K-Songs So Far: [21st Nov – 5th Dec 2013]

10 Dec

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Another link here may help too: LINK

From this post onwards, my source should permanently be from Soompi.

‘It’s so hard to judge when the vocals make the song sound good.’

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

1. Urban Zakapa‘s pre-releases two songs, ‘One Day’ and ‘When Winter Comes’. I fell for ‘One Day’ the minute it started. The song is very pretty and sweet. As for the other song, I didn’t like it as much as ‘One Day’. It is still good. Though as usual, I like small number of heavy ballads at a time. The sudden piano-to-electric-guitar transition at the end was ok but it only confused me.  

2. Younha has always been one of my favourite solo artistes. The song, ‘I’m fine’, suits her vocals and I think she sang it well. There’s this sensibility in the way she sings. Although…heh. I shall not say anymore. Oh and there’s another MV for ‘Run’ in the link.

3. HISTORY is back with their mini-album ‘Blue Spring’. Although I appreciate what the boys have done in their new title song ‘What Am I To You’, I still think it’s not as good as compared to their debut track ‘Dreamer’. The song is predictable despite being different in terms of music direction. And at some parts, I didn’t think it suited the boys’ vocals. I did like the dance particularly at the start of the song (fingers up in a delicate position and the legs sway to the latin instrumental). I also think Kyeong Il‘s part was the best in the MV. His age (26 this year) provides a degree of maturity and weakness at the same time. (His age is his acting edge! :P)For those who want the dance version: it’s here. ‘Hello’ is a likeable, relaxing acoustic pop song. There’s no reason to dislike this. 🙂 ‘Tomorrow’ is a Latin-y RnB number. This song is another favourite of mine because it sounds like the boys are having fun. ‘Easy’ is a gentle, lightly catchy ballad pop that’s suitable for a rainy day. I think it suits the title track MV. 🙂 On the whole, I think it was an above average comeback. Though not great, it suffices.

4. 2AM take things slow with a soothing RnB ballad track, ‘Regret‘. I really like the beats in the song and whenever all four sing together(‘what am I to do/na eotteokhajyo’ part). The MV has a pretty depressing end. …Darn it… Seul Ong An Dwaeeeeee!! (Gwang Su style) ‘You’re Prettier The More I see You’ is more upbeat and cheerful. I do think this song fared much better because of the quartet’s vocals. 🙂 ‘To Angel’ is a lovely pop ballad . The falsettos are delicious. 😀 ‘Only You’ is more on the generic side but still not too bad. I wasn’t expecting much from these four (too-many-ballad phobic woman here) but I’m enjoying their new mini-album, probably as most of their new songs are more engaging and lighthearted. But there’s no denying that the group sings well. 🙂

OK/Not Too Bad
Choi Jin Hyeok contributes to Heirs OST with rock ballad ‘Don’t look Back’. I actually hope he continues singing such songs. It suits those husky vocals of his.

100% V‘s ‘Missing You’ debut song is a soothing RnB ballad. However,I feel that the sweet song can become bland. Well, at least this song doesn’t sound like another Teen Top track. >.< *cough the-other-two-songs-in-the-mini-album-and-electroboyz-comeback cough* Could this be a Brave Brothers effort? The MV is wonderfully shot. (That cinematography!) Listen to the song as well as watch the MV here!

Lush‘s ‘Yesterday‘ is a simple song showing off the female trio’s powerful vocals. The song is imo, not great. However, I’ll be watching out for them. 40 and Lim Jeong Hee also proves they can sing with ‘Like A Movie‘. The song is a quiet little ballad..

Sistar’s Hyo Rin‘s husky vocals shine in her wistful, sentimental ballad, ‘lonely‘. The way she sings here (husky falsettos) fleshes out the ‘pain’ more effectively and artfully. ‘Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Falling are decent ballads, but not enough to wow me. ‘Stalker(feat Mad Clown)’ is a more engaging pop song. However, I think the track is below the level Hyo Rin can achieve. It’s not too bad but it’s not that great either. I have nothing on Mad Clown’s rapping. But I have yet to find a song in which I really love him in. Somehow, his rapping feels detached in ballads especially… Perhaps, I’m just not used to his voice as a rapper. ‘Massage (feat Dok2)’ is another pop song, and with unnecessary hip-hop instrumentals in between chorus and verses. A sweet RnB pop track but like ‘Don’t Love Me’, it’s not enough. ‘Closer’ is a jazz ballad for those looking for a quieter moment with quality music. Latin pop ‘Red Lipstick(feat Zico)’ makes me think of an intense scene where a female lead cries while crazily looking for her missing lover on the streets of Paris. One of my favourites of the album. ‘O.M.G (feat Geeks Lil Boi)’ and ‘Tonight’ are playful, casual pop tracks. Both are not too bad. ‘One Way Love’ wasn’t my kind of song but I liked the lyrics, which talks about selfish love. Overall, not quite the quality I was wishing for. There are some good songs worth listening to, however.

Noel‘s ‘Being Forgotten‘ is actually ok. It was just heavy for me. I think the acting in the MV was not too bad.

It’s been long since The BOSS/Dae Guk Nam Ah released a Korean mini-album . IMO, ‘Why Goodbye‘ should have been a rock genre. The starting with In Jun(<3)’s narration, an electric guitar instrumental and a fashion-show-like muffled drum beats could have led up to a fantastic explosive performance. And it’s not as if the group lacks vocal talent(s). Anyway, the trendy pop song was generic for me. Even though the epic(IMO. haha) beginning piqued my interest, the rest of the song was nothing much. On a side note, I was surprised when In Jun could rap and sing. Yes, I assumed he was just a rapper when he narrated. (heh. I’m so obviously not a fan. >.<) Also, Mika really reminds me of Btob’s Eun Kwang when he hits those high notes. ‘Sad Story’ is a light acoustic ballad. A pretty song particularly at the chorus. The falsettos are just gorgeous. ‘We Are Together’ is another trendy pop song that seems really suitable for a concert’s final act. It’s not too bad but it’s also rather generic. ‘What Are You?’ really reminds me of ZE:A’s ‘Step By Step’. So….although it’s extremely catchy and easy to like, it’s also very safe. I found ‘Because of You’ on the safe side too. DGNA/D-NA is a group that should be recognised for their vocal talent and I hope I hear more of them. It would be awesome if they try the rock genre (I’m never going to give up! Haha). Their vocals ought to be challenged. 🙂 Their showcase: performance plus album comments.

Oh Pro C is such a tease! Just when you think they are about to show a face (~0:18-0:20), they troll you by doing the opposite. Their debut release ‘Bad Memory‘ is a trendy, laid-back acoustic hiphop song by the duo rappers and K.Will. But being trendy is being average for me. 😛

Cube Entertainment sing their ‘Christmas Song‘! A song suitable for the season, but still generic. >.<

Putting EXO‘s ‘Miracles in December‘ doesn’t mean I’m disappointed with their ballad track. Instead, it was a neutral feeling towards the song. However, I did think the three sang together really well. The song is really pretty but (please don’t hate me >.< Remember it’s only MY opinion!!) I found it empty too.

Sweet Sorrow and Park Ji Yun collaborate for ‘Again and Again‘. The song is gentle and relaxing. 🙂 Infinite Power OST‘s ‘Beautiful Day’ is another soothing song, sung by 4Men’s Kim Won Joo.

RnB duo 2BIC sing ‘Lonely Christmas‘. Their vocals are undeniably good but sometimes, I just feel they aren’t doing anything different to their prior releases. Perhaps it’s a brand of music they intend to focus on for their career and I should just get off their backs.

Female soloist Heyne(she really reminds me of actress Chae Rim)’s ‘Love007‘ is an adorable song that’s sure to make you smile. I usually don’t like cutesy songs and vocals but she does have an adequate pipe for singing. Plus, the way she sings here isn’t very pitchy. I also like the baseball-cheering dance( dancers holding each others’ hand and dance side ways together). 🙂

Recently seen on Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 Basketball episode, the former Sech Kies members J-Walk reveal their new song ‘First Day of Snow‘.

Tint‘s ‘Love At First‘ and Fiestar‘s ‘I Don’t Know‘ are really catchy songs. Tint’s song is more cutesy whereas Fiestar is more….pervy. LOL.

Jo Mun Geun Band – ‘Please Say Something’

2LSON – Funny Or Not (feat. Paloalto & Kye Beom Zu & Han Gyeol For Laybacksound)

Quintet HISTORY talk about their new song and image: Soompi LINK

Dynamic Duo‘s ‘Three Dopeboyz(feat Zion T‘s badass rapping)’ and ‘Hot Wings(feat Hyo Rin)’ have MVs of their own!  

G.O also releases his ‘Play That Song’ MV. It’s a rather short MV that involves him posing for the photo shoot.

2AM braves the cold for the MV shooting, comically and appears warmer in their album jacket photo shoot.

Kim Ye Rim‘s ‘Say Love’ reveals an accoustic version, which I feel sounds better with her unique voice.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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