Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [6th – 26th Dec 2013]

27 May

Hey everybody! It’s been the longest time I have been away. Sorry for the long wait. For this round’s update as promised, I will be doing posts on the songs that were released from 6th dec 2013 to 15th Jan 2014. Hope you like the songs I have gathered for the three posts. 😀

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK#1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 

Dabit debuts with a light and playful jazz track, ‘Whoo Whoo Whoo’ and it’s one of those happy songs that can get infectious the more you listen to it. I can’t say the song is amazing, but it’s rather refreshing. 🙂 ‘When The Wind Blows’ is a mellow, jazz ballad that suits his sweet jazzy vocals. It’s a song that gives you a clearer idea of how his vocals sound. Altogether I do enjoy listening to him and it’s always nice to see another singer-songwriter on the scene. Lee Seung Hwan and Kim Ye Rim’s collaboration brings ‘Soap’. The track is simple, quiet, slow and depressing but at the same time tasteful and sentimental. Though the song has not much of a climax, it lets you soak in the quiet moments and the two soloists’ delicate vocals. Click here for the translated lyrics. As for the MV, it was delightfully shot and artistic. I really liked the faceless idea in this MV because we saw things from a different perspective. There was more detail and more emotional depth that perhaps facial acting may not have been better able to pull off. On another note, though the song was mainly about a couple’s transition from cohabitation to breakup, I did wish the song (title) had more literal impact on the MV.

An unanticipated(imo) collaboration between K.Will and Noel’s Jeon Woo Seong takes place for ‘Perfume’ and I must say, the two sang very well together. 😀 LINK

RnB quartet Brown Eyed Soul releases ‘Thank You Love’, a digital single of 4 songs. Jazz-RnB track ‘Philly Love Song’ has two versions – digital and Kei G Travus Regrooved Mix. I preferred the latter one which provided a classier, jazz-ier side to the song. ‘You’ reminds me very much of their earlier song I love, ‘If It Were The Same’, which is why I’m not as crazy as I should be about it. The harmonies are still as beautiful as ever and the song is undeniably good. (I know there’s a MV for this song, but I think the song deserves a moment on its own.) ‘You Are So Beautiful’ is a saccharine-sweet jazz-RnB track. On the whole, I feel that Brown Eyed Soul shouldn’t be focusing so much on their harmonising. I know they are damn good at it but it can also be very restricting on the kind of songs they do.

Zion T experiments with his ‘Mirrorball’ retro single and it’s so different from the usual range I have been listening to, that all the songs are interesting. I really like how Zion T sounds in haunting retro ballad ‘Madame’ (that it reminds me of the 30s-50s and where gangs were prevalent). It’s an unexpected genre and yet he sings it so well. Latin-retro track ‘Modern Boy’ is cute and short, showing a side I never heard from the soloist. Haha, he must be quite the mischievous sort. Title track ‘Miss Kim’ is a quirky number that I can’t help but like. (It even has retro lyrics! Haha.) It’s more mainstream-y than the earlier two tracks. The MV completes the song, tying everything up well.  ‘Spin Spin’ is an energetic, fun song that’s closer to what Zion T usually does. (It makes me want to dance >.<) I’m really pleased at what Zion T did with this album and it shows us his versatility. 😀  )

Yun Jong Shin sings a softer, more delicate version of ‘From January to June’ with his low,  melodious vocals as compared to the original in 2011 (015B featuring Yun). I think both versions of the song, which can be viewed on the Soompi link, are equally nice.

Rapper Double K is back for his new mini album. Having the hiphop genre in the month of December may be welcoming with all the christmas-themed songs coming out. Regardless, the whole mini album was a joy to listen to. ‘Nom’ is a hip-hop ballad that features Jay Park’s sweet RnB vocals. ‘HOTpants’ (Omg it was a 2013 release. lol) has two versions – first on the playlist is a rap-and-Double-K-only track whilst the second features more tunes and joint-rapping by Double K, Kye Beom Ju, Pento, Cheetah (Female rapper. Haha, her ‘uhs’ in the song sound so wrong >.<), Crush, B-Free, Juvie Train (Wait, didn’t he appear on RM’s christmas episode?) and Palo Alto. ‘Wish U Well (feat. Gray)’ is another awesome collaboration. I feel guilty to be saying this but I totally love Gray here. ‘She’s Gone’ is really badass with its heavy beats and hypnotic singing by Double K at the chorus. It wasn’t easy to like ‘Cinderella’ but I thought the instrumental for the chorus is good. [I have previously talked about ‘Rewind’, ‘Rap Movement’ and ‘Ment’ in this tag here, in order.]

IU follows up ‘The Red Shoes’ with ‘Friday’ and ‘Crayons’ for her Modern Times Epilogue repackaged album. ‘Friday (feat. Jang Yi Jeong)’ is a soothing Jazz-acoustic track that combines the sweet vocals of both singers. What I like about the MV is that it shows us two perspectives in one shot and that also suits the song. Towards the end, I was like, nooo Jang Yi Jeong, don’t go to that alley!!! Lol. As for ‘Crayon Pastels’/Bel Ami OST, it’s something heavier but still a delightful jazz-acoustic track. PLAYLIST [The first 2 songs are the additions.]

Winter Songs for Christmas:

Seong Shi Kyeong, Seo In Guk, Park Hyo Shin (love his voice at the chorus), VIXX and Younger Sister (unknown female singer in the song) sing together for a Jellyfish Entertainment single, ‘Winter Confession’. It is a sweet and easy RnB ballad to listen to, accompanied with a skilled sand artist for the MV.

A jazz-y track addition to the christmas-themed songs by Mystic89’s female singers, Park Ji Yun, Kim Ye Rim (Where’s her 2month’s partner? He’s back in US to continue his education.), Jang Jae In and Pu-Er Kim. The MV is quirky and cute, with the male singers appearing in the video as well. (Lol I thought Eric Nam was the trouble-making cutie but it turns out his name is Kim Jeong Hwan, a Superstar K contestant previously.) As for Mystic89’s male artistes – Yoon Jong ShinHarimJo Jeong ChiKim Yeon WooMuzi, and Kim Jeong Hwan, ‘Winter Sky Star’ is an emotional ballad that blends their voices well. 🙂 LINK VIBE, Lee Yeong Hyeon, Shin Yong Jae, Im Se Jun, Won Ji’s release an emotional christmas ballad, ‘Heaven’. The vocals in this piece is just *goosebumps*. 


JYJ’s Jun Su sings an intense ballad apt for a sageuk like Empress Ki.  LINK

Not Too Bad/OK

Dia sings a ‘Reply 1994’ OST, ‘Farewell to Myself’ (a remake of a 1994 song by Kim Hye Rim). I’m usually put off by such ballads because it has nothing new to offer. But I really like the way Dia sang it – soft, vulnerable and bittersweet. For those who have not caught the drama yet, be warned that the link has scenes of the main love triangle.

Younha returns with her third EP, containing a total of 6 songs. All of them are decent tracks, focusing on the music quality. ‘Home’ is a quiet, contemplative song that can get monotonous. It isn’t that bad though I wished it had a crazy rock-like chorus. Hehe. [Side note: This song was also used for South Korean film ‘The Way Home’.] ‘Painful sadness’ has an engaging, electronic instrumental but it’s not adventurous. ‘Without/Not There’ is one of the few tracks I really like partly because Eluphant(consisting of Keebees and mino)’s rap skills (Omo that rap-sing♥) keep things interesting. (heh) As for Younha, though it wasn’t much of a problem, I felt Younha’s singing wasn’t loud enough at some parts (like the chorus) to get the best impact. Another track I liked is ‘Subsonic’, which has a rather hypnotic start. Love the muffled beats here. Once again and especially for this song, I thought it would have been better if Younha was louder at the chorus, relative to the instrumental. In terms of ballads, I preferred ‘Believed In Time’ to ‘Home’ as the former has a more satisfying chorus. ‘It’s Okay’ is another track I liked – simple and bittersweet, and went well with Younha’s vocals.

Son Seung Yeon returns temporarily with ‘I Can Hear You’. I liked the beats, the way Son sang the song and the way the MV was shot. Other song of hers you might want to check out: Ugly Duckling

Topp Dogg’s ‘Cigarette’ is not a bad song, however, both the song and MV weren’t standouts. (wait, Kidoh raps??..Didn’t he sing a solo?)

Jun Hyeong becomes the 2nd(? Does AJ/Lee Ki Kwang count? Haha) member of B2ST to get a solo debut. ‘Nothing is Forever’(Intro) ties Jun Hyeong’s hums and beats in the background nicely with the main rap in the foreground. ‘Slow’ is my favourite song of the album, with its slick, RnB sound to it. I just loved everything about it. As for the other songs in the album, I wasn’t as interested in them as much as ‘Nothing is Forever’ and ‘Slow’. But they were generally ok. PLAYLIST

T-ara’s ‘Hide and Seek’ is a sweet, feminine christmas-themed pop ballad. Though Qri and Hyo Min has lesser lines, I do like the fact that we see Ji Yeon singing more solid lines, proving to others she’s not just a pretty face. (I actually like her husky vocals :D) And what’s the difference between the 2 MV versions?? 

Go Ah Ra joins Dia, singing a remake version of an original song (Park Ki Young’s ‘Start’) as OST for popular tvN/Channel M series ‘Reply 1994’.

Troublemaker, G.Na and baseball player Ryu Hyeon Jin sings ‘Smile Again’ for a Ryu-Cube Donation Project. The pop song is very uplifting and whoa, Ryu Hyeon Jin has a nice voice. 🙂

SHINee’s ‘Colourful’ is a bright, high-energy pop track by the quintet. I have to admit – the song is very easy to like.

Adding to the christmas-themed singles is Big Hit Entertainment’s Jo Kwon, Im Jeong Hee, Ju Hee, RapMonster and Jeong Kook (omg they ditched the eyeliner, esp JK!) with their ‘Perfect Christmas’. I like the direction of the music and there’s no doubt these 4 can sing really well (+RapMon’s rapping). But I’m not so much a fan of this song as I think it should have been a mid-tempo RnB track with minimal drum beats, as heard in the teaser. (Why didn’t they do it like the teaser >.<)

With her strong voice and his deep husky vocals, Ali and Im Jae Beom duets for ballad track ‘I Love You’. The MV has really nice cinematography. Hahaha. 😛

Do Hee and Kim Seong Kyun are the last of the ‘Reply 1994’ cast to release an OST for the drama, ‘Destiny’ – a light mid-tempo jazz-RnB track to while away a lazy sunday. 😀 (It’s nice to hear Do Hee’s sweet vocals after all the rough lines she’s been doing for her variety appearances. Haha.)


Such a beautiful song and MV by Urban Zakapa – ‘Blind

Intimate Concert:

Verbal Jint and Bumkey: ‘Walking In The Rain‘, remake of Deux’s ‘Only For You‘ [ 3rd performance is ‘The Lady’ is by Bumkey and 2LSON.]

Park Ji Yun: ‘Between Spring and Summer, Verbal Jint: ‘Positivity’


Jay Park releases his 90s song-and-dance video for ‘Let’s Make Up’. There’s a very distinct 90s K-Pop sound to the catchy song.

Thank you reading and hope you enjoyed!

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