Have You Watched/ Planned to Watch Them Yet?: [26th Sept – 31st Dec 2013]

25 Jan

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

I know I haven’t been doing any drama/film news for a while(???) now so here’s my newest picks for the last three months of 2013. Hopefully you, the reader(s), like such a format. (Heh) >.< 

What the format is: The comments for the films and dramas below will be my zeroth impression (please click the links for more on the drama). I try to not be influenced by what I had heard about the drama/film as much as possible because it could spoil the fun.  I don’t necessarily dislike the opposite but I do prefer shows that experiment (find something new in the old/ deals with different perspective) or have a new genre. Also, as this format makes such posts more towards a recommended list, I apologise if I do offend because of what I choose.

Movie Picks

1. When news of ‘The Way Home‘ was released, I was already sold on the premise. It’s sad that the show is based on a woman’s real life event but it also means it’s grounded in reality, which actually makes things more interesting. It seems from the trailer that husband Go Su will be trying his best to save her, while having to deal with the Korean side (baddies and heartless people) as well as the French side. This came as a surprise because I thought all he had to do was hire a lawyer, find an interpreter and go to the French island to rescue her. 😛 What truly pulled me in was watching wifey’s character trailer. That just tore my heart into pieces. There’s no doubt there will be more tears shed with such stellar acting from Jeon Do Yeon. T.T For trailers, there’s more at Hancinema. Please take note that the pictures in the gallery might spoil the show.

2. Revenge thriller, The Five, officially begins. I really like the idea of thrillers. But most of the time, they scare the hell out of me as well. Either by some creepy/ horror scenes or violence I can never handle. Sigh..  For those who are scared to watch too, after the 30s mark should be ok – the initial 30 seconds has some doll, dripping wet. It’s hella eerie in my opinion. (Words have an impact on me too because of my imaginative mind. D:) Regardless, ‘The Five’ is great on paper (who’s the chaser and the chased?) and I like the cast. I’m hoping it’s more mind games than what I fear. 😛 PLEASE CLICK ON THIS DRAMABEANS LINK FOR ANYTHING. LOL. Maybe I should change my name… It sounds too brave. :/

3. I’m always a little worried whenever romcoms have a serious issue(s) to resolve (while providing some balance, it can also become a double-edged sword), something I term as the ‘romcom time-bomb’. Ju Won‘s and Kim Ah Jung‘s ‘Catch Me‘(do I see Cha Tae Hyeon in the cast list??) can be one potential example. Though the trailer is positive (i.e no bad feelings between the two when the show ends), I’m still wary. Given that sparks will resume flying between the old lovebirds, the end isn’t going to be very pretty, what with him being on the white side and having to arrest her. Worse, it can also mean a rushed ending is in store… D: (FYI: The trailer after 1:18 isn’t english subbed. For that part, the subbed video is below.) Lol. The above comments negated my whole intention of putting this movie in this section. -___-‘ So on the brighter side, I have hope that the actor and actress will make the film a fun watch. They are quite versatile and they look the part. Although as a couple, there’s something a bit off about the pairing. And no, it’s not the age gap I’m referring to. Maybe I just adore her previous coupling with Ji Seong. Hehe. I’m actually hoping the age gap plays a part in the show (i.e noona romance). I don’t know why, but the thought of it makes the relationship more compelling to watch. Wouldn’t it be cool if Kim Ah Jung’s character burgles the male lead’s house one night? 😀 

4.Mystery thriller ‘Eleven O’Clock’ will have scientists (Jeong Jae Yeong, Daniel Choi and Kim Ok Binhancinema link) time-travelling back and forth to prevent murders from happening at precisely ’11:00′. I’m always up for detective shows. Also, I find the plot a rather refreshing idea for such a familiar theme. I wonder though, why Kim Ok Bin’s hair has the ability to change. LOL. Saves money to the hairdressers. 😛 Hmm…one of the trailers on hancinema makes the film seems an unlikely watch for me…Gahh

5. I found this on Soompi while doing my KSSF research: animated film ‘The Fake’. Although animations are often taken lightly, there are some like ‘The Fake’ that are different. Very much different. ‘The Fake’ is about society and how our stereotypes can actually be a harmful perception of people. In addition, it deals with one’s morals and values. The trailer on hancinema gives a clearer picture on the film’s content.It’s always good to have animations dealing with more gritty business. I may not be a great fan of korean manhwa art, but the story (most important criteria for animations imo) pulls me in. Voice cast: Kwon(Kweon) Hae Hyo, Yang Ik Jun, Oh Jeong Se, Park Hee Bon

6. Song Gang Ho will be representing Im Shi Wan in the film ‘The Attorney‘.Although the story isn’t new, there’s no rejecting such a movie. I’m already about to burst from watching the short teaser. It’s gonna be emotional and moving, yet triumphant. Right??

7. Last on the list will tickle your funny bone with Shim Eun Kyeong as a granny in the fantasy movie ‘Suspicious Girl (Miss Granny)‘. As if the plot wasn’t wacky and awesome enough, the trailer exceeds those expectations, with quirky lines and funny retro music to boot! I love Shim Eun Kyeong. Despite being younger than the character’s 20s age, she seems like she’s doing a swell job (really admire the work just to synchronise the acting with grandma Na Mun Hee) as an elderly woman in the trailer, so much so I accepted her actual age gap with Lee Jin Wook. 😛

Dramabeans Translate: Granny tells Lee Jin-wook her life story, which sounds freaking hilarious coming out of Shim Eun-kyung: “It’s been a while since I parted ways with my deceased husband. My son’s all grown up and married now, and there’s a halbae (grandfather) who likes me and chases me around, so I stayed with him for a while, but I fought with his horrible daughter and got kicked out.” He asks what kind of man she likes, and she sighs, “A man just needs to not starve his wife and children, and be good at night.”It does seem weird that her grandson (B1A4 Jin Yeong) will be attracted to her….HAHA WHATEVER~ Lalalala~Just my kind of crazy~~~ Oh! And do take note of Kim Su Hyeon‘s cameo appearance!!!

Drama Picks

1. I didn’t have much expectations for ‘Answer Me 1994’ initially as the casting of Go Ah Ra, in particular, didn’t sit well with me. Even the part about the main characters (Go Ah Ra, Yu Yeon Seok, Jeong Woo, Son Ho Jun, Kim Seong Kyun, Do Hee, Baro) staying under one roof felt all too familiar and clichéd, which can successfully make or break the show. (But I understood why such a setup was popular.) What’s more, the Reply/Answer Me series focuses on nostalgia during a period when I was not into KPop, KDrama or K-Culture yet.

However, the teasers and posters for ‘Answer Me 1994’ did make me curious about the drama’s world and its characters, like Jeong Woo’s whose trash concept and elder brother relationship with Go Ara made me really eager to know more and Kim Seong Kyun’s for the character’s popularity among the cast. You may want to take a look at R1994’s episode zero for more on the show’s BTS and official character introductions from the cast themselves!

2. Cable TV has a new medical romcom ‘Emergency (Room) Couple’ which stars Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyeok, Lee Pil Mo, Choi Yeo Jin and Clara. At first, I was intrigued by the casting but the trailer made things better. It wasn’t as intense and hysterically more evil as I would have liked it but I liked that it hinted at some petty revenges and future reluctance in admitting they want a reconciliation, to look forward to. So fun ~ lol. I love it when Song Ji Hyo is playing a strong character. It suits her ace image on Running Man and I always dislike damsels in distress. It’s so clear I’m only in for the romcom. 😛

3. tvN’s ‘Let’s Eat seems like it would be a cute and funny series to watch out for. The show stands out in my opinion because it hits home in such an awfully simple way I just can’t resist liking it. I’m not very excited about the casting (Is the food considered part of the casting?) but I’m fine with it. Lee Su Kyeong is the only person who is familiar to me. It’s nice to see her again and in a comedy no less. (Love her comic timing and facial expressions.:D) She’s just adorable drooling in front of the food!I have some reservations about (B2ST/Beast’s) Yun Du Jun’s acting, but he seems alright in the teasers. It’s his character description that turns the tables. Yun So Hee‘s character seems too straight for a teaser and by straight I mean the sweet girl who has a nice personality (= boring. :P). Hee. I can see myself entertained and endeared by the potential hilarity-and-sympathy in Shim Hyeong Tak’s character (,one petty loser in the relationship department :P). I’m such a meanie. 😛 All teasers here have no subs: PLAYLIST (The official episode previews/shorts starts from video no. 12)

On the fence


The Punisher (Oct 2013): Ju Sang Wook, Yang Dong Guen. The movie surrounds a theme that deserves some exploration. But I’m not as excited as I think I should be. I think I will be very frustrated watching this film. Lol Because imo, bullies never ‘lose’. The damage they do to their victim(s) is horrible and so even if the victim takes revenge, the victim is now seen as another bad person. Sighh. 

When A Man Loves A Woman (Jan 2014): Hwang Jeong Min, Han Hye Jin. The plot is nothing new but it’s Hwang Jeong Min! Sigh


Infinite Power (November 2013; miniseries): Seul Ong, Kim Seul Gi, An Nae Sang, Choi Hyo Jong (comedian), Woo Hee (idol; Dal Shabet member), Gong Myeong (idol; Surprise member). There’s something pleasant about the show but it’s those that you have to watch in order to find out for yourself if it’s good or not. Other source:

I Need Romance 3 (Airing now): Kim So Yeon, Seong Jun, Nam Gung Min, Park Yu Hwan, Yu Seung Ah, Park Hyo Ju, Wang Ji Won. I don’t exactly support the way the friends are set up to be gossiping and bitch-fighting. (The workplace is a scary place!!) Perhaps this season puts the friendship to the test but… I still don’t like the idea. 😦 Maybe I will have to watch and see..

In INR 1, I was quite taken aback by the reality present in Jo Yeo Jeong’s character’s relationships – there’s no perfect guy. It’s not the reality that was the issue. It was more like I didn’t expect such a flow of events that got me. So, I’m a bit fearful about Kim So Yeon’s character going back to her ex and kinda ruining the whole deal with the noona(+oppa) romance in the first place. On the other hand, I think I’m liking Park Yu Hwan’s (love that he’s a girlfriend too. HAHA) and Yu Seung Ah’s relationship more. It’s so normal and real. 😀 Park Hyo Ju doesn’t come to my mind when it comes to cheerful, chillax characters. So it’s a surprise she’s playing one, and an open-minded (on relationships) person at that. So though she’s an unexpected choice, she’s an actress that viewers can count on. I know I’m behind time, so here’s a dramabeans tag if you’d like more news on the show:)

Thanks for reading and Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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5 responses to “Have You Watched/ Planned to Watch Them Yet?: [26th Sept – 31st Dec 2013]

  1. baboony

    March 4, 2014 at 10:06 PM

    Hello me watched all the dramas. Lets eat is the best, then emergency couple, reply 1994 was greatat first then got draggy, and inr3 was soooo horrible for me….XP inr2 is the best!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ for movies, the terror live starring ha jung woo is nice. And the flu was nice too. Man from the stars got kinda boring near the end..

    • fridaymojo

      March 5, 2014 at 12:14 AM

      I was thinking of putting ‘Man From The Stars’ under the ‘On-the-fence’ section but decided not to because it felt too twilight-ish. Even though the leading stars are one of my favourites, I can’t help but say no. Heh

  2. baboony

    March 5, 2014 at 1:18 AM

    Eh its nice, kinda? But overrated..

    • fridaymojo

      March 5, 2014 at 1:29 AM

      Haha. What’s with the ‘kinda’? Was it super cheesy? *Being mean* 😛


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