Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [5th Feb – 24th Feb 2014]

19 Jul

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 

Ga In returns as a ‘diva’ for her ‘Truth or Dare’ mini album comeback. The title track, ‘Truth or Dare’ is a flirty, playful pop song. (And the percussion-beats really sound like those in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’… ugh.) I don’t think the song was bad, it’s just not the kind of song I will listen to on a daily basis, if you know what I mean. Regardless, I think it’s a fun song that sets her comeback apart from the other sexy concepts, and one I can get behind eventually. I also like that the lyrics is something like Son Dam Bi’s ‘Red Candle’, only more in a peekaboo sort of way. The MV is also a favourite of mine, whether it be the dance version or the faux documentary (which further explained some things that was shown in the teaser). Q&A (ft. Jo Kwon)’ is a slow-tempo ballad with some 80s/90s influences, that literally goes back and forth between a pair of lovers who are breaking up. For once, I actually like the lyrics. (lol) The song focuses on the pair’s vocals and I think they sang it well. It’s just it can get stale quickly. ‘Black & White’ is a more engaging latin-jazz number than the previous. The chorus is my favourite. 🙂 ‘Disclosure’ is an electronic-pop piece. I love this :D.  Overall, songs and their titles followed the theme quite well. Ga In’s husky vocals also give her some leverage on the kind of songs she does, which is why most of her songs aren’t as average as another girl, or boy group. (LOL what a teaser. It sets itself apart from other music teasers out there. Love that Ga In plays along as well. 🙂

GP Basic’s ‘Ppi Kka Bbeon Jjeok’ is an electronic-pop song with hints of hip-hop. It’s not terrible, but I thought the group could have done more with it – go all out with the edgy. I do like the badass concept. It’s a nice break away from the sexy concepts that are becoming too common among the girl groups. Hip-hop track ‘Black Bounce’ is more of what I’m looking for and I really like it. 🙂

Junggigo, So Yu and Geeks’s Lil Boi collaborate for mid-tempo RnB collaboration project, ‘Some’. (Hmm..Strategic release for the coming Valentines Day.) [FYI: Some(thing) is used as an expression in Korea to describe a relationship between a male and a female (whom are most likely close friends) to have an ambiguous relationship – close enough to be friends, yet also close enough to be each others’ boy/girlfriend. Example: Soo Ae and Lee Jeong Jin in baseball romcom, 2 Outs In The 9th Inning.] A lightly catchy song, nicely complemented by Junggigo’s honey vocals, So Yu’s husky tone and Lil Boi’s cute rap. The MV was also endearing to watch. Just one thing – the point of Baro being a pilot is…? (There’s no need to spoil something so perfect with the additional detail.) I liked the teaser’s track too. >.< Junggigo’s ‘Blind(Twilight Mix)’ is another mid-tempo RnB. Whether it’s with or without the remix, ‘Blind’ is a joy to listen to. 🙂 If you are looking for some good tracks by junggigo (and other indie singers like Neon Bunny and 2LSON), you can check out my old post🙂

Rain follows up his 6th full album with Jazz-RnB piece ‘I Love You’. Aww, I can’t hate this. His husky vocals go so well with the jazz beats. ❤ The MV shows scenes from his variety programme which sees him going about his daily(?) life and performances. It would have been rather cute to actually see Kim Tae Hee included in the clip, but I guess her absence could be better for the fans from a non-fan pov.

RnB female quartet Mamamoo collaborates with K.Will(who provides the additional vocals) and Wheesung/Hwi Seong (who takes the part as the rapper) for Funky Retro track, ‘Peppermint Chocolate’. A really fun single with competent vocalists and rappers from all three parties. Anyone caught VIXX’s N and Hongbin in the MV? I wonder who the male model/actor in the MV was. Hehe:P

The BTS boys are in love for their 2nd mini-album <Skool Luv Affair>, continued from their last EP’s ‘outro: Luv In Skool’ (which is quite cool. It means they planned for this mini album quite some time ago). I think the boys have done it again with their newest title track ‘Boy In Luv’. The intense hip-hop pop track (love the change of tempo in the break) is an instant hit in my book. (But in the MV where Jin hurts the girl, is in no way charming. It’s painful. >.<; One setting looks like it was from Block B’s Nanlina MV.)  ‘Intro: Skool Luv Affair’ is a cute mix of RnB(Su Ga), pop(J-Hope) and hip-hop(Rapmonster’s mixtape-part was featured in their comeback trailer) as the group’s rappers talk about the genre that suits BTS while rapping about the theme of their mini-album. (I will not be discussing about Skit: Soulmate as it’s not a song, but you can read the lyrics here and join the boys and their PD in on the laughter. Speaking of which, BTS is the first hip-hop and idol group that I noted, has skits here and there. I wonder if other hip-hop artistes/groups add such skits to their album…) ‘Where Did You Come From’ is a cute and funky RnB track that includes saturi raps from Su Ga and J-Hope (Their saturi raps never fail to make my day :)) and a singing verse from Rap Monster(!!). ‘Just One Day’ is a bittersweet mid-tempo RnB ballad with a simple but addicting chorus.  ‘Tomorrow’ is a restrained hip-hop track with an interesting melody. Love it. ‘Cypher 2: Triptych’ is a full rap diss track. The raps are friggin awesome >.< (Lol at Su Ga’s psycho laughter at the end.) ‘Spine Breaker’ (edgy old-school hip-hop track) and ‘Jump’(energetic hip-hop pop song) bring us back to BTS’s bad-boy image and motto of living your dreams respectively. I preferred the former more, but both are good songs. ‘Outro: Propose’ is a short and sweet(heh) RnB-pop song without any hint of the fierceness portrayed in their previous tracks. (Would this provide any clues on what the boys will be doing for their next album?) On the whole, I’m contented with the mini album (more like an EP, with the number of songs in it). As always, I think it is a nice touch that the producers behind the album as well as the boys, add rap-only tracks to give the rappers some of the well-deserved attention. With regards to the choice of the title track, I think ‘Boy In Luv’ has the mainstream likeability and besides, it’s not a bad song. Aside from all these, though BTS is similar to EXO in the school-boy concept , most of the times the kind of songs the former does are closer to BAP’s style of music. Plus concepts aren’t everything. It’s up to the chosen genre to tell the group’s path.

Singer and actress Park Ji Yun hypes fans with teasers starring members of Infinity Challenge as well as Jay Park for her 2-track single <Inner Space>. ‘Inner Space’ is a mid-tempo electronic-instrumental piece. I like that its very different (Unassuming yet matured) compared to what her juniors are doing, and the song also suits her vocals. Even the MV is classy – girly yet the things inside her ‘inner space’ provides depth. 🙂 Beep’ is a catchy retro-pop song which I’m less fond of. (What’s with the ‘twat’ break? lol)

Female singer A.T’s ‘Melancholy’ is a mid-tempo jazz ballad that’s haunting yet wistful. Both the song and MV are subtle and classy, as it tells the end to an affair. (They live near each other?? Omg how is she gonna forget?) Red seems to have a negative meaning in this MV. Another song of A.T you might want to try is her ‘Slowly’ (slow-tempo jazz ballad, but her power will surprise you). If you find her voice familiar, perhaps these cuts of her will jog your memory – Immortal Songs 2 Cut 1 (Badasae/Seabirds) | Cut 2 (Yi Chi Han’s ‘I Wasn’t Lonely Then’); Yesterday (Im Chang Jeong’s ‘A Glass Of Soju’). She really sounds like Navi. O.O

Sunmi collaborates with Brave Brothers and her JYP labelmates for her <Full Moon> mini album comeback. ‘Full Moon(ft. Lena)’ is a RnB-dance song with off-beat beats. I loved everything about the song – Seon Mi’s singing, Lena’s rap, the addictive off-beat beats, the low-key but quality music. This is a really good comeback in my opinion. I also loved the fact that we have an elegant sexy concept. As for the MV, I didn’t watch it of course. LOL. But I have to say, the visuals from the teaser were pretty good. (Love her long straight hair. haha) Watch out for the first 20-25 seconds if you are planning to watch the MV!!I did read the comments and found that it’s about a sick man that vamp Sunmi wants to change so he doesn’t suffer anymore. Aww >.<  ‘Burn’ is a RnB-electronic pop track befitting the club atmosphere. I’m not too keen on the song but I think it’s still decent. ‘Who Am I(ft. YuBin)’ is a catchy vintage RnB piece, wherein both Seon Mi and Yu Bin sang and rapped well. ‘Frozen In Time(ft. Got7’s Jackson)’ is a slow-tempo RnB song. It’s also another understated song, but done right. (Seon Mi’s simple but husky vocals really suit simple RnB.) ‘If That Were You’ is an RnB-pop ballad, with two versions – Seon Mi solo | Seon Mi&Ye Eun duet. An above average track, but still a little on the generic side. To conclude, I think JYP did the right thing to push Seon Mi in the sensual RnB direction. It’s not easy to do understated RnB, but the female soloist pulls it off rather nicely. In addition, the quality music she’s bringing into the industry, is good for the competition she’s facing and for those in search of good songs.

CCM’s male group, Speed, wants to make an impact with their 1st mini album <Speed Circus>. ‘Focus’ is a solo hip-hop diss track by main rapper Tae Woon (or Woo Ji Seok). In my opinion, Tae Woon definitely has the rhythm necessary. But I thought ‘Focus’ was neither good nor bad, nothing out of the ordinary. (Is it just me or does Taewoon look like the badass version of JYJ’s Yu Cheon?) ‘Why I’m Not’ is also a hip-hop song with heavy beats, a nice melody structure and build-up to the chorus. I really liked Tae Woon’s gruff voice in the chorus. Of course, everyone did well and the song is a favourite of mine. The group has sufficient singers and rappers to do the song justice. Throughout the MV, I was laughing at the way the guys were annoying their bro’s ex (as they sang). LOL. (Is it me or does the model look like a badass version of Miss A’s Suzy? :P) ‘Don’t Tease Me’ is a catchy dance-pop track with some hip-hop influences and reminds me abit of Block B’s style. The song has a compelling tune to suit the mysterious, yet entertaining circus concept. I enjoyed this too. If only, the MV could actually depict them in an actual creepy circus…done to the extent I can take. LOL. (Maybe a totally spies parody? Hahaha. :P) ‘Hey My Lady’ is a quick-tempo dance-pop song with a latin, jazz flavour. It’s an exciting track, but it can get generic with more listens. But on the first try, the quick nature makes the song fun. Speed’s last track is a voice version(??) of ‘Don’t Tease Me’. Difference: from 0:31-0:47 (rap vs vocal verse) and 1:40-1:47 (lower vs higher pitched singing). Audio ver of original | Audio ver for voice version. I thought the whole mini album was actually a good effort by the group. The boys took the opportunity to involve themselves in their latest mini album – the production, the choreography, etc. More than half of the mini album are refreshing in their own way, and are easy to like too. PLAYLIST

CN Blue promises a different image and music style for their 5th mini album <Can’t Stop>. ‘Can’t Stop is the rock-pop band’s title track and belongs to the britpop-rock ballad genre. I really liked the ballad start and wished they carried on in that direction – very different from the boisterous rock-pop tracks they have been doing recently and so the anticipation I had died down the instant I got to the chorus. Despite that, I did think MV was beautifully shot …except the band setting they used. >.< Moving on.. ‘Diamond Girl’ is a groovy, vintage pop song. It’s entertaining and Jeong Yong Hwa sang it well – he knew when to use falsetto and not. ‘Cold Love’ is my favourite of the album. Like ‘Diamond Girl’, the rock ballad may not be the most inventive, but I liked the way Jeong Yong Hwa sang it. Lovin’ the chorus too! ‘Sleepless Night’ is a sweeter, relaxing rock-pop piece that’s about falling in love. A decent track. 🙂 ‘Love Is..’ is a well produced acoustic-rock ballad sung by Lee Jong Hyeon and Jeong. I just wished there was more rock in the singing and electric guitars, otherwise, not too bad. ‘Like A Child/ Children’s Song’ is a britpop track. I thought this was alright and the chorus is quite good. Whether it’s the song quality, variety or originality, the band’s latest mini album is neither the best nor the worst.  more details on the album with the new in thing of getting celebrity ‘reviews’.

Actor and Rapper Yang Dong Geun teams up with Crush and Dynamic Duo for a chic comeback with jazz hip-hop single ‘Jajaja’. I know this isn’t a song for everyone – it doesn’t exactly have the mainstream likeability and I thought it was a hard song to rap and sing to. When I compared this to Beenzino’s Dali, Van, Picasso, which has a similar jazz instrumental, I realised that I preferred Beenzino’s ‘version’. Which means, yes, I thought YDG, Choiza and Crush were enough for the song. To be honest, I didn’t exactly love this single. But I do think it’s a quality song and that it deserves a spot under this section.

Female vocal group Melody Day has been under the limelight for their OSTs and has finally released their debut song, ‘Another Parting’, which is another OST. ‘Another Parting’ is an acoustic-orchestra ballad with ‘a touch of rock’. Great chorus and vocals. 🙂 Be warned that the MV has scenes from similarly titled webtoon drama ‘Another Parting’. ‘Heart In A Bottle’ is a sweet, slow-tempo acoustic-orchestra ballad. Why does this song sound like an OST too? Lol. It’s always nice to see a talented group on the music scene. Hope they return with better songs. 😀 PLAYLIST


Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo/M celebrates his tenth anniversary with his <M+TEN> mini album in a naughty taxi. ‘Taxi(feat. Eric)’ is the representative title track with a mid-tempo pop-dance flavour. For me, the highlight of the song is the catchy chorus. But the verses are a good lead up to the chorus. (I like the consistent drunken stupor/sleepy state Lee Min Woo’s always in. lol. A fun MV it must have been to shoot. haha.) ‘No Limit’ is a mid-tempo pop track with some RnB influence. I was a little confused about the direction of the song and couldn’t decide whether I liked ‘No Limit’ or not. LOL. But once I listened a few more times, it’s actually not that bad and I liked this better than ‘Taxi’. 😀 ‘Love Supreme’ is a sweet mid-tempo RnB-pop track but I’m rather neutral towards it as there’s been many of such songs recently. Though objectively speaking, it’s not too bad. ‘Kiss It Away’ is a sweet (lol sorry for the lack of vocab) mid-tempo pop ballad while ‘Thriller’ is an electronic-pop song, and I liked the chorus in both songs. 🙂 Overall, Min Woo’s vocals (falsettooos. lol >.<) and the quality of the tracks are not lacking, and the songs are enjoyable. But the tracks are not enough to make an impact.

Male duo Grey Dog works with Shin So Yul on light RnB track, ‘Because of You’. Not too bad but nothing special. (I didn’t know Shin could sing. :O)

Togeworl returns for their acoustic-pop single ‘Talk To Me’. A soothing track which I thought could have been better overall if they had replaced the hard beats with lighter ones/guitars. (Those couples need to tell me how they take such nice pictures. lol.) Who wants to watch their Interview?

Yu Seung Woo is back for his 2nd mini album <Already 19> but I realised I didn’t ‘review’ Yu Seung Woo’s <First Picnic> songs. So I will be ‘reviewing’ both mini albums together. But before I commence, I would like to say that Yu’s vocals are clear, calming and pleasant, which makes them really suitable for acoustic-pop/ light ballad. This can be a little restricting on the kind of songs he releases, evident on the genre consistency in both mini albums. To be fair, I think all of his songs are generally decent (cute, happy songs) but they can be forgettable due to the similarity in the tunes. For <First Picnic>, there’s ‘You and I’ (light acoustic), ‘Hello’ (light acoustic-jazz), ‘Song Sung By A Pathetic Man’(light acoustic that is similar to Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’) and ‘Clumsy Love’(piano-strings ballad). PLAYLIST. [There’s an instrumental intro track, ‘Picnic’, too.] (Yu Seung Woo enjoys a teen romance while we enjoy the scenery in the MV for ‘You and I’. :P) In <Already 19>, there’s ‘Hesitating Lips’(acoustic ballad with electric guitars), ‘Baby Is U’(acoustic ballad), ‘Hello My World’ (jazzy pop) ‘That Day’ (pop song with a Spring feel) and ‘U Who(ft. San E)’ (jazzy pop). Side note: Did Yu Seung Woo lost weight? One thing I’m sure, he looks better with the new hair. lol.

Stellar(sigh) makes guys go crazy is sick and tired of their relationship(s) in pop dance track ‘Marionette’. Honestly and objectively, I didn’t find myself enjoying the title track (electronic-pop) as much as the commenters on youtube and Soompi. I just thought it was a little better than average. I got to admit the hands-up dance – to depict them as marionettes, was pretty good though. With regards to the MV, if one has been a fan long enough, one would have seen this coming. K-Pop has never been innocent and more so, not just recently (Nine Muses and Rania anyone? Bikiny too.). With the limited concepts girl groups are accessible to or able to do, the only strategy in such a dog-eat-dog music industry, is to outdo one another. It’s just terrible that the group has to resort to cheap marketing tactics in order to stand out in this vicious race. (And K-Pop knows that sex sells, even if it backfires.) What’s even more ironic is that, the song and the SNS marketing contradict each other. (Btw, their agency is Top Crass Class Entertainment.) [Side note: Actually, K-Pop isn’t that popular in Korea. So in a way, Stellar’s company could be crossing the lines just so they can also reach the masses.] These two videos pretty much sum up what I have to say about the MV (not the singing, mind): 2 guys, 2 girls. But enough with that, let’s carry on with the rest of the mini album. ‘T.I.E’ is an understated electronic-RnB intro track with minimal singing from the group. If only it could be a full song, it could totally be the title track. ‘Guilty’ is an mid-tempo RnB-pop-electronic track. In my opinion, it’s got a confused musical direction so much so it seems like there’s 3 kinds of songs in it. The girls are sound muffled, which didn’t suit some parts of the song – it was if they had no vocal power. The chorus may be my favourite. But the way the song was put together puts me off. ‘Take It All’ is a mid-tempo ballad-pop and my favourite of the album. This can totally be an OST for a drama. ‘Study (original and remix)’ will totally throw you off with its cheery, cutesy catchy pop genre amidst the other unhappy songs. But it was nothing special for me. (FYI: This was their previous single(2013).) In all, I think Stellar has the vocals to go far. But as Josh and Stephen had mentioned in their reaction video (@ 3:00 where Josh speaks of how there’s more underwear shots than close ups on their faces.) , it’s sad how the group will thus be known for their bodies (the deliberate skimpy outfits, itchy butts, milky boobs, bath-and-after-bath scenes, boob-rub, etc) instead of their faces and vocals.

SM The Ballad adds in new blood for their 2nd project album <Breath>. [Please note that the MVs for <Breath> and <Blind> have scenes taken from miniseries <Mimi>, a film-to-drama adaptation starring Chang Min and Mun Ga Yeong.] I know I’m going to sound like a broken record when it comes to ballads, but I really found ‘Breath’ to be monotonous, whatever language it was sung in. ‘Blind/I Was Greedy’ was a bit better, and I preferred Zhou Mi’s Chinese version. Tae Yeon’s ‘Set Me Free’ (quiet, introspective ballad with a nice chorus) and Chen and Krystal’s ‘The Good And Bad/ When I Was..When U Were..’ (soothing acoustic ballad) were a little better than average songs. ‘Dear..’ is a short intro track with the orchestra providing the instrumental piece. However, it was neither good nor bad. The song I really liked and recommend, is Chen and Jong Hyeon’s ‘One Day/A Day Without U’. It is an engaging ballad pop from the get-go and it stayed that way to the end. More information on who sang what, especially for <Breath> and <Blind>, as both had 3 versions.

Btob sing about their broken hearts for their 4th mini album, <Beep Beep>. Honestly, I found their mid-tempo groovy dance track, ‘Beep Beep’, to be generic. (Are the lyrics supposed to contradict the nature of the song?) LOL it was so funny when the boys were trying to be cool and fierce on those small cars. ‘(H)ello’ is an upbeat pop song with electric guitars. Despite being typical pop, it’s still very fun and energetic. No reason to dislike this. ‘Hello Mello’ is a pop song that isn’t as hyper as ‘Hello’ and instead is more laid-back. It was so-so for me. ‘Melody (That Doesn’t End)’ is an acoustic ballad. Initially I thought it was just another ballad but then the soft acoustic instrumentals came in during the chorus and made it good. It has a soothing bittersweet/nostalgic sound, that makes me think of one sitting on a train, as he/she reminisces about the past. Btob sang this well. ‘Is This The End’ is an RnB ballad. EunKwang’s vocals really suit the high-pitched chorus parts. One of the better songs along with ‘Hello’ and ‘Melody’. Altogether, I think it was a rather average album. The male group did take some pretty good pictures for the album. 🙂

Ali sings ‘The Vow’ for UEE and Jeong Il Woo’s romance in ‘Golden Rainbow’. I have no qualms with Ali, but the song is rather standard ballad. (To note: There are scenes from the weekend series that might spoil the drama for you.)

Female punk rock band Bebop wants to be the best for their <Between Calm And Passion> EP. ‘I’m The Main’ is a jazz-punk-rock song. It’s really adrenaline-pumping. [I didn’t watch the MV after reading this…so..] ‘Artiste/Celebrity’ is a mellow acoustic ballad. It is not too bad if you are in the mood for a melancholic track. ‘Oh My Boy’ is a cute uptempo jazz-pop track. ‘Be Lazy’ is a casual ballad with both acoustic and electric guitars and it is more appealing than ‘Artiste/Celebrity’ for me. If you are going for something simple, this EP of Bepop’s (with the exception of their title track) should be just the album for you.

Brown Eyed Soul has returned once more to put out the first part of their 4th album <Thank Your Soul>. 4 of the songs in this ‘Side A’ have already been released. So I will just be covering ‘BES Theme’, ‘Pass Me By’ and ‘Always Be There’. ‘BES Theme’ is a jazz-RnB instrumental piece with the quartet’s vocals. It has a standard song length, at almost 5 minutes. ‘Always Be There’ was actually released in October 2013. The song’s got a familiar 90s RnB sound, along with the sweet vocals of the quartet. I preferred this to ‘Pass Me By’ as I thought the latter relied too much on Brown Eyed Soul and the song lacked originality/creativity. Once again, I know how talented Brown Eyed Soul is – their vocals and harmonisation are just amazing. But it’s getting on my nerves that the songs they get are rather similar. I’m angry because I feel that BES can do more than this. The songs are never bad, but I would like to see the kind of growth they can achieve. This reminds me of typecasted actors, only it’s singers now in the same situation.

Rocker Kim Ba Da and his band are back with their <Moonage Dream> albumPLAYLIST. I became hyped about this album as a result of Kim’s ‘Immortal Song 2’ rendition of Maria (200 Pounds Beauty OST) and the third teaser. But I was really disappointed and found most songs to be generic, or that it didn’t go the way I wanted them to. It was a rather safe comeback imo. The only song I liked was: Reset (hard rock; I didn’t think the full song was perfect. I loved the last chorus a lot though.)  So I went in search of his previous mini album and found ‘푸르게 떠나’ (Emo Rock Ballad)

Nine member boy group, AlphaBAT goes back to hiphop for ‘Ddanddara’, their newest title track. I recommend ‘Ddanddara’ (chorus is good, but is somewhat generic in its overall production – YOUTUBE LINK) and ‘Always’ (gentle, mid-tempo ballad – YOUTUBE LINK). ‘Warhead’ was not a bad intro, but it lacked a climax to really fall for it.

Vocal group, VIBE, returns with a full album titled <Ritardando>.There’s no doubt the four of them have impressive vocals. But other than ‘Things That We Didn’t Know’ (Latin-orchestra ballad, with a fairytale sound to it. A good start to the album, even with the song being at 6 minutes.), ‘Haeundae (feat. Kang Min Kyeong)’ (standard ballad) ‘Why Do You Not Know (feat. Ben)’ (a slow-tempo acoustic ballad paired with Ben’s clear voice), I found the rest of the album to be undifferentiated in both melody and singing technique. One song I want to praise VIBE for, is acoustic ballad ‘Love That Was Too Painful Is Not Love (feat. late Kim Kwang Seok)’. The song combined the late singer’s vocals with modern instrumentals and VIBE’s vocals. A very well done remake, though I didn’t love it. (One should also listen to the original – Kim’s rich and emotional vocals didn’t need as much instrumental accompaniment compared to this modern remake.) To end off, I’m not saying the album was awful. Just like Brown Eyed Soul’s mini album, the songs were acceptable, but they really lack creativity, and that’s my pet peeve for all ballads out there.

Solo rapper Topbob’s mini album contains three new songs ‘Looking Back’, ‘Marie’ and ‘Cloudy Day’. ‘Looking Back’ is a hip-hop track with a chill chorus (and break) and my favourite part of the song. ‘Marie (feat. Choiza & DJ Friz of Planet Shiver)’ is a hip-hop track with electric guitars. It is rather similar to ‘Run Away’ in beat and melody – it has an easy charm. ‘Cloudy Day’ features the other half of Dynamic Duo, Gaeko and is a mid-tempo hip-hop ballad. A pleasant song for a train ride. 🙂

Brave Brothers’s 10th anniversary includes After School for light pop track ‘1 Week’. There’s a distinct BB sound to the song, which can be a good and bad thing.


Yu Seong Eun, debuted, voice korea: 015B Lost For A While

What Women Wants (feat. Jeong Yeop) – Curious

MJ (feat Kim Na Yeong) – This Season (이맘때쯤)

Rememberus – ‘Love With You

Soompi’s Valentines Day playlist has some nice songs, which I haven’t covered, like the following:

Scenery of Riding Bicycle – I To You, You To Me;      Acoustic Collabo – You And I, Fluttering (stars Park Eun Bin and An Yong Jun)

Alex (Clazziquai) – Flower Pot;                                       2BIC – Promise You

The weekly k-pop music chart for January and February brought me the following songs:

Rap-and-vocal male duo Freestyle (feat. Clazziquai’s Horan) – Maybe  (LIVE on radio )

Im Chang Jeong (feat. Electroboyz’s Maboos) – Even After I Got Hurt

Lee Ye Jun (feat. Shin Yong Jae) – Promise

Namolla Family N (ft. Kim Song Yi) – How Can I Forget

Soompi’s writer, Lordbordem wrote a post on ‘Solo Awareness Day’ and out of the songs that were picked to express his thoughts, Hyeongdon & Dae Jun’s ‘Meet Me’ stood out for having a funny MV (A pretty girl was called ugly. Lol.) and a nice song. So I looked up another song of theirs ‘Get Lost’ and really liked the sad-and-angry-but-comedic retro track. Another of Lordbordems’s post, on the lack of happy songs, may introduce unfamiliar old songs like JRabbit’s ‘Happy Things’ and Kim Kwang Seok’s ‘Where The Wind Blows’ (FYI: The song was featured as an OST on one KBS drama special. Can anyone guess? :D)


Junggigo’s interview for his newest hit ‘Some’ reveals some of his fan’s favourites from the 13 years that he’s been singing. (Come on, who didn’t want to know the cute guy who sang the cute song. >.< Thanks 1theK. :P) If only 1theK could interview lesser known singers as part of a special…

As the Korean industry sees more and more covers on Disney’s <Frozen> OSTs, Heyne joins the crowd with her ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ version, in her cute vocals.

Seems like there’s a trend towards unedited dance practises that I’m noticing, and BTS follows suit in their ‘Boy In Luv’ dance practise. You may also watch their dance tutorial and showcase (‘Jump’ and ‘Boy In Luv’) in the given links.

U-Kiss’s MV for ‘She’s Mine’ was released last year. (And which I covered in my old post before.) So whoever didn’t catch the news can now view the music video. 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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2 responses to “Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [5th Feb – 24th Feb 2014]

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