K-Songs So Far: 16th – 30th Sept 2013

08 Oct

Sorry for the late update. I was busy during the weekend and the internet kept crashing so I wasn’t able to properly work on this post. D:

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 🙂

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

1. Ailee and Yiruma collaborates for ‘Higher’. I feel like I’m watching an inspiring anime with such a song as the OST. (Don’t tell me(?) it’s because of the picture… …eheh) Her explosive vocals (love her control), with the beautiful instrumental was just so good! 

2. It’s been some time since I last heard an FT Island song. Their anniversary album ‘Thanks To’ contains 4 songs, all of which are compositions done by the members. The piano and drum beats (RnB-y) build up the climax for the all-out rock chorus in ‘Memory‘. Very satisfying 😀 ‘Falling Star’ is similar to ‘Memory’ in structure (gentle before the rocking craziness). The alternating electric guitar-and-drum-only instrumentals, and ‘catch a falling star’ lines are my favourite parts. The song overall is not too bad. ‘Try Again’ is also a rock track but has more rock-ish verses than the other two. Hong Ki‘s vocals here are also more audible in the verses with less instrumentals, which is great because it’s simplicity doesn’t take away the awesomeness of the crazy times. ‘Always With You’ is the acoustic rock ballad of the album. It’s not as out-of-your-mind as the previous three songs, as it focuses more on the melody and being a ballad. But, still a good track. The mini album is an applaudable effort, especially since the songs were done by the members. All of the songs are very easy to like 🙂

3. OMG, Block B is back!!!! Haha I couldn’t resist it even though it’s only a pre-release. (Thank you so much Seven Seasons. Thank you♥) Their official return was on 2nd October.To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a song like ‘Be The Light’ from the hip-hop group. It’s not a genre they haven’t done but it’s also something far mellower than their other songs-with-an-MV. However, I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be. (It’s just me… because ballads can be really generic. With pop ballads, they are the catchier version. But this has a certain quality higher than some of the other pop ballads I have listened to.) The bittersweet pop ballad doesn’t lack in the instrumental, the vocals or the rap. (I might actually like this better than ‘Very Good’.)The lyrics are in another class of its own (except the ‘I deep inside of you’ line. lol. The more I listen, the more I laugh.), being poetic like any other Zico production. I like how the MV ended – alluding to a more badass version of Block B. But then…what’s the link to the current MV? Haha. The MV insight from Seoulbeats added more meaning and that’s why I didn’t mind the violence in the MV as much as I would have.

4. Kye Beom Ju also returns with his mini album ‘Something Special’. Ever since Kye Beom Ju debuted(?) with ‘The Strange Ceiling’, I love his style of groovy, catchy RnB songs. And he is only 22 (international age)! …By 8 November that is. Just like how I had wished his comeback title song to be, ‘Something Special (feat Dok2)’ is also enjoyable. The track may not be as sexy as ‘The Strange Ceiling’ but it’s very lighthearted and really cute (all thanks to P.O actually. haha!)! The lyrics are what I wished all songs can be about and not just about being physically attracted.’Hello I’m Beom Ju’ is a sweet RnB ballad. His voice is so dam fine~. His falsetto♥ ‘99%’ is also another RnB number. It’s more laid-back than ‘Something Special’ but still not too bad. I felt ‘2Star (feat Ugly Duck)’ is nothing special but like ‘99%’, it’s still alright. ‘Bingle Bangle (feat. Volume)’ is so fun and retro. The female singer, Volume, may be a great addition but it doesn’t mean that I want her to take so much time in the song. lol. I rather a balanced duet anytime since I like my Kye Beom Ju and groovy songs together. And it’s not like his vocals are bad! Playlist LINK

5. I have never liked Secret’s flashy, sexy concepts (after their debut song) but Song Ji Eun‘s ‘False Hope‘ is a single I cannot say I didn’t like. The RnB ballad isn’t much (it’s a lot mellower than ‘Going Crazy’) but the whole package is so well done IMO. The song is age-appropriate and matured, the MV is well shot and the Secret member looks great!(Btw, she reminds me sooo much of HK actress Fala Chen…I’m so random sometimes. >.<) []’Date Mate’ is not too bad but a little on the generic side.

OK/Not Too Bad

5Dolls members all have great vocals but the album (youtube link) wasn’t as good. ‘Can You Love Me’, ‘Deceive’ and ‘No No No’ are just too similar (all are sweet songs). ‘Lov(e)’ is one of the better songs IMO (besides ‘CYLM’). It’s a trot-y pop song that’s lightly catchy and has an interesting melody. ‘짝 1호 (both original and Listen 2)’ sounded like a T-ara song with its retro roots. On a side note, I thought Eun Kyo(the blue-shirt-wearing member) resembles BTS’s Ji Min. *Being so random once again*

I’m not a huge fan of Busker Busker probably because I don’t have much interest in the genre of music they are making and performing. The songs are mostly not too bad but they sound a little similar here and there. Maybe it’s the singer’s voice. 😛 ‘Too Much Regret‘ and ‘Night‘ are my favourites. The instrumental track, appropriately-titled ‘Autumn Night’ is a relaxing listen. Love the orchestra.

Joy O’Clock is a new male vocal group comprising of two members. They are great singers(duh) but their song, ‘Delusion‘, was nothing much for me. The MV was so pretty to look at though. 🙂  


Jeong In‘s ‘철수와 미미(feat. Gil, Supreme Team)’:

Bulldog Mansion‘s ‘Stargirl (2013 version)’ **Warning: As this is an OST/theme song for Puberty Medley (KBS Drama Special), please take note that the MV might give away some spoilers!**:

Others and Covers

BTS‘s dance practice for ‘No’ is out:

Lunafly covers Chris Brown’s ‘With You’ and Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’. The former song brings back memories. But it’s also very scary how the singer can be such a guy and sing such a song. It was a surprise to see Yun know how to play the drums. I wonder where they went just to take this ‘MV’.

I was admittedly surprised by Rap Monster‘s cover(he even wrote the lyrics for the verses!). He reminds me of Zico (and Zico’s mixtape ‘Wake Up’), just that he has smoother vocals. I’m a bigger fan now!

Crayon Pop‘s mini album features three of their title songs thus far. Here’s ‘Dancing Queen’ for starters:

GD and CL (instead of Lydia Paek) perform ‘Ride Or Die/ R.O.D’ together LIVE:

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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