K-Songs So Far: [1st – 20th Nov 2013]

24 Nov

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Another link here may help too: LINK

From this post onwards, my source should permanently be from Soompi.

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

1. Soloist Sameul Seo sings, raps and produces(!!!) in his English-Korean debut(?) hip-hop album ‘Welcome To My Zone’ (His songs are extremely hard to find prior to this post.). He makes me think of One Ok Rock with his smooth transition between the two languages. Overall, I found myself liking the singing parts of his songs most of the time. 😛 Title track ‘The Pink Room(feat 2Tak)’ is a laid-back hip-hop song. It has this classy sound to it that’s pretty addicting. 🙂 ‘Enough Said’ reminds me of E-Sens ‘Poison’ because both have this contemplative, poignant vibe. ‘Die For Today’ is a beautiful ballad. I didn’t really like the rap but I thoroughly enjoyed the singing parts. ‘Everyday’s The Same(featuring Jin Sol)’ is more the typical kind of hip-hop song listeners are used to, especially with respect to the rap. ‘White Noise’ has nice offbeat…beats (heh) that goes well with the lazy(?) singing. This time, the rap is just nice. 😀 ‘The Hall (feat Jayho) [interlude]’ is nothing really special but the singing parts are my favourite. Heh. I think ’11PM Birthday(feat Qim Isle)’ is not too bad IMO. ‘Aqua(feat Nucksal)’ is definitely not mainstream music. There isn’t a certain melody structure to ‘get into’ easily, so it does take effort to like, me included. Also, the quotes in the song are interesting. ‘With No Exit(feat #WM)’ is a sexy Hip-hop RnB track. Really love it. 

2. Rainbow’s Ji Suk and Outsider collaborate for Secret Love‘s OST. The chorus is my favourite. 🙂

3. Yu Seong Eun‘s newest single ‘Healing’ does a good job of incorporating her strong vocals with an unusual mix of instrumentals (drums and the gayageum in the MV before the song went the groovier-RnB-Jazz route), which was engaging throughout the track.

4. Oh Ye Ri from Cube Entertainment debuts with her ballad pop debut single ‘Because Of You’ and it’s something I wouldn’t have expected from the company. Heh. I’m liking the solo singer-songwriter’s voice and the song suits those vocals:) Also in the link is her 2009 pre-debut performance in her alma mater.

5. Mr.Mr releases their third single, ‘Do You Feel Me’. Although a fan of the sextet (Previously a quintet. Sighh. And some members don’t even have lines before the addition..), I feel that the song doesn’t bring anything new to the music scene. The reason I put it here is none other than the fact that I do like this song. And because Tey is so friggin’ hot.. Heeeee :P. LINK

6. Heo Gak‘s sweet vocals make ‘Only (Your) Fragrance Remains‘ a bittersweet track. The MV is another take at break ups. His other tracks are not too bad either. 😀

7. Hip-hop duo Untouchable and Koonta of Rude Paper collaborate for the duo’s main track ‘Vain‘ and I really like it. The understated song is attractive in a dark way. Koonta was a good choice. You can check out BubbleFeetCream’s Youtube Channel for their other songs. Trip‘ is another dark song that I enjoyed. Their rap is good and the song’s not too bad. 🙂

8. Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo and Narsha‘s ‘Tonight‘ is a Hip-hop ballad track goes for a lighter and simpler debut, befitting the season. (It isn’t necessary for Autumn to be packed with so many ballads. :P) I’m pleasantly surprised by their fluency in the English language. Even the lyrics are perfect.

9. Yun Jong Shin and Rumble Fish’s Kim Yun Ah partner up for the accordion version of ‘You Are Still Awesome’. A dreamy, artsy-fartsy track to listen (and MV to watch..) 🙂 Love Kim’s deep, majestic vocals!!

10. Lee Jeok‘s ‘Lie Lie Lie‘ is a sentimental comeback from the veteran singer. The song speaks of one being abandoned by a loved one. ‘The Meaning of Solitude’ is a quiet poignant ballad. His vocals are really deep and emotional here. ‘Is There Anyone?’ is a song singing of hope. His vocals are super strong here. ‘What Is Love’ is a fun electronic-rock song that features Tiger JK. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. The album turns back to ballad with another sentimental track, ‘After 20 years’. I almost thought this was a Shin Seung Hun song because of how Lee sang the song in such a smooth but higher pitched manner. The song makes me think of a slow walk in Autumn, taking pictures of the scenery and reminiscing about the past. ‘Some Like It Hot’ is an enjoyable upbeat song. ‘What Do You See’ is another ballad but more intense. A solid, decent track. ‘Hide and Seek’ is easy to like, quirky and fun. (The track is shorter than supposed.) His voice is really strong in ‘Diseases’. Mid-tempo song. The instrumentals should be softer IMO. As this is my first time listening to him, I found the singer to have a strong and stable voice, and with a good range too. 🙂 Although most of the songs are ballads, the album has a solid selection.

11. Troy’s Bumkey, Wondergirls’ Ye Eun and Shorry J round up the singers featured in producer Rhythmking‘s ‘Think About You’, an understated/gentle dreamy RnB song (similar to Jun yeong’s style). I love the way the Bumkey’s vocals overlap each other in the chorus, just as Ye Eun lends some of her sweet falsettos.

12. An adorably lighthearted coming-of-age song from Kim Ye Rim. The track has a satisfying chorus. Her other new track, ‘What Should I Do With You?‘ is a simple, laid-back mid-tempo track. Watch the MV BTS here: LINK

13. Out of the four songs in FT Island‘s newest mini-album, my favourite is ‘You That I Can’t Have’ (composed by Choi Jeong Hun). ‘Siren’ (a Lee Hong Ki composition) is fun and all but I would have liked the rock instrumentals to be louder. I think the effect would have been better too. 

14. 2AM pre-releases ‘Just Stay’ for their upcoming mini-album. The song is a quiet, soothing Rnb ballad. 🙂 I almost thought it’s a christmas track. Heh.

15. G.O‘s solo single ‘Play That Song‘ is a sweet pop track to sleep to. lol. The sweet piano, the light touch of the drums and G.O’s vocals. What’s not to like?

16. With so many ballads out in this month, I was wondering what 2ne1 would be doing. I was honestly disappointed with the genre they went with. But as I listened and watched the MV, I realised I was wrong. The song may have been predictable. However it was classy and beautifully done.

Wow. I love San E‘s ‘Break-Up Dinner(featuring Sanchez)‘! From the song to the lyrics (he(?) has been doing some great work making them interesting lately) and to the music video. It was so bittersweet, I almost cried. The lyrics are simple and his delivery so bright, yet I think they hit the nail on the head. The acting was also adequate, especially the female actress’s, for giving a more emotional depth to the lyrics. As for the MV content, I felt that San. E’s death was unnecessary. The break-up dinner in itself was already good enough. ‘My Girlfriend’s (in the song, her name is Ji Yeong) Mother’ is a cute catchy song. At first, I didn’t think it’s that great. But the more I listen to it, the more the song gets stuck in my head. ‘To My Ex-Girlfriend (features Seonwoo Jeong Ah)’ is a song I think the rap kills it somewhat. Seonwoo Jeong Ah’s verses are so unique and ethereal on its own that I think it would be okay for her to take over the song. Whereas for San E’s rap, it’s already so intense and fierce on its own that it can stand by himself too. ‘Wish You To Be Unhappier’ has a lovely instrumental – delicate but melancholic. I only wished that the singing wasn’t muffled at the chorus.

OK/Not Too Bad
LedApple returns with rock ballad ‘With The Wind’. The song is not heavy, the way I like it. On a side note, after listening to Han Byeol’s many English song covers, it honestly felt a little weird hearing him in Korean. lol. Their interview and acoustic version of their single!

Miss A‘s comeback is ambiguous for me. The songs are decent and yet I can’t confidently put them in the above section. ‘Hush’ can grow on you and has a clean sound but I feel it’s not something that defines ‘Miss A’. Perhaps, my definition of Miss A includes them being badass (not just by look, but by what they sing about). ‘Hide and Seek’ was something closer to my definition, but only the starting was good.

Taeyang is back with his solo hip-hop single ‘Ringa Linga’. I personally didn’t find this song as awesome as I would have wanted to. Don’t get me wrong. I did find the song likeable. It’s just I didn’t really think it was that good. The dancing was good 😀 The dance BTS: LINK

VIXX‘s pre-release for their first full-length album ‘Only You’ is pretty ok. However, the melody route is predictable.  The boys do look good and the backdrop is so pretty 😀 Ken seems to getting more lines. 🙂

Yi Jeong (J-Lee) and Ha Dong Kyun (He looks like a Micky Yoo Cheon mixed with Vampire Prosecutor Yun Jeong Hun. Heh) are great singers but their recent collaboration for Yi Jeong’s title track 10th anniversary album is pretty standard ballad IMO. Not too good, not too bad. The MV backdrop is beautiful. However, Yi Jeong’s ‘I Am Sorry’ is soo good. ❤ I love it! ‘Let’s be together(feat Su Ho; rap version)’ is a sweet RnB song, another favourite of mine. The rest of the songs are ok but nothing much. ‘Unbelievable(as an adjective)’ is an acoustic RnB ballad that is fitting for a sleepy rainy day. ‘Have you tried loving?’ is a more intense ballad track. His vocals truly shine here. Check out all his songs from this youtube user.

Gummy also makes a comeback and I am surprised she did an electronic pop track. The song is energetic and her vocals are always impressive.

1. Seon Bi‘s most recent title song ‘Dripping’ is well worth a try. 🙂 She has done some lighter fare like ‘You & I Together’ (drama ost)

2. I can only say, I just can’t stop listening to ‘Inferiority Complex’. The hip-hop track by Still PM and Voice Korea 2’s Park Ui Seong. Park’s vocals really remind me of a higher pitched Jeong Yong Hwa (CN Blue). Love this collabo. 🙂 In addition, the song seeks to help those having a bad time in their lives and to keep persevering.

3. ROO, a recently debuted female soloist has released a single ‘Even If You Don’t Love Me‘. Although not adventurous, the song is a pretty addicting mid-tempo ballad. (The song is shorter than normal.)

4. Reply 1994‘s OST ‘To You’ by Seong Shi Kyeong is actually a remake of the original by Seo Tai Ji and the Boys. His vocals are so melodious and smooth. Please be aware that the MV has scenes from the drama, if you are planning to watch the show at a later date.

Others and Covers
Listening to this ZE:A Step by Step‘ now, though it can be rather generic, it’s not too bad especially the bridge and chorus.

San E‘s ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night‘ has a really cute and quirky song and accompanying MV. It portrays possible infidelity on the girlfriends’ side in a lighthearted manner. ^^ .

Upcoming Woollim Entertainment girl group member Jin debuts with her ballad single, ‘Gone‘. The MV seemed a little too makjang for the song. I understand the end is to have someone ‘gone’ but why death? And the script dared to kill off Xiu Min!!! LOL. All joking(?) aside, I do think the acting was good enough 😀

G-D releases ‘Who You‘ (track out of ‘Coup D’etat’/ Solo album #2) MV. The video contains clips from G-D and his fans. Hence the credits at the end and the (low) quality of the video at some parts. Throughout the video, I was wondering how he would leave the set. lol.

Duhh…I..Sorry. I don’t think I actually know what to think of T.O.P‘s single comeback video and song. It’s…. strange. It’s like…uh huh, ok…then suddenly I don’t think I’m processing anything to make a judgement. lol.

K.Will performs fan requests in a mini concert. *Blissful*

Cute vocalist Lena Park and rocker Yun Do Hyeon (YB) sing together for a Turbo song remake. Though short, both the song and MV are upbeat and adorable. But..I want the full version!!! >.<

Female soloist NC.A’s interview and her singing live!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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