps are so fierce and badass! I love this song 🙂 ‘GO’ is a slightly altered version of ‘Sweet Dream’. The singing parts are much slower and the rap parts are remixed. It’s still great though. ‘Get It In(feat Jeong In..but I didn’t manage to hear her.)’ is an electronic pop song. I am mostly neutral to auto-tunes but I didn’t really like some of it in here. The song is not too bad but the auto-tuned parts, I just… So, it turns out there’s actually a reggae version of ‘The Cure’. The pitches are higher in the verses here and the chorus has a more pop sound but it isn’t very much different from the original. I didn’t quite know what to expect from Tiger JK since he doesn’t restrict himself to Hip-Hop projects. Overall, there’s more to like than dislike in ‘The Cure’.

D-Unit’s Zin solo debuts with ‘Don’t You Want To Enlist’. The accoustic pop song is very easy to like, with its simple start. Her vocals are enough and the harmonised chorus is my favourite. I think I hear Crush too:) 

Songs I Found To Be Not Too Bad
Kara‘s ‘Damaged Lady‘ is indeed very catchy at the bridge and the chorus but it fails in the rap which should be clearer and more audible IMO. ‘1+1’ is not too bad but once again, the rap isn’t up to my standard. IMHO, I think Kara didn’t have enough power in their vocals to pull off a better-sounding ‘In The Game’. ‘Smoothie’, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘2night’ may not be ambitious but the songs suit Kara and what they can do.

Global Icon returns with a mini-album and the songs are mostly in the hip-hop-y electronic genre. ‘G’ is not too bad. I do like it a little more than ‘Don’t Lie’ as there’s more singing, so there’s some melody structure to follow. Whereas for ‘Don’t Lie (feat Dok2)‘, I really found the song to be lacking, instrumentals wise and there were more rap-singing than actual singing. I still found myself liking the track(quite a badass one), just not so much the dub-steps. ‘디리덤’ was ok for me. It’s just the electronic instrumentals were very distracting. ‘Because of You’ may be the ballad of the album but it does more than being such a song. We hear more of the girls’ vocals (and less of electronic dub-steps). Also, as the ballad is very different from their other songs, it becomes a much-needed breather despite not being outstanding. It’s an album that’s worth a try, especially those who like electronic songs. 

BtoB‘s new title song ‘Thriller’ was a disappointment. Their songs have always been consistently in the ‘safe, generic’ territory but as I listened to ‘Thriller’, I actually thought it was a much better representative track from the boys. So where is the disappointment? The intense instrumentals, the ‘la la, la la la la’ and the heavy beats got me excited. But the chorus, fell short of the anticipation I had gathered from the start. The chorus is actually not too bad after a few listens. But then I still feel it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. The MV seemed like a cross between B2ST’s ‘Shadow’ and VIXX’s ‘Hyde’. ‘Why’ is one of the better songs along with ‘I Am Your Man’ out of the mini album (a total of 6 songs). However both are still too safe for my taste. Their dance practice video link🙂

Park Jin Yeong‘s ‘Half Time’ album is overall, not too bad. The songs have a good quality and they are nice but they arent strong enough that I go mental over it. Perhaps, it’s befitting of the album and Park’s intentions. Park Jin Yeong’s pre-release ‘Love is The Best(feat Nam Gung Song Ok and Gaeko) has an addicting chorus and has a very distinct JYP sound to it. There’s also more solid instrumentals and vocals here. On a side note, I do hope Nam Gung Song Ok debuts(?) soon. Love her vocals. One of my favourites:) JYP’s title song ‘Had Enough Parties’ is not too bad. But like ‘Love is The Best’, it’s not strong enough for me. I did enjoy the song for what it was – being lightly catchy and reminiscent of the 90s kind of RnB. But the instrumentals and vocals were too thin for me…if you get what I mean.. The lyrics and MV however, is something that’s very different from the usual. 🙂 ‘Rolling‘ is another favourite of the album. The song sounds cute but the lyrics is more matured than I expected. ‘Half Time‘ has a rap, different from what I am used to hearing. It reminds me of Danny’s rap in G.O.D’s ‘Lie’. The pop song’s not too bad.

15&’s Park Ji Min sings ‘I Love You’ for Goddess of Fire, Jeong Yi OST. I forgot that I was listening to her and thought the singer was a much older artiste. :O

Sistar’s So Yu has been in a few collaborations before and this time, it’s with a new rapper Mad Clown. ‘Stupid In Love’ has an awesome instrumental and So Yu is not a bad choice with her delicate vocals. Mad Clown is ok but I feel his rap can get too forceful at times and when that happens, the song becomes detached. If he did a slower, softer(in strength) rap (Like 1:27-1:33 of the song), that might have been better from my perspective.


K.Will and Tiffany both did a great job for ‘A Girl Meets Love‘. The ballad was not too bad though a little bit too generic at times. I was actually expecting a more bubbly, energetic song from the way the title’s named.

Others and Covers
Mr.Mr also guests on Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and everyone did a great job. Especially the main vocalists Tey (He’s handsome and he can sing! More main vocalists are getting better looking :D) and Ryu (he seriously reminds me of SS501’s Heo Yeong Saeng). It’s quite sad the camera’s main focus was on them because the other members also have nice vocals. I have to admit, ‘Waiting For You’ has grown on me!

The dance-only version for Seon Mi‘s ’24 Hours’ is out! Also, the drama MV for Hyo Rin‘s ‘You Make Me Crazy’ has been released:)

Baek Ye Rin of 15& covers Whitney Houston’s ‘Run To You’ and she totally nailed the song. Her control is *goosebumps* l

BTS released a concept trailer for their mini album. ‘Concept Trailer’ sounds like a new term. Perhaps it’s better for groups to start having such, so that their album (and group) identity stands out. The dance practice sheds more light( see what I did there? 😛 ) on the choreography. Both the choreography and the song were a good match. It was so fierce! Every one of them(including the back-up dancers) were so in sync. :O The teasers for ‘No’: First, Second.

I think the acting from Infinite’s Ho Ya and Sunny Hill’s Mi Seong was not bad at all in Davichi’s Hae Ri and Zia’s ‘If You Loved Me’ MV. 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:)

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