Have You Watched/ Planned to Watch Them Yet?: [21st July – 25th Sept 2013]

30 Sep

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

Note: The comments below will be my zeroth impression (please click the links for more on the drama), though it may be influenced by what I had heard about the drama/film. I’m more for shows that experiment( find something new in the old) or have a different script. Also, as this is more of a recommended list, I apologise if I do offend because of what I choose.

I didn’t know I had left more than 2 months worth of news to cover. Sorry for the overload!

 Movie Picks

1. We’ve had some dramas (The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, I Need Romance 1+2) doing the ‘Sex and The City’ premise and now, Eom Jeong Hwa (the ‘Lee Shin Yeong’ or the ‘Seon Woo In Yeong’), Jo Min Su(divorcee) and Mun So Ri(married) head the same-theme film, Laws of Attraction. Looking at the cast, it’s going to be an older and bolder perspective from these three girlfriends. I hope the show doesn’t stinge on the crazy and the honest dialogues. And those small but squeal-worthy moments too! It will be so much fun! 😛 *Wet blanket alert!* Although on the downside, I’m a little worried for the film version if it doesn’t give the same or higher entertainment value (and maybe lessons on love, seeing as there’s a matured cast here) as those on the small screen due to the limited time frame. I know, I had to ruin things right? Heh.eom, jo, mun Ryu Seung Ryong's Killer charisma:P

2. I didn’t watch French thriller Point Blank so I don’t really know what to expect for Korea’s version. The premise doesn’t interest me as much as Ryu Seung Ryong. After watching the actor in Miracle in 7th Cell (I only watched My Agent Girlfriend before this), I think I can trust whatever projects the guy takes. Yeah, all it took was to watch one two films. 😛 Joining Ryu is Lee Jin Woo, who can be rather stiff and awkward. But he certainly ain’t stopping me from more badass Ryu Seung Ryong. I just hope the show does make Ryu’s hitman character pay for his crimes. TVB series ‘House of Harmony and Vengeance’ was sick enough to end the show without having Bobby’s character face the music.

lee jin wook

3. I honestly wished Lee Jong Seok and Park Bo Yeong‘s Hot Blooded Youth(2014 release) was a drama. I think it has a lot of room to explore each character. I mean, Park Bo Yeong as a gangster girl is fantastic and Lee Jong Seok as the school’s handsome player sounds hilarious. *Imagines all the glorious hair flips (in true Shrek’s Prince Charming fashion) and toe-and-finger-curling finger-gun-to-the-forehead winks and smiles* LOL. Lee Se Yeong sounds boring unfortunately. I guess the time period needs someone like her and the actress looks the part! *Puberty Medley feels* Hopefully she has something going on with Park Bo Yeong’s character, say, Lee is actually already a first love icon (which is her character description) in the eyes of the male students but she foolishly asks Park how to be one. And Park Bo Yeong would be like ‘are you playing with me now?’ HAHA. Ok, this is purely my imagination. Hee. Kim Yeong Kwang sounds a little like…Kim Woo Bin’s School 2013 character. The cast sounds alright. But I wonder how a title like Hot-Blooded Youth applies to the characters. ..It sounds reckless. But then again, I reckon my imaginations don’t quite fit in with the title.

4. Hwa Yi, which is Yeo Jin Gu‘s film debut, is a crime-revenge thriller. The trailer makes the show seem dangerous and mysterious. There are so many questions about the dialogues I want to ask. What did Hwa Yi find out that it’s payback time to the fathers who raised him? Why did Kim Yun Seok’s character imply that Hwa Yi isn’t as innocent and upright like we’d think a teenager like him to be? Why did the 5 men raise Hwa Yi? For such a world like Hwa Yi’s, I can only think of betrayal and murderers. The premise is interesting and I’m expecting great things from the cast. …Despite not having seen Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu in anything much prior to this post. Eheh. I’m a little wimpy about this one though. I’m never good with violence. Or Hermione needs to be next to me to erase my memory when I do watch this show.

5. Thriller Hide and Seek stars Son Hyeon Ju, Jeon Mi Seon and Mun Jeong Hee (she looks so old in the film!) as neighbours who feel that their house has been infiltrated by an unknown person with an unknown agenda (it’s worse this way!!). And the film is the kind of show you HAVE to watch till the end to get a closure. Watching the trailer made me jump so much. >.< I obviously know that there won’t be any revelations but the suspense gets me every time!The thriller should be awesome (just no scaries. heh). No cop outs please. Lol, why am I so ironic? 😛


6. Park Hae Il and Shin Min Ah romance in film Gyeong Ju. Love them both! The film seems like a romelo. (You know…romantic Heh.) I’m already imagining the show’s melancholic ambience, with him doing a nostalgic return to the countryside and her being a shopkeeper. The film sounds like it would be a nicely paced ride, with a great atmosphere and a romance to carry us through the entire show. But these are just my expectations. If it goes quirky, by all means. Besides, Shin has been doing supernatural roles recently. So quirky could mean a cute film for the Winter. 🙂

6. The Spy seems like any other kind of spy action (romantic) comedy but I agree with JB’s ‘how can you say no to such good-natured fun?’ I think it would be better to go to DB for the translation. Anyway, here’s the preview 🙂 I laughed at the part of the trailer (which DB didn’t translate) when Sol Kyeong Gu‘s agent character gets into a dangerous shootout with the baddies, his fight attendant wifey (Mun So Ri) calls and asks if he’s in the PC rooms again. LOL. He must have been using that excuse all along! Haha! Then enters Daniel Henney with unmistakably ulterior motives. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing, just that this bad boy, is soooo gorgeous. *dreamy eyes* Do any of you recognise Han Ye Ri (Ga-In look-alike), who has acted in a recent KBS drama special (Yeon Woo’s Summer)? Also in the movie is cute ahjeosshi Go Chang Seok and Yoghurt lady agent Ra Mi Ran. Yogeureuteu ahjumma~ yogeureutu jusaeyo~ *Running Man’s Gary led me to this song. :P*

7. And we are back with spine chilling thrillers! Kim Sae Ron plays Do Hee, a girl who questions her sexual identity as a result of her step-father(Song Sae Byeok)’s doing. *shivers* in the film ‘Do Hee ya(2014 film). Bae Du Na’s character is the town’s police chief, who is also hiding some secrets of her own. The movie sounds intriguing but also dark at the same time. I can’t see Song Sae Byeok as a villain (because I only saw him in Cyrano Agency the film, as an awkward character) but I’m all for him doing this role to surprise me. I’m honestly a little confused at what the whole film’s trying to do with everyone hiding skeletons in their closet. But I guess if it’s going for thriller, all the better with the mysteries. 🙂

8. Cheon Jeong Myeong and Kim Min Jeong‘s new romcom ‘Queen of The Night‘ has me LOL-ing. I love the plot and am looking forward to how crazy things can get in a hysterical, over-the-top manner. It’s like a funny thriller! Haha. Cheon Jeong Myeong is an awkward actor but I think this role fits him. And Kim Min Jeong looks like she’s having a time of her life. It’s going to be so much fun with him discovering his wife’s past in horror (“T-th-that can’t be my wifey!”) and she’s all ‘woohooo!!’. LOL. 

9. Lee Jong Seok and Seo In Guk lead swimming-themed sports film ‘No Breathing‘. The movie is nothing unlike what I’ve seen before and I’m worried about how Yu Ri will fare. But the screenwriter friggin’ penned The Gift of Room 7 and for that, I’m waiting with a whole lot of expectations. Not that the Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Seok aren’t another draw. I have to admit. I sound hypocritical what with my hate for onstage shirt lifting. >.< OMG the poster(below) looks like some manga cover. Especially Lee Jong Seok! So long and skinny. And pretty. And that wink. 😛 

10. Another crazy romcom in the form of ‘Marriage Blues/Night Before The Wedding‘ stars four couples and Joo Ji Hoon (I actually like his look here. Haha. He looks so free-spirited, it’s attractive 🙂 ) in the mix. The 4 couples: Kim Kang Woo and Kim Hyo Jin, Go Jun Hee and Lee Hee Jun, Ma Dong Seok and Guzal Tursunova, Taec Yeon and Lee Yeon HeeThe trailer gives the impression that the film will have more liberal dialogues, which is great. I’m really interested in watching how everything will work out, just not Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee’s. I like her with Ju Ji Hoon. Hehe. Hope the number of couples won’t be the film’s downfall.

* Oh and The Five (Kim Seon Ah, Ma Dong Seok, On Ju Wan, Lee Cheong Ah, Jeong In Ki, Park Hyo Ju, Shin Jeong Geun)’s poster is here!: 

Drama Picks

1. Korean’s version of ‘Kaseifu No Mita’ will be led by Choi Ji Woo, as the mysterious housekeeper. So I have heard good things about the original Japanese drama, Kaseifu No Mita. (The last episode recorded a 40% rating.) The title and Choi’s character interests me, but the storyline sounds clichéd, particularly the single parent to his kids set up. Regardless, I do think the show can be a real heart-warming comedy🙂 The poster looks so quirky and dangerous. Haha.

2. Wow. I can’t imagine how happy I am to know there’s a drama out of the supernaturals-unite-sphere. The ‘Unemployed Romance’ makes me feel so sorry for Lee Yeong Ah, whose character has not been doing well as a scriptwriter. Worse still, she runs into her college crush (Nam Gung Min) who happens to be giving her her unemployment pay checks and thinks of her as a bad luck charm ever since their university days. Her only script that made it to the small screens, ‘Love and Ruin’ sounds just like her. Oh boy 😦 The set up sounds like a really unlikely romance. But I’m already supporting the female lead. Lookie: The storyline is just all kinds of horror for the heroine (except the part that Seo Jun Yeong likes her) but that’s how all the funny comes from and what make her loveable. The love square isn’t quite my cup of tea though (especially how they are all related to one another…or is that what the writer wanted, so that other developments come into play). I do think the short romcom can be a cute, breezy ride, just like the teasers:)

3. I’m usually not a weekend drama watcher. It’s just the length gives me drama commitment issues. heh. And in most cases, the dreaded birth secret/I’m-finding-my-parents trope is always sure to say hi in such lengths. Sigh, as if HK dramas these days aren’t giving me enough already. But I do like ‘King/ Wang’s Family”s cast, half being a stable crew of actors and actresses (Lee Yun Ji, Kim Hae Suk, etc) and the other half, well hidden from me as a result of a growing list of yet-to-watch. 😛 The teaser gives the show a really loud and comical first look. Seems like it can be worthwhile (I really like comedies.) to watch:) A first episode/ introduction has been posted on DB. 

On The Fence 

Disclaimer: Mood swings might have affected the decisions to put the following shows under this section. 


Plan Man (2014): Jeong Jae Yeong and Han Ji Min as direct opposites. The film isn’t groundbreaking. If only he were a guy who helped people plan things and she came into his life for his profession but ends up interfering with his…. say, wedding plans? 😛

Our Seon Hee (2013): Jeong Yu Mi, Lee Seon Kyun, Kim Sang Jung, Jeong Jae Yeong(yes, the plan man guy). The synopsis doesn’t give a lot and the teaser isn’t packed with much. This could be a quiet little film to take note when you have had enough of the other genres.

The Hero (2013): Oh Jeong Sae, Jeong Yun Seok. Could be potentially awesome.  

KKang Cheollie (2013): Yu Ah InKim Hae SukHonestly speaking, I’m not so hot on where the movie decided to go in the later half, but I do love the mother-son dynamic between Kim Hae Suk and Yoo Ah In. She’s cute and out-of-there due to her character’s alzheimer disease while he’s her sweet guardian angel. I know it’s going to be adorable and heartwarming but the chain of events makes things quite predictable.

Elegant Lie (2014): Kim Yu Jeong, Go Ah Seong, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Hee Ae. It sounds like the female version of Bleak Night and I only found my interest piqued at Kim Yu Jeong’s villain role


Good Doctor: Ju Won, Ju Sang Wook, Mun Chae WonI’m usually neutral towards medical dramas but there have been quite a number coming out that I really wonder how different each series can be. However, this trailer sealed the deal for me in that it’s got heart. On top of that, the quality of the trailer is good and the cast is promising. Here’s hoping the standard carries throughout the whole show. And then, more stills made it look generic. sigh..

Hwa Tu (sageuk, 50 eps): Ha Ji Won, Ju Jin Mo, Jin Yi Han, Jeong Woong In, Ji Chang Wook. I actually think Hwatu can be quite epic if done right. (A romantic talking here, mind.) Though objectively speaking, I think I will be giving this a pass. All the political talk will just ruin me. On the other hand, the casting news has been quite a joy to read. The age gap between Ha’s leading men is quite big (13 years) so I wonder if the political and romantic rivalry between Ji and Ju is going to be only dangerous and antagonistic. It would be pretty fun to see Ju Jin Mo fall out of character for his character and be all like aegyo and childish, thinking that’s how he should win the so-not-damsel-in-distress’s heart. Haha.

Anticipate Love: I wasn’t sure of taking up BoA and Daniel Choi’s mini series but I admit I cracked up at the teaser for being so dramatic. LOL. 

Heirs: a hyped series surrounding rich high school students (Lee Min Ho, Krystal, Choi Jin Hyeok, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won) and a pesky cinderella (Park Shin Hye; who must be an heir to her parent’s laundry(?) shop. Or else, how does she fit in? Haha.). Sounds like 2009’s crack of the year ‘Boys Over/Before Flowers’ all right. I have some favourites in the cast but I worry about the similarity in material. The exaggerated group of rich people also gets on my nerves. But strangely enough, it’s also because of the similarity in material (and lead actor) that I want to watch how everything fares and yet I’m afraid of plunging in and having to realise my folly. zzz..

Potato Star 2013 QR3 (sitcom): I’m not sure what to think of this show yet since the synopsis isn’t very clear. And because the synopsis isn’t clear, I can’t see how the characters all fit into this apparently quirky outer space family sitcom. Also, not all information for the characters is out so, I’m still on the fence for this one. Perhaps it’s gonna be similar to Vampire Idol.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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