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Have You Watched/ Planned to Watch Them Yet?: [Jan – March 2014]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

I know I haven’t been doing any drama/film news for a while(???) now so here’s my newest picks for the first quarter of 2014. Hopefully you, the reader(s), like such a format. (Heh) >.<

What the format is: The comments for the films and dramas below will be my zeroth impression (please click the links for more on the drama). I try to not be influenced by what I had heard about the drama/film as much as possible because it could spoil the fun.  I don’t necessarily dislike the opposite but I do prefer shows that experiment (find something new in the old/ deals with different perspective) or have a new genre. Also, as this format makes such posts more towards a recommended list, I apologise if I do offend because of what I choose.

Movie Picks

If there’s anything that has been more frustrating when reading Korean entertainment news, it’s reading who A, B, C, etc are in rumors and scandalicious news(?) reports, and then forgetting who takes what role.. -__-’’ <Tabloid News> is a film that turns the whole picture around and identifies the bigger picture – is the article in question deserving of our attention, or the ones behind the article? The mystery thriller has already hooked me for the subject matter it’s taking on – other than Kim Kang Woo seeking justice for the late artiste he was managing, what exactly did the masterminds behind the article commit?? The show seems dangerous (A gangster in the mix??)! Just what kind of things did the masterminds do, and WHO THE HELL is the ‘murderer’?! Click title to read more comfortably or click to continue


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