K-Songs So Far: [16th – 31st Oct 2013]

04 Nov

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Another link here may help too: LINK

I had a pretty hard time for this post, thinking about where I should put the songs, particularly ballads. I personally think ballads are good but when there are too many of the same kind, I get really biased. D:

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

1.Shin Seung Hun‘s 90’s soothing, high-pitched vocals and his fall album go very well together such that the ballads (most of the tracks are) don’t sound too stale next to each other. Strangely enough, all of the ballads are my favourites of the album – ‘I’ve Changed A Lot (feat Choiza)‘ , ‘Sorry’ (The piano instrumental is darkly charming and hypnotising.), ‘You’, ‘My Melody’, ‘Butterfly Effect’, ‘Love Fool’ , ‘Turn On The Radio’. . I did like ‘I Hope (feat Ra.D)’ too, which is a remix of the original (?I remember hearing this song before…). Ra.D’s unique singing complimented the veteran singer and the way the song was remixed.

2. I’m honestly left frightened after having seen the MV for Kim Bo Hyeong‘s solo single ‘Crazy Girl’(composed by Lee Hyo Ri). The song itself is dark and haunting but Kim’s husky, strong rocker like vocals do the track justice and she’s someone I wished so hard for a solo. The MV was, as I have said, hard to watch. Despite that, both Na Rae (Spica member who acted in the MV) and the actor did a pretty good job together. In addition to the MV, here’s Kim Bo Hyeong’s piano version.

3. TOPP DOGG debuts with ‘Say It‘. Their music is engaging and the group is visibly(I really don’t know what’s going on. lol) talented. I really liked ‘Doggs Out’, ‘Play Ground’ and ‘Say It'(crazily catchy chorus.). The MV for ‘Say It’ was really making me dizzy. For their size, the speed of the camera works to their disadvantage. Even if identifying (name and face) is hard, at least (lazy >.<) people like me can see who is in the group. I chose to use the practice video(below) precisely because it was easier to watch everything. They really should have name tags or marathon-kind name tags. ‘A Woman Like You’ (Ki Do‘s RnB Solo. He produced and wrote the lyrics and worked together with another for the composition. A rather unusual solo track right from the group’s debut.) and ‘Cute Girl’ (adorable and light.) are not too bad.

4. 2AM’s Chang Min‘s ‘Moment’ in Heirs OST. His voice compliments the heavy instrumentals. LINK  

5. U-Kiss‘s pre-release ‘Mysterious Lady’ has a really addicting beat that makes the typical melody sound better.Intro‘ was really good. The beats, the piano, the narration and the singing (by Kevin?) went so well together. The rest of the songs really remind me of BigStar (especially Dash/Run and Run) and TeenTop’s style. ‘My Girl’ started out so badass! Wished the song continued in the direction, but the track itself was easy to like – light-hearted catchy pop, with really manly raps. lol. The other songs follow the same route. Full album link

6. (I’m going to call him 19+ Gray because the lyrics are *smh*)19+Gray‘s ‘Dream Chaser (feat Dok2, Crush)‘ and ‘Dangerous(feat Jay Park)‘ are laid-back but catchy while ‘Summer Night‘ takes a latin-and-jazz-influenced approach and ‘In My Head‘ is more mainstream club kind of music.

7. Kanto‘s (part of Troy) ‘What You Want‘ has the black, classy, seductive kind of MV that I really like. Kwon Ri Sae is thankfully dressed appropriately. Her character here is so cool too! LOL.(What’s with the kiss at the end though?) The message that guys only like a woman for her body is just repulsive. (I’m talking to you, 19+ Gray and other such artistes.) Infinite’s Seong Kyu sings in a different way he usually does in this song – groovier and bolder. Kanto has a nice flow for his rap and he reminds me of Choiza in his rap delivery and voice. He’s quite cute too! 😛 

8. Out of the 13 songs in JaeJoong‘s new solo album, I really liked ‘Paradise'(Track 11) and ‘Loveholic(feat Ha dong Qn)'(Track 13).

9. Ailee sings ‘Tears Stole The Heart‘ for Secret‘s OST.

10. Mpire‘s back with ‘On My Mind’ (ballad) and ‘I’m Better’ (electronic pop). Both songs are quite decent. 🙂 

OK/Not Too Bad 

Yu Sae Yun‘s comedic hiphop ballad ‘Kkattok’ is quite similar to his previous release (a UV title song) in terms of its melody. The MV had such a ridiculous ending. >.< 

I absolutely love K.Will‘s voice and I have to admit, those beautiful vocals suit ballads. So objectively speaking, this album was good, but it lacked variety and creativity. Perhaps K.Will’s comeback was meant for the season and hence the genre. However, subjectively speaking, I was a little disappointed with a ballad-filled mini-album. His title track, ‘You Don’t Know Love’ was groovy and catchy RnB material but it didn’t make me sit up and ‘whoa’ over it. I wished his MV was darker in atmosphere and content. As for the MV, Chan Yeol was surprisingly natural. In fact, he was more effective than the female lead actress (Lee Ho Jeong).Lol.On the whole, his tracks were too heavy for me, for one sitting. (It’s like taking too much creamy pasta and then feeling queasy from the meal.).

Park Ji Yun‘s ‘Mr Lee‘ is simple but classy and sultry and yet, I’m just not crazy over/for it. San E was a suitable rapper for the genre. I really dislike that the MV partly focused on her body too, even if the main objective was to be sexy and matured.

Female duo As One, is back with a mini album. As I’m not a fan of their saccharine sweet vocals, I was mostly neutral towards their songs, which were usually on the simpler, rap-less(O.O) side of things. Bumkey‘s featuring in title song ‘What Are We?’ did provide something different to set itself apart from the other songs. ‘동거(Living Together)’ is a lighter, more laid-back RnB fare that I enjoy from the two singers. ‘혼잣말”s upbeat chorus was my favourite part of the song. Simplicity isn’t bad. But if I do listen to many songs with about the same kind of melody and vocals, I can get batty.

A-Prince‘s ‘Romantic Gangwon‘ should be perfect for those who want a really relaxing listen.

Hiphop group DELIGHT‘s songs are actually quite ok. Though the songs are not stellar, they have chances of going far with their powerful vocalists and rappers. 🙂Here’s their debut song (‘Mega Yak’) LIVE performance.

Rhythm Power is back with Zion. T for ‘Bond Girl’.I’m going to be mean and say I loved Zion. T. Haha. For me, he held together the song rather well with his vocals. The song on the whole was fun!

Bark Seung Heon‘s RnB pop ballad ‘Wait A Minute’. If he’s familiar, he sang ‘Till The Sun Rises‘ last year.

Rock band Jaurim‘s returns to the scene with a full album, ‘Goodbye, Grief’. I really enjoy listening to Kim Yun Ah, the (only) female singer in the band. Out of the 11 songs, I liked ‘Anna’ (her unique vocals and range made this sound like a bittersweet anime OST) , ‘Tempest’, ’25, 21′(dark but soothing), ‘I Want To Say‘ (soothing and contemplative), ‘I Feel Good‘(I really do. haha), ‘Dear Mother‘ (has a rather interesting musical route. And I thought the song would be a ballad. I liked the way she sang the front and end parts.), ‘Dancing Star‘ (more mainstream), ‘Icarus'(hypnotising) Bonus video: Jaurim – abracadabra on I Want To Be A Singer

Jjun‘s newest release ‘Way To Your Heart’ sounds and looks really passé and generic. I’m only adding this because I think his vocals have potential.

Tae One adds another heavy ballad, ‘미치도록 (Like Crazy)’ to the comebacks. His voice is really good. But, the song isn’t for me.

Others and covers
Epik High‘s 10th anniversary presents fans with ‘420’. Is there going to be new songs based on the 2 (the one they were seen making and the one played throughout the MV) sets of instrumentals heard?

New Block B MV is still as crazy. Haha. Meanwhile, a lady in the exchange booth counts money, some lines weren’t even lip-sycn-ed and Jae Hyo, like 1 commenter said on utube, runs around a pillar @2:50 mark. I have realised that B-bomb had less individual focus (as a result of fewer lines). D:

Great Bruno Mars song covers by LEDApple’s Han Byeol: (Grenade), (Gorilla)[]

Ka Hee’s dance practice, tutorial and music video: Lol. The last part when the guys slide down (seuuuuk) the female dancers made me laugh for some reason. 😛

24K’s Ki Su covers Ra.D’s ‘Something Flutters’: Good song choice:)

San Deul‘s impressively powerful peformance of Im Jae Beom’s ‘The Candle In Front Of Me’ on Immortal Song 2:

LUNAFLY‘s ear-friendly acoustic version of Katty Perry’s ‘Roar’.

[update] Check out the two team’s last performances on WIN: Team A , Team B (*Tears*)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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