Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [26th Apr – 15th May 2014]

05 Jan
Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [26th Apr – 15th May 2014]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Superstar K3’s Shin Ji Su (her smile <3) and Crucial Star perform a live version of ‘Show Me Your Light’ through 1theK’s youtube channel. The mid-tempo Hip-Hop and RnB collaboration track has an understated quality which might not satisfy everyone. Great choice of both rapper and singer.The lyrics are also something to look out for. 🙂

It’s been 2 years since rapper Mario released a song: ‘Mayday’ was his last song before his hiatus – military enlistment? – and it featured Kim Chang Ryeol. (If you are interested in his music, this tag here might give you a better idea on his discography.) For his 2014 comeback, Spica’s Boa joins him for an engaging, dark Hip-Hop track ‘Damage’. Although the song has the standard Hip-Hop structure, there are parts of the song that are unexpected – how Boa doesn’t sing the chorus and how the chorus isn’t explosive. Mario’s masculine rap is a good match with Spica’s Boa’s charismatic voice. (I realised that Boa sounds good in dark tracks…)

Baek Ji Yeong’s ‘Fervor’ is a grand but haunting low-tempo Ballad OST for Hyun Bin’s 2014 Sageuk film . There are scenes from the movie. So if you are planning to watch it, the mv might be a spoiler. For those who have seen the movie, ‘Fervor’ is an effective musical expression of the scenes included in the MV, found in the link above. [Anyone fancy a fan-made male version?]

G.O.D’s soulful low-tempo 90s Ballad has a really beautiful chorus. Besides the nostalgia brought by the old-school styling, it’s also the unchanging way in which the group sings and raps. There’s nothing new about the song but I’m certain that ‘Lone Duckling’ is G.O.D’s way of saying ‘It’s great to be back. Did you miss me?’. Also, congrats to the group’s achievement, as expected of the legendary group.  

Seo In Guk’s ‘Mellow Spring’ has the artiste asking himself lf if he’s feeling love or is it just him taking too much coffee. (Aww >.<) The single is a lovely Jazzy mid-tempo Ballad to chase away the harsh winter. It’s a song that’s welcoming and easy to like and it helps that Seo In Guk has a sweet voice. 😀 The MV reminds me of the MV for Crucial Star and So Jin’s collaboration track – the washed out, pastel, earthy look and the focus on objects to bring the point across.

I really liked veteran balladeer Kim Yeon Woo’s smooth vocals and range in his latest Ballad single ‘Antidote’. I do have to admit that the song itself isn’t anything new, but I would say the soloist handled the song effectively. Interested in more of Kim’s works? Then do try out his <Nine> OST as well. 🙂 Alternatively, as Kim Yeon Woo was a member of popular duo Toy, here’s the wikipedia link for their discography.

Miss Right’ and ‘I Like It’ (Slow Jam Remix; <2 Cool 4 Skool> debut mini-album track) are the songs included into BTS’s repackaged <Skool Luv Affair> album. The former is a sugary Urban, mid-tempo RnB piece while the latter, like mentioned, is a sexier(Is this description appropriate? >.<) slower, Jazzy version of the original.

Kim Woo Joo sings about crushes in mid-tempo Piano Ballad. Kim Woo Joo’s falsettos. The end.

Female Rapper Kisum collaborates with Min Hun Ki in a groovy, addicting mid-tempo Jazz-Pop-Dance release. I like the fact that the rapper is a female while the vocalist is a male. 😛


Did SM’s popular rookie group EXO give you an ‘Overdose’? The title track is a fast-tempo mix of Electronic and Pop-Dance. To me, I didn’t find it on par with ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’. The MV was generic too and there was no link between the introduction and the MV set. (Soompi posted about EXO-M’s comeback stage and Xiumin was too cute!!) I would like to recommend ‘Thunder’, a mid-tempo RnB with electronic instrumentals.

JunggigoWant U’ featuring Beenzino is a light mid-tempo Acoustic RnB single. Im not so keen on Junggigo’s new track. It felt flat for me. I feel that the whole packaging got too mainstream for my liking. But for those who liked ‘Want U’, don’t let me spoil the fun.

Wheesung/ Real Slow wants to be the <Best Man> for his mini-album comeback. Most of the songs were ballads, which didn’t quite satiate the musical appetite I had. Light mid-tempo Jazzy RnB love Ballad, ‘Best Man’ was not too bad. Who’s the female singer? My pick of the album is ‘I Have To Make Money’, a heartbreaking mid-tempo RnB Ballad about the ‘make-or-break’ risky nature of the entertainment industry.

<Triangle>’s ‘Day By Day’ is a low-tempo Ballad sung by Ailee, who was discovered by Wheesung . Love the falsettos 🙂

As expected, 4men’s <4men The 5th> is a 90s Ballad album. There are variations of the 90s ballad genre within the duo (Kim Yeong Jae left the group)’s 5th volume. My favourite is ‘Star’, a mid-tempo love Ballad with an old-school, christmas-y effect. It leaves a cosy feeling, and brings a smile to your face. My second favourite track is Shin Yong Jae’s solo track, ‘Excuse(s)’, a low-tempo Ballad. Shin sang it well, that the song has got a delicate side to it other than its heavier counterpart. I’m totally in favour of the sweet/simple ballads the group is putting out. But, most of the tracks do not meet my music mood presently, whether light or dramatic ballads. (I know, I’m picky.)  But here’s a ‘guide’ to the album: other lighter fares  – ‘Words or Fart?’ (Feat Ben; Light, mid-tempo groovy modern Acoustic Ballad.) and the heavier ballads – ‘‘You Will Do Well Since You Are Pretty/ Pray’ (Mid-tempo Old-School Ballad), ‘Want To Erase’ (low-tempo dramatic Ballad), ‘Ji Hye ah, I’m Sorry’ (similar to the previous), ‘Thank You’ (reminds me of ‘Star’ but with a Jazz-ier, emotional touch), ‘OK’ (90s Low-tempo love Ballad) and ‘Pretty’ (Won Ju’s Solo; Quiet low-tempo Ballad accompanied by a latin-styled Acoustic instrumental, as if meant for a lover to hear, alone. This would be great for evenings and nights.). Intro, ‘Yuljikimi’ includes a music show episode recording in 1998 (year when they debuted), and an old-sch love ballad instrumental.

G.Na’s latest single is a light, mid-tempo Pop Ballad about falling in love. ‘Pretty Lingerie’ (or as Cube delicately names it, ‘’s Secret’..) isn’t a stellar piece, but it’s pleasantly sweet. (But really, when you think of why G.Na wants ‘Pretty Lingerie’’s…so not innocent after all.) Besides, looked so refreshing in her one-piece mini-dress. MV wise, the dancers were SO obviously trainees. =.= Also, SNL’s Kim Min Gyo was rather creepy and’s reaction to him was ALL wrong. (This isn’t innocent! This isn’t girly! This isn’t even acceptable!!) Although I question’s current musical direction, I feel that her official comeback shouldn’t just be a single. Yes, she has been contributing her vocals elsewhere. But not being able to do it for her independent releases? []

Megan Lee debuts with a mid-tempo Acoustic-Country Pop song. ‘8dayz’ didn’t wow me, but Megan’s vocals do not disappoint. I don’t know why I get this Kim Greem vibes from Megan. Perhaps it’s the Acoustic-Folk genre that both of them do. Anyhow, the debut single comes in both English and Korean, the former without Jun Hyeong’s rap feature and the latter with. (Is this intentional?)

I realised that I usually prefer M.Pire’s ballad-y tracks then their pop/dance counterpart. (They remind me of B2ST..haha) The boys will be promoting ‘Rumour/She’s Not That Kind Of Girl’ out of their 2-track-ed single album, with the second song titled ‘Becoming A Star’.

Mr.Mr is badass for ‘Big Man’. Their title track is a mid-tempo pop ballad with an electric bass guitar.  I can never fault Mr.Mr when it comes to vocals. The group handled ‘Big Man’ well. It’s just, the song itself doesn’t give me the same reaction – the song started out deliciously dangerous, but then fell flat during the hook and chorus. I wished Mr.Mr continued the badass, heck-care part of the song instead of toning things down with the ballad-y chorus. Mr.Mr’s 1hour showcase!


It’s been some time since I heard Se7en’s songs. A treat for both Se7en and GD fans – Can You Feel Me

Sweet SorrowYou

Deffinite마주칠까봐 ‘Encounter Afraid’ [Source: K2nblog]

Humming Urban Stereo feat G.Na – ‘Scully Doesn’t Know

Mayson The Soul feat. Beenzino – Holiday

Acoustic indie band Standing Egg’s <36.5> Mini-album (Relaxing~ The link works, it’s just the time between each track is longer than usual. without instrumentals) [Source: K2nblog]

Lanino J feat Black Bandana – 가스고지서 [Source: K2nblog]

(Collaboration) Kisum and Se AhLiarFirst Love

Mr.MrPromise (It will grow on you >.<)


Lee Seung Hwan reveals a heartwarming MV for his ‘Best Time of Life’. I know I added the link in a previous post of mine. But I felt, that didn’t do justice to the ballad’s music video. So here it is again. 🙂 The muse in the MV is actress Jeong Han Bi. [Additionally, Lee wishes that the MV ‘cheer up’ those who lost their dear ones/friends in the tragedy.]

Dony strikes again!! I know I should be focusing on Akdong Musicians..but..I can’t help it when Dony is so friggin funny. >.<  Ahem. The choreography cannot be any cuter. 😀

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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